Monday, March 9, 2020

TWTW - the last one in Philly for a long time

Friday I worked from home with my daytime outing being playing lite brite with Amelia while Michelle was at her conference and picking up a donut after, so good start. After work I got a pedicure for the first time since freaking October. I made pizza and salad for dinner, purged the china cabinet, lined the it with contact paper until I ran out and had to order more, and read at night.
Saturday I was up at the ass crack, seriously before even the dogs so I got a load of laundry going and did some reading, put laundry away, wrote my SUYB post, purged some drawers, and did more laundry (since MFD was sick with the stomach virus, literally everything that can be washed is getting washed). The two new end chairs for the dining room arrived so MFD assembled those. I spent the afternoon watching Lola Jean and Baby Steeeve and they are a riot. My Dad & Carol came over so I got to spend a few hours with them too. We were outside as the sun was going down and Lola pointed out the signs of spring to me. I stopped at Target to return something and pick up eggs and stepped right into Doomsday Preppers. Remain calm, people who are not immune-compromised. Stop hoarding, leave some shit out there for people who are compromised. 

Sunday I always feel like I'm behind as soon as I wake up on spring forward day. I hate that. International Women's Day and my Mom-Mom's birthday, both good days to remind ourselves that women don't owe you shit. I changed sheets, did food prep early, packaged up donations, and ran some errands - Kohls to return some Amazon things and get a new sun hat, Ross to pick up a rug for the shore, and I dropped off a donation to a locker too. Ben was Ben, destroying new toys and turning over beds to sit on them. New socks from Aubrey & my brother, did some work work and some looking for light fixtures online before deciding to spray paint the existing one, outside sitting in flip flop weather with Brucie, painted my nails (OPI My Private Jet), and MFD prepped and painted the dining room.
Weekly food prep: Breakfast is yogurt with granola. Snacks are baby carrots and hard boiled eggs. I only need three lunches so I'm probably going to scrounge for those. Dinner is salad with chicken thighs in the air fryer and egg roll in a bowl. I also made chocolate chip muffins and Gus's food.

Birthday week is upon us! Three day week, visiting Aunt Carrie & Uncle Jim! Then opening the shore after that, hence the title of this post! Show Us Your Books tomorrow! All the exclamation points too apparently! 

How was yours? 

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