Thursday, April 20, 2023

A few weeks of miscellaneous shit

So good to get an impromptu visit from Frank and Amanda last week!
Dad and Carol were here for a quick visit this week and they changed out the contact paper on the island for me. The befores are with the teal wooden stools - they show the old floors too. Now I want new kitchen counters and MFD was like no.
We're nearing the end of dogs on the regular beach season and we are not okay. Look at this unbridled joy.
It's been beautiful.
Pets pets pets. 
I think this is gorgeous. 

Button from Aubrey and coaster from my mom are both very me
Two trips to my office from the shore in the three plus weeks I've been down here made me extra happy for Old City office - ease of getting into the city from the Ben and the ability to park on the street
I saw this in a public bathroom and wondered if I was getting invited to the Matrix. First of all, I fucking hate the Matrix movies and secondly MFD says the red pill represents the alt-right and I certainly am not accepting an invitation to that missile ride to hell.
Some books I've added to my to read list recently:

I'm very thankful to John and Gisele Fetterman for talking openly about depression and mental health. No matter who you are or where you fall on the political spectrum, please recognize how this helps all of us talk about something that is still so stigmatized. It has been a topic in our house forever, one that was not always as openly spoken about as it is now - one that was self medicated for a long time, and brushed off as melancholic episodes like Fetterman's depression was when he was younger. It is so important for us to recognize the need in others to take a step back and address their mental health. Depression is not a weakness or a character defect. It is a matter of health to be talked about and dealt with like you'd deal with any physical health issue: with care, and with an eye on both how you feel now and how you want to feel in the future. 

I'm not getting into the abortion pill debacle, the people who have been shot doing regular mistake things like going to the wrong door or turning around in a driveway, the erasure of trans people, the rise in anti-Semitism, how anti-american and anti-democracy and morally bankrupt the christofascists are, the white supremacist war on democracy in the Tennessee state house, the absolute pittance Dominion settled for with Fox News in lieu of going through a public trial, or any of the other depravity happening across this country. It is exhausting out there right now. Hold tight to yourselves, stand up for each other and anyone in communities under attack, and find joy every day. Otherwise what is the point.

Happy birthday to Gail yesterday and Evil Stephanie #1 today!

I've got a personal and professional to do list that's a mile long like everyone else right now so I'm going to skedaddle. Peace in the east.

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