Friday, April 14, 2023

snippets of the weekend 4.10.23

Thursday I borrowed some afternoon hours from the evening and we all hit the beach. It was sunny and warm then at the flip of a switch cold and windy. Standard Easter weekend weather fare, basically. Standard Easter nails also. My brother got a crazy foot sunburn and Rich got hit on the arms. That April sun is a devil for winter skin.

Friday I worked until about 2 including two major deadline items and we took a beach walk around lunch. 
Kate, Rich, Aubrey, Stephen and I went to Cape May Brewery around 4. One more? Turned into four more. We had a great time laughing and carrying on much to the chagrin of a late arriving very serious beer taster man. Thanks to Aubrey our driver we did a singing loop around the neighborhood on the way home and Stephen's feet got a footbath of gross sunburn remedies like vinegar and tea.
Saturday we did a bit of boardwalking and Asbury Avenue shopping in hideous wind. Some did the arcade as well. Mom made sliders for dinner, Kate and the kids headed home, and we hung out at night for the egg dying. I also made my brother pose with his car that got absolutely literally shitbombed on Friday.
Easter Sunday I made devilled eggs and we hauled out all the items for picking. We took a beach walk and a board walk and I had my first ice cream of the season. 
Mom and Rich headed out after the boardwalk and the rest of us sat around with our teeth in our mouth. I was tired and laying down to read before 9 pm.

Another great family Easter weekend!

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