Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - As I peer through the window of lost time looking over my yesterdays

Focusing on one day at a time, which was a thing in our house long before I got on board. It is totally foreign to the planner in me, but I am having a hard time looking months ahead at this point in time so I have been working on one day at a time. Via The Whiteboard, of course.

Feeling like my house is both a sanctuary with more than enough room to hold three adults and four small dogs, and a cage.

Grateful to still have a job especially because real estate was deemed non-essential by the governor so MFD's ability to earn money has been kneecapped for two weeks already and at least through April. He's still working with people planning to buy, getting them in a position to etc, all the up front work he regularly does, but the listing and the showings are on hold for all real estate agents, buyers, and sellers right now. There are a lot of people in that boat in that field and so so many others deemed non-essential across the nation right now. Lots of people laid off and furloughed too, unemployment claims nearing seven million in the past day. Not to mention the health concerns across the land. Hang in there, everyone. No one is alone out there. No one.

Writing this today. I usually pre-write blogs and edit them the night before and morning of. I'm back to my old ways from when I started blogging in 2011 and writing them the morning of.

Sharing Why You Should Avoid All that Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure

Adapting into a new normal. I no longer feel panic immediately upon waking up, and have begun figuring out how to see people. The sun is shining and my mom and I are socially distance walking today. Mind your pets though, people - even though they love you, you being home 24/7 if you weren't before is an adjustment for them.

Picking up paint.  Sherwin Williams is doing curbside pickup if you need paint and paints are 30% off right now.

Getting a perfectly put together birthday gift box from my BFF Debbie in the mail at the exact right time to lift my spirits. Loved everything in it, some things more necessary than originally planned for, I'm sure. It's nice when long-standing poop jokes among friends leads to a resource worth more than gold at this time.
Buying used paperbacks and books from small bookstores like Harriett's Bookshop. Please support small businesses if you can.

Listening to everything because music is soothing. When I wrote this this morning, it was Reflections by Diana Ross & The Supremes

Driving to do a Target pickup (the best, they just put it in your trunk) and drop stuff off to my brother last night. Driving feels illegal. Seeing other people feels illicit.

Forgetting to write down that when this is all over I need to get my car inspected. It was due in March but they extended it. I will surely forget. 

Avoiding the dog bathing but not the subsequent dog rage. Get you a partner who does the grooming without asking for help.  
Setting up a new work space today. I've been hopping around and still will because I seem to need the change of scenery throughout the day but my second monitor is crucial for what I'm going to do next week so I want to make that stationary somewhere that is not the dining room table.

Reading still reading The Boy From the Woods, fangirl screaming when Harlan Coben liked my post about it it on IG.
Reminding you everything you are feeling or not feeling is okay. It's a process. Let yourself go through it. Be there for each other. We're going to be okay. 

Laughing because we have to, always.

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