Monday, July 11, 2022

Snippets of the weekend 7.11.2022

Tremendous skies Saturday and Sunday nights. Neon lights on amusement piers. Friday early evening in the North End with MFD. Quality time with Kim, Libby, and Steve Saturday and Sunday. Hydrangeas peaking. Sea glass Sunday after Saturday night's passing rain shower. 
Easy turnover on Saturday, returning guests checking in. Sign back in to the zillion streaming services. Replace broken lamp. Iced coffee making disaster due to coffee pot not on correctly resulting in coffee allover the table, shelves, boxes, under couch...bumping into Sunday morning alone time serenity. The only way to make hard boiled eggs for eternity now is in the air fryer, Preheat for 5 at 400, cook for 16 at 260.
Ice cream season. Sandwich season. Walk to the corner store for grocery shopping season.

Dogs off to Philly with MFD Saturday afternoon for a few days while he has work stuff. Shifty cat left with me.

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