Monday, March 2, 2020

TWTW - the one in MA

Friday I worked from home before flying up to Boston to visit my BFF Kim, her husband, and my goddaughter. Steve fetched me from the airport, I got 42897 stylings of Libby photos, we had delicious takeout dinner in and lounged on couches which is my ideal Friday night. 
Saturday Kim and I hit DD and Target to kick off the day, then Steve brought home bagels and we devoured them on sight. We did some of the afternoon at a waterfront playground in Charlestown before having lunch at Pier Six. The food, wine, views, coloring book action, and company were delicious. Quiet time before hitting a four year old birthday party and we were in our pajamas on the couch with wine immediately after. I finished a book before falling asleep. Oh and at the party we split a piece of the absolute best ice cream cake I have ever had in my life from Meletharb. Thank you, parents of child I do not know.
Sunday Kim & Libby took me to the airport for my 10 am flight, where I started a new book. I was in my living room in Philly by 12:30. We went to Barnes & Noble for a book signing of The Spirit Projector by a local author/friend from high school, Kelly Deeny (you can buy her book on Book Baby, Amazon, Barnes & Noble) and saw a few other friends from high school as well. We popped into PetSmart after where I wanted to adopt a shelter cat and MFD wanted parakeets and left with nothing. Pier One up there is going out of business so we stopped in there and got a new dining room table to replace our 11 year old one. MFD went to work for a little and I cycled laundry, did some food prep, unpacked.

We went to Sakura for dinner with a Christmas gift card from my bonus grandparents Ruth & Pete. I finished out the night sussing out paint colors for the dining room here and hallway at the shore, did a salt face mask (so unsatisfying to have no mask color), and painted my nails (OPI Cajun Shrimp).

Weekly food prep: Breakfast is yogurt with granola and a side of cantaloupe. Lunches are hard boiled eggs with bell peppers, carrots, cheese, olives. Snacks are oranges. Dinner is salad salad salad and we'll start with baked chicken thighs that I'm making Monday night. I'm not sure what will be after that, possibly pasta.

Birthday month has begun.

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