Thursday, March 5, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - everything about this house was born to grow and die

Alarmed, not by coronavirus, but by the large amount of adults that, according to the internets, have gone through this entire life barely washing their hands. Come on, fam.

Knowing the best way to finish a project is to start it and give yourself no choice. I began haphazardly painting furniture in the dining room on Tuesday night and did some more last night.

Shopping my house to redecorate the walls in the dining room because I always have wall stuff to move around.

Buying a shitload of stuff for the shore. The project list is long and lots of materials are needed. Sinks began arriving this week.

Gritting my teeth as MFD moans and groans with some man illness

Listening to Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding by Elton John which accounts for the lyrics after Thursday Thoughts.

Singing Brucie with the pink nose like Becky with the good hair

Sitting the opposite of pretty with deadlines out the fucking ass, I'm in a crazy cycle and my brain is mush

Wishing all primaries happened on the same day in presidential election years. Super Tuesday was disappointing AF. As are people demanding everyone get in line behind a candidate at this point. This is still primary season so take your fear mongering elsewhere. Also disappointing AF is people using dementia as a Biden punchline. That’s a serious thing so many families are dealing with. Stop. If it’s confirmed, by all means point out you don’t want a president with dementia. If it’s not confirmed (as it’s not), it’s gross and it needs to stop. I don’t want Biden for pres but come on. Be human. 

Tired as fuck over women candidates being held to a different standard. Exhausted, actually. 

Reading Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner, sent to me by Simon & Schuster via Netgalley. I almost deleted the email, glad I didn't! It comes out May 19. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday.

Reminding you:

Laughing slash plotting

What've you got?

Linking up with Kristen

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