Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - carry moonbeams home in a jar

1. Nothing makes me think IDIOT faster than seeing or hearing any Saturdays are for the boys horseshit. Stop it.

2. Things that have been Bruced in the past day: my night table, sunglasses, Gus.
3. I broke in my new hand mixer Tuesday  - the one I got in 2009 gave up the ghost last week.
4. I made pineapple carrot muffins (recipe to come since I made some variations on the one I used), brownies from scratch with frosting, skinnytaste bagels, hummus, and ham stock/soup this week. If you are not using your ham bone to make some sort of soup, you are missing out. Ham stock is the most flavorful of them all.
5. Nails - Sally Insta-Dri in Set Sail. As always, annoyed that it's Dri and not Dry. Why, Sally?

6. I don't give a shit if Chikesia Clemons cursed in a restaurant or got upset about being charged for something she shouldn't have been charged for. I don't care if she lost her temper. I don't care if she was drinking. She was manhandled and exposed and it was not how I would have been treated had it been me in there mouthing off. And it was sure as shit not how this white lady was treated mouthing off in a situation that had zero to do with her in which she was 100% wrong and in which the officers responded in the right  - they are peace officers trained (or should be trained) to de-escalate situations. Not expose women's breasts without a care and choke them for absolutely fucking nothing. Fuck, the goddamn Waffle House SHOOTER didn't get taken down like this when he was apprehended and he killed four people. Oh, right...he was a white male. If you cannot see the differences in treatment, you might be part of the problem. There is racism here and misogyny too. And apparently there were white people sitting in the restaurant not saying a damn thing. Lord strike me the DOWN if I see a woman taken down with excessive force as her boobs are flopping around without opening my mouth. You can't ask why you were charged for a plastic fork as a black woman and you can't golf while black and female without having the police called on you either.
7. Tulips joined the party this week.
8. I'm in a reading slow period after a few books i didn’t engage with.When that happens, I don't push myself out of it. My brain clearly needs the break. Nevertheless, I hit the library this week so when the mood strikes me to be voracious again, I'll be prepared.
9. Reminder, if you find yourself banging your head against the same walls:

10. E-card of the week:


  1. We also have that hand mixer and I love it. LOVE that nail polish colour too! So spring-y!!!

  2. hahaha poor Gus. 'I did not want a puppy mother, that was Mae. Get him off.'

  3. Everything you made looks delicious and I'm coming over to eat! :D I find it ... what's the word I'm looking for ... weird, strange, ironic, odd ... racist that two white males accused of mass killings are apprehended alive and undamaged, but a black man gets shot multiple times in his backyard when mistakenly identified as a car vandal (an effing car VANDAL!) or a woman gets slammed to the ground for essentially being a loud, annoying pest by the police. I have not read one book this month. Feels weird but I haven't been in the mood. The e-card is priceless.

  4. I just can't with the Clemons crap - it's so damn ridiculous. All of your food looks amazing, and love that nail color.

  5. Bruced!!! HAHA!!!!! I so need to use that - Ernied :)

  6. Your tulips look so pretty! I love that nail color. Cant wait for the pineapple carrot muffin recipe, that sounds amazing! Did Gus get a vote when Bruce came around? If he voted yes, he may be retracting.

  7. I HATE "Saturdays are for the Boys." Grow up, dummies.

    I'm getting beyond enraged by the treatment of POC in our country, fueled by events from the past few weeks- the Starbucks incident, the golf/911 thing, and now this Waffle House example. It's infuriating on its own, but then you see a video of some entitled, disrespectful, THREATENING white woman getting away with despicable behavior with no consequences. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF SHE WAS BLACK? A BLACK MAN? She'd be dead. Inexcusable.

  8. As always, I have so much to comment on, but I especially love your quote (as I do most weeks with you!). This is something my mom always told me--everything has a lesson, and if you don't learn the lesson, the universe will keep putting that lesson in your path until you learn it. I've seen it time and again in the real world, and it's always helped me to look at a "bad" situation and see what I can learn from it so it doesn't happen again.

  9. Yeah for baking, and I really like that nail polish color!

  10. That e-card nailed it for the week I've had. Idiots everywhere. But at least I'm not Gus :)

  11. The tulips look so pretty! Oh no to the things that have been "Bruced" like your sunglasses or poor Gus!

  12. What is up with humans forgetting how to treat other humans. Freaking ridiculous and terrible!
    I love tulips. I think they just scream spring :) Also, I made some muffins this weekend- pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! !00% not healthy at all. LOL
    Aww, Bruce. Good things he's so damn cute!

  13. Ooh I saw your nail polish recently in an IG story and was wondering what it is. (The Dri vs Dry bothers me always as well. ) I also am fuming over the Clemons story as well - the double standards in America are the WORST.


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