Tuesday, April 7, 2020

That things I dislike that other people usually like list

It’s a global pandemic. We require entertainment, and one of the recent entertainments is listing 10 things you don't like that a lot of other people do like. 

I've done this before in Good for You, Not for Me but it's been a few years (although I feel like I've done it more recently, too, but I can’t find it) and I am not good at resisting lists. I could have titled this the same - we like what we like or Donny like what we don’t like, and we change our minds about things too, no matter how popular opinion votes. As long as what you like is not violating someone else’s rights or infringing on someone else’s existence, I’m down with it. Imagine if we only knew people who liked or disliked things the same stuff we did - how boring. 

Things I initially included before I realized they were on the post in 2016: coconut and Breaking Bad. Here are some other things people tend to like that I don't.

1. The phrases Sunday Funday & Friyay. I used to like Sunday Funday, I don't know where things went wrong between us. 
2. Jeans
3. Running
4. Flavored coffee creamer 
5. Anything nail-related that is not regular nail polish on my real nails
6. Grease over Grease 2
7. Booze culture
8. Chocolate ice cream
9. TikTok
10. Baths
11. Hot food (temperature-wise), prefer luke-warm or cold
12. Filters in apps. I want to see your real ass face.

Real ass is a technical writing term. Thanks for stopping by.

What makes your list?

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