Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday Five: things from this week that are not related to Fascism

Happy Friday! Dismal as the weather is here in the Philadelphia area. 

I typically drop this stuff in Thursday Thoughts, but yesterday was for fascism.

Fascism. Fascist. The words never look like they're spelled correctly. Probably because the words, what they mean, and the people urging us quickly into them are abhorrent and the mind does not want to retain it. 

ANYWAY this is for not fascist shit. This is for the life things.

Like Billycat's first birthday, and pets in birthday hats. 
And amazing art Carol & Dad tracked down and bought for me from a local DE artist. This speaks to me and I love it so much. Cannot wait for girls weekend next week. 
And skies.

And shore chores like stripping every blessed piece of bedding and having it laundered, getting rid of a box spring, cleaning under beds, swapping mirrors, getting paint for the powder room and touch ups, fixing the freaking towel rack, swapping the living room rug, and hunting for new hardware.
Schnoozy days. Evening trips to dog beach. Eating jelly beans like an orderly psycho. Tiny treasures. Cat guards. Running all necessary errands and encountering gross shit. Do not litter outside or inside!

Good thoughts and love to Aunt Maureen and her kids and grands. MFD's uncle died of pancreatic cancer this week, very unexpectedly, very quickly, and very young. That's one to pancreatic cancer on my side with my Grandmom and one on his with Uncle Matt. Painful, silent, deadly. Just a terrible disease. 

Live fully now, hug people, love people, and have a good weekend. Stay dry out there fellow Mid-Atlantic folks. 

Happy Mother's Day to all moms and extra love to anyone who struggles with Mother's Day. 

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