Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Things I need more of in my life

Time in a day

Screenings of Dirty Dancing

Make ahead breakfast options

Fresh flowers

Opportunities to meet Stevie Nicks

Critical thinkers

Counting Crows, Bruce, Indigo Girls


Exposure to existences quite unlike my own

Travel to places I haven't been


Cleared surfaces

Days off


Home improvement skills

Inventions that clean the shower without human hands

Visits from the laundry fairy who folds and puts all clothes away

Peace, love, and understanding

Nail polish that doesn't chip

Farmers markets in close proximity

Bike rides

Kevin Spacey


Books I can't put down

Equality and equity for everyone

Years of happy existence for my dogs

Things I think we all could use more of regardless of how much we already have: laughter, gratitude, self-love

Thanks to Steph @ Not Entirely Perfect for the post idea.

What do you need more of in your life?


  1. Pretty much 'yep' to all of those. At this time of morning, I'd have to add 'coffee' to my list too. Have a good day!

  2. The elusive laundry fairy. Why won't she ever visit me?
    Agree currently on Kevin Spacey. If you had asked me after K Pax, I would have told you he owed me $9 for my movie ticket (which I think was the price in 2001...)

  3. If you find the invention to clean the shower, please send it my way, too. And also, travel and days off. I find that having a job really limits the amount of things you can see...

  4. ugh please send that laundry fairy my way if you ever see /catch her.

  5. Peace, love and understanding...... YES!

  6. Yes to so many of these. I want a laundry fairy or basically just an all-around cleaning fairy would be fabulous! Love this idea and plan to "borrow" it for a future post!

  7. Can we invent a shower cleaner like the roomba? How has this not been invented yet? Ah I need more bike rides. I went to an eclipse energy cleansing and yoga event last night and made my intention peace and equality for everyone, one day I hope this can be realized.

  8. So many of these. I love to wash laundry its the folding that sucks so Ill take one of the laundry fairy as well. Ill wash, she'll do the rest. ha!

  9. More dog happiness, justice, days off, and money would be perfect.
    Also, when you find an automatic shower cleaner send it my way place & thanks. Hahaha.

  10. If you find the laundry fairy, please send her to my house.

  11. I'm so with you on the years for happy dogs!!!!

  12. So many years for the pups. I'm with you on that. Also, I'd like a food fairy - other than the seamless app on my phone that steals my money and makes me chubby.

  13. Good list -- life would be exponentially better if I had most of this stuff. (Also? I LOVE Dirty Dancing, lol). I did a similar post at the top of this year so rather than commenting, here's what I wanted more (and less) of: http://allisonarnone.com/post/155412942144/2017-more-less

  14. I loved that Dirty Dancing was on allllll day on Freeform yesterday to celebrate the anniversary. Please send that laundry fairy my way when you're done!

  15. Yes to so much of this list! Especially time. Kevin has taken over the laundry on the regular so I sorta have my own laundry fairy.

  16. Yes to all of this!!! I definitely need to do more on the fresh flower bit.

  17. Send the laundry fairy and shower cleaner to my house when they're done at yours.

  18. More women in the house & senate! (and White House!)

  19. Amen, holler. Less stuff. Healthy eating and exercise habits. Finally, after the universe woke me up by bloating me up like a balloon constantly, I'm doing it. I want to carry myself through the rest of my time here healthy and strong and useful ❣️ Goddess speed to me 💖✨😇☮️🦄🍀⚡️💪 I thought I was going to pop❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  20. So many great things! I'm with ya on needing an automatic shower cleaner along with longer days and more travel/time off to travel!

  21. Great post! Especially peace, love, and gratitude!

  22. Make ahead breakfast options = yes, seriously. and with the shower cleaning! yes please.
    i need more books like i need a hole in the head. what i need is more time to read said books. or the ability to not sleep, that way i can use that time to read! problem solved!

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