Monday, December 5, 2022

Snippets of the weekend 12.5.2022

Friday I took the train in and walked from Market East to 1st & Chestnut to do a quick set up of the stuff MFD and I dropped off on Thursday for my company holiday party. It was a nice night! I recommend Glory Beer Bar & Kitchen for folks looking to host events in Philly. Food, service, and pricing were all good! We got home around 1 and I was straight to bed.

And up by 7 on Saturday thanks to Bruce. Animals DGAF if you are old and have been out late. My original plan was to head to the shore to clean up construction work but it was raining pretty solidly and I really needed the option to bring some stuff outside so I ended up staying home. My car was also full of stuff from my office and the party and had to be emptied before I reloaded it and all of that in the rain was a no. We watched the World Cup, I read a book, we cleaned up/purged/organized the living area basement room and then hung out down there which I never do, MFD made dinner, and we watched all of White Lotus season 1. I fell asleep on the couch around 11 and never moved to bed.
Sunday up at the asscrack again. I showered, emptied my car of the shit in there, refilled it with stuff to go back to the shore, and was at the shore by 9:30. I am absolutely thrilled with the work done in our apartment - the top is before and the bottom after  - not a great after but we're still in progress. We're going to paint down here and the trim and door need to be painted but seriously thrilled for the added airflow and light.
I did a first round construction dust vacuum/cleanup/change bedding, put shit back etc. Then I went and picked up pottery we painted on Black Friday, stopped in at the Thrift Store just to browse, picked up lunch and dinner at ACME and exchanged my five gallon water bottles, and popped in to Sherwin Williams then painted paint swatches all over the apartment. We're going with the lighter and brighter (SW 6736 Jocular Green) but I did paint the small coffee wall in the bolder color (SW 6716 Dancing Green)
We had a nice long walk on the beach to close out the weekend.

Happy birthday to my uncle Billy yesterday! Which I thought was today, but today is not the fourth, it's the fifth LOL. I cannot keep up on so much right now, so I'm just putting it down and doing what I can.

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