Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Favorite reads of 2022

Annual favorite reads post - recall that a) favorite read does not equal best or highest rated b) I would rather die with books unread than be scrounging for things to read so please let me know what made your list this year.

Jana and I cut Show Us Your Books in June, and it was a good long run but after all these years, there is much freedom in not working around the second Tuesday of every month. Yet here I am on the last Tuesday of the year with the favorite reads just like I've been for the past eight years. Hard habits to break sometimes.

As of today I've read 139 books this year from what I can tell - sometimes I forget to add to GoodReads or I add it after reading and the dates fuck up or short stories are included and they shouldn't be IMO but I have not shelved them otherwise. Alas the world is an imperfect place and I am an imperfect person and who really cares the particulars of how many books I've read? You can always see what I'm reading in real time by following me on Goodreads. I think this link takes you to my year in books which I always like to look over. All of my book posts live here. All book title links below take you to Goodreads.

Here are my favorite reads of 2022, all book title links below take you to Goodreads:

Perennial favorite list makers are my dependable series books, the below had new releases this year:
- The Josie Quinn series by Lisa Regan who I was thrilled to meet at a local bookstore this year
- Two new Alex Delaware novels by Jonathan Kellerman, the second of which I finished last night
-The Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo
-The Tracy Crosswhite Series by Robert Dugoni

What books made your favorite reads list this year?

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