Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - April come she will

Trying to figure out how Bruce is getting shit that is put away. Ninja Houdini Remorseless Destructor is his new name.

Loving that the fabulous Kristi at Sensational Scissors fixed my hillbilly hair up good last night. It’s in a weird growing stage.

Hating logging into my EZPass account. It's harder than getting into my bank account. This week will be the second time I've re-set it in the past month.

Wishing Eva the Diva a fabulous fourth birthday today. Donate to her March of Dimes March for Babies team here to help other preemies and their parents be as fierce as she is. 

Inviting you to MFD's campaign benefit on Friday, April 13 - click on the link, click tickets, put in the dollar amount (ie $45 for one, $90 for two), click checkout, then click pay by check if you are paying at the door. Checks made out to Mike Doyle for PA. Kids are welcome! $10 over five, under are free. Please come support a progressive candidate if you don't know us and you lean that way and please come support your friend who'd give you the shirt off of his back if you do know us and don't lean that way or don't give a shit about politics. You don't need to vote or live in our district to show up to support him as a candidate or a friend. He'd show up for you, and I would too. Thanks for considering it!

Reading Educated. Another nonfiction book! I don’t even know myself. Show Us Your Books is on Tuesday.
Watching The Goldbergs. I caught up on a few episodes on Monday night.

Preparing for an office renovation. I'll be working from home a lot over the next six weeks. Sometimes that home will be the shore.

Taking my old faithful purse that I've carried for over three years in for repair. Two zippers are busted and it's time.
Planning on painting at the shore house this weekend: a dresser and a closet. Can you feel my excitement? Weather may ruin these plans. Fucking April snow.

Lacking words on Stephon Clark. Shot in the goddamn back eight times. For what? For what. And a 61 year old protestor of the injustice hit by a sheriff’s car that then left the scene  What fucking country is this? Meanwhile a man fires an air rifle at police officers and resists arrest and he lives to appear in a mug shot. Good thing he didn't have a cell phone in his hand. Guess what color he is?

Asking you to do some reading on sexual assault this month. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - here are some statistics. How can we say women, come forward, but tell the 19 women who have accused the sitting president that they're all lying? That's a mixed message.

Buying  new dog harnesses. Anyone with pugs or escape artists, let me know what harness you like.

Avoiding walking to the library (cold), going to the grocery store (don’t wanna, placed my first order on Shipt today for Target groceries/anything), laundry (not in the mood to fold but will soon run out of things).

Anticipating lots of people in town this morning for the Villanova NCAA parade. It goes right by my office, I might pop down. There were many people milling around the train station this morning, early arrivals. 

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  2. Happy 4th birthday to Eva! I need a new harness for Nash too. He's fine in it for the most part but I noticed twice now that if he lays around (like if we go out to eat) in the one he currently has he can wiggle his flight risk self out of it.

  3. We use the "walk your dog with love" harness... I don't know if there's another name for it,but that's the website, lol. We don't leave him in it when we're not home since for now he's still in his crate when we aren't home, but he's never pulled out of it on a walk (despite sometimes being a total Satan puppy spaz while walking). It's a front-leading harness, which we've never used before, but I love it.

  4. We tried a harness once on Jett and it didn't work at all. Now, they just wear electronic collars (we put their tags on those) that we can vibrate.
    Good for you on getting the purse fixed. You must really like it!

  5. I spend probably 15 minutes a day trying to figure out things my dogs have done.
    I love you're not giving up on your purse :)

  6. Happiest of birthdays to Eva!
    Bruce's antics never fail to make me grin. You need childproofing all over the house! (Although he'd probably just chew the locks off.)
    It's so strange to hear you say you're getting your purse fixed. I feel like we live in a time where you pitch shoes/bags/hats when they wear out and just buy new ones. Good for you.

  7. LMAO oh bruce! his face in that pic like, "Yeah, I did it... so what now?"

  8. Im jealous of your shore escapes, even if there's snow involved (hopefully it doesn't ruin your trip there). Although snow at the shore is better than snow at home I think? You ninja dog is quite a master at his houdini tricks! Ella is quite the houdini herself--I pulled a sticker out of her mouth this morning at there's that. ha!

  9. Kudos for you for carrying a purse that long! (I, too, carry one for.... years!) I understand the Houdini dog effect, but my dog escapes from the back yard, so our predicaments are different. Oh, the state of the country, the state of education, the state of everything... Sometimes I look around and think, "what in the hell is going on?"

    PS I can so identify with the e-card...

  10. Cheers to another victory parade in Philly. What an incredible year of sports for y'all.

  11. I do really enjoy The Goldbergs, so I try and watch it every week if I can. Sometimes you just need something a bit light and funny. Those news stories are just appalling...and yeah, that last guy HAS to be white, right? It's ridiculous. I hope you are enjoying Educated though; I've heard good things!


  12. I'm so excited to hear about your campaign benefit! Hoping you guys get lots of local (and not!) support!

  13. dog harness:

    cabinet safety locks.

  14. I need to watch the Goldbergs more often. I've caught an episode or two and really enjoyed the show. I don't understand what's going on right now. How they can shoot a guy with a cell phone or shower head (that was yesterday) and some guy who actually shoots at them is not killed? Anything he said this month about sexual harassment awareness or MLK is met with an eye-roll and much derision. He is not even worthy of saying MLK's name in my book. Also that ecard is true.

  15. Oh Bruce the checking monster pup! I'm glad that stage is over although Lola has found a new found love of fucking up my rubber flip flips. The sexual assault statistics are outrageous and eye-opening! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  16. You're going to have to get those horrid white plastic cabinet lock things that toddler parents have in their houses. HAHAHAHAHA!

  17. Ugh Ginger used to get into the weirdest stuff when she was little too, and only got into the trash when I made pork, randomly. I hope you have good attendance at the campaign event, wish I could come! Enjoy the parade, those are always such a fun celebration!

  18. I feel like taking goods to be fixed is so old-school, but I do it all the time! If I love something that much and it can be fixed, why not? Happy 4th to the little diva- love that pic! Unfortunately I'm not able to make it to your neck of the woods, but can I buy tickets anyway or send a donation?

  19. oh my goodness, bruce! that's is crazy and hilarious (when i'm not the one living it obviously). my cats can get to headphones no matter where they are, in a drawer, behind 2 zippers in my handbag.. it's insane and a little creepy. i can't believe you're reading a nonfiction book! it must be good. i have actually heard amazing things about that one so it is on the list.
    omg that ecard is fabulous and so true. that's cool you get to work from home for the next 6 weeks! no train rage, yeah? and shore time, fun times!

  20. Bruce's face in that picture is PRICELESS! I found four small pieces of plastic in my bed the other day (and two holes in the duvet) from the dogs. We cannot figure out what the plastic is or where it originated. Dogs are magical, mysterious creatures.

  21. Bruce and Zoe have the same skill sets because she manages to get in to all kinds of shit too and I am like how??? How did you even get this??? And good luck with the harness, I have no advice. Mac has busted out of every single one we have purchased for him. Another non fiction?!?! Look at you go!

  22. I hate when sites make it almost impossible to remember your password and enter your account. Especially when it's something silly that no one would ever want to hack... like our electric bill is pulling this nonsense now. Ugh..

  23. It always amazes me how pets can get to things that are put away. How do they do that?

  24. You are fucking glorious. I'm so jealous that your office will be at the shore at some point. #goals

  25. Puppia! Works for all my fosters.


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