Wednesday, April 19, 2023

snippets of the weekend 4.17.2023

Friday was a Henry Hill errand day back and forth from the laundromat and ACME. IYKYN. After work I did a beach walk and set up my fitbit and then spend a few hours poring over traveler forums.

Saturday I headed painted my nails, headed over the bridge to pick up some wine, got a Here Comes the Sun bowl from Bungalow Bowls, and brushed Billy. Gross. 
Marla (you may know her as lupus and patient advocate extraordinaire of Luck Fupus blog) arrived for a visit. We sat on the porch, then hit the boards for a walk and a few slices of Manco pizza before heading back to the house for more porch sitting followed by wine, ordering in from Randazzo's, The Office in the background and chair assembly that is being returned. Whomp.

Sunday morning coffee on the porch, a very foggy beach walk, and a stroll down Asbury for lunch at Asbury Kitchen, which I've been wanting to try.

I'm glad Marla could make it down and spend some time with me and the animals - they were all vying for a seat with her. After she left I booked airfare for our Europe trip using the points I have been socking away for a year, finished a book, and walked to the bay for the sunset. 

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