Thursday, July 21, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - But some nights, I always win

Sun dappled everything in Philly yesterday.
Hot AF. Not a great time to walk a half mile to the doctor and a half mile back to my office but we do what we must and we sweat and curse while doing it. Lots of masks back indoors in Center City.

Gordon Lightfoot in concert in OCNJ Monday night. We love seeing shows at the Music Pier. Gordon is 83 and still touring. I love his music even if he needs a little help from the audience to get all the words out there. His opener was Jake Wildhorn and he was good too.
My oldest friend. After the concert I met up with Jen who was in OC with her fam. Jen and I have been friends for over 40 years. That is crazy for me to think about. It is nice to be able to immediately tune in to someone you don't see as often because you do have so much shared life. We caught up but it's never enough time.

Freedom for Billy. Billy Hicks was at the shore in our one room efficiency for over two weeks, and despite his underground lair there he was super ready to come back to a three story house full of hiding spaces in Philly.
Next time I think gel nails are a good I got them in 2016 before Ireland and then in 2022 before our New England road trip. I did a shitty job of removing them the first time and had to do a deep dive on them again this week. Never say never but like...never again.
Books. I finished an advanced copy of the newest Taylor Jenkins Reid novel, Carrie Soto is Back this week. It comes out at the end of August. I loved it. I got the Tangueray book, and I have some others out there too. I keep trying to remember to update what I read that week on Instagram on Fridays, but I am probably only remembering that like 2x/month at the moment. I'll be doing a full books post at the end of July.
Food. In an intense entanglement with portobello mushrooms right now. And anything I don't have to cook cook because I never feel like cooking when it's really hot even though my house is an ice cube. I can't explain it. Veggie salads, caprese, macaroni salad are all on the menu right now. Probably a rotisserie chicken too.
Indoor things. I'm in Philly until a week from today. This rental season has hurt my feelings and I need to remove myself for a little, plus this weekend is Night in Venice at the shore and I cannot and will not. MFD is dealing with turnover this weekend since he has to be down there to play for Night in Venice anyway, and we have returning people coming in so we are all a known entity to each other. I'm setting my sights on not leaving the house due to oppressive heat. I might go to the Farmer's Market and get some corn to put up to freeze. But I ran errands today and it is awful out there. Well wishes to everyone who works outside and those without AC. Remember libraries are cool gathering spots in the excessive heat. And that your dogs should not be outside in this except to go to the bathroom.


Among other things, Ginni Thomas.  Why You Should Care that Ginni Thomas is Bonkers. Secret service text deleting. Elected democrats still trying to ride the fucking middle instead of using all tools available, pushing for change, and delivering on things for people. Republicans calling a 10 year old rape victim impregnated by her rapist a liar. Continued violence at the hands of the state. Everything about Uvalde. The climate on fire. Complete disrespect for bodily autonomy. People not having the critical thinking skills to be discerning about information on the internet. On and fucking on. 

Reusable bags with attitude. I love them. I picked this one up in Maine.

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Some Nights by Fun

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