Monday, May 9, 2022

TWTW - the one for the moms

Friday I painted my nails in the morning (OPI verde nice to meet you) and hung a new mirror in the guest room. I spent a few hours at Mom's having lunch and doing one on one time for Mother's Day. I saw Rich for his birthday (today!) as he was heading out. I also saw Carol as her and my Dad were coming through Philly Thursday and Friday. 
Thursday night I couldn't fall asleep until 3 so I was spent after work Friday. We started Landscapers and crashed out on the couches after leftovers. 

Saturday Weather was abysmal and I did not want to get out of bed. Pouring and cold, I was wearing a turtleneck sweater and docs. We went to MFD's uncle Matt's funeral service, which was of course sad. I hate seeing people at something like that after a few years of seeing people never. It also wipes me out to be social now. What is normal. I was going to drive back to the shore at night, but I was worn out and the weather was not great driving weather so when we got home we got tea and settled on couches. I did laundry, changed sheets, updated some shore docs for this year, packed up for the shore, read some, had leftovers again for dinner, and we finished Landscapers and watched Almost Famous. 
Sunday There is absolutely never a time where one can drive on 95 south through Philly and not encounter dead stop traffic. Literally not a time. At all. When I got back to the shore I did my vitamins like a proper aged person, then set to doing some wall repair/nail filling and prep for touch up painting. While that dried MFD and I picked up dinner from Boyar's prepared food case.  
We also took a ride to the North End to see the erosion down there (bad) and our beach (better). The sea was angry that day, my friends. It was cool to see the sun come out though. Sun, what is that. 
When we got back we remade one of the completely unmade/all things being washed six beds (one bed left to undo/wash all, seven beds total). figured out where we're hanging wall stuff that's being updated this year, I painted the powder room ceiling (did not fix hatchet work of a previous patcher but it's fine), and finished a book.

Happy birthday to Rich today!!

Hope you had a good Sunday or Mother's Day or both. It seems disingenuous this year to lean in to celebrating  moms on a broad scale as a country if we're going to force all people who can carry children to become mothers, against their will and some at peril of their own death, dignity, or sanity. Could be the last year though, if fascists expect people who can get pregnant to increase the domestic supply of infants they might not allow it to be celebrated anymore because it is a duty to the state and not a choice. Super weird flex for people who allegedly don't like big government to support the state owning wombs. But I digress. 

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow. Hopefully spring will show up this week too.

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