Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Things I need less of in my life

Trips to Target



Hand and kitchen towels

Black ice



Waking up to alarms


Dog illnesses and dental work



Junk mail 


City summer scents: hot trash, hot pee, body odor

People who don't read things then ask a million questions about the things they should have read

Rape culture

Books with multiple narrators

Stupidity and ignorance

trumps pence ryan mcconnell bannon gorkas miller conway devos toomey coulter lahren 

Adult zits


Fake Christians



Shoulder knots

Nail polish options

Foot pain 

Racist apologists

Holiday decorations I never put out

Stuff in general 

What do you need less of in your life?


  1. Lol at nail polish options, how many do you think you own now?
    Ugh yes to summer city scents. Yet another reason I love winter.

  2. I went to Target yesterday and was thinking that I am kind of over Target... like it's no longer super cheap in price but I feel like the product quality isn't where it used to be. But their make-up section is still great. I also need less shedding, dust, and waking up to an alarm.

  3. I go crazy when people don't read things and then ask a million questions. It happens to me all time. It like read that email I sent you, it answers everything. People just don't read at all. You could have a big sign up and most people wouldn't even look at it.

  4. Humidity and traffic hit home today after a longer commute than normal. I am ready to say good-bye to tourists.

  5. Yes to junk mail and waking up to alarms. Oh what I'd give to not have to set one every day.

  6. OH MY GOD THE TRAFFIC. you'd think that traffic would be light mid-day when everyone is at work but it's actually WORSE. how is that possible?!

  7. Lunatic speedy drivers! Brain clutter. Candy. Mosquito bites. Bullshit. And all of your list.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  8. Yesss (except Target trips, lol)
    The one about people NOT reading things and then asking stupid questions is like 80% of my work-life. COME ON, PEOPLE.

  9. I totally agree with you on the doggy illness and dental work!

  10. Dog Illness & dental... you are reading my mind.
    Confession - I love books with multiple narrators. It mixes it up to me.
    Its sad how many totes of holiday stuff I dont put out. RIDICULOUS

  11. YES to all of this! Especially trips to Target (which will never change!), traffic (all the rage), hypocrisy, and waking up to alarms.

  12. So many of these. so many. Yes yes yes. Traffic might be the bane of my existence.

  13. Amen to adult acne...I mean what is up with that?!

  14. Cosign. It's currently on my list to declutter my Christmas decorations, though I know there's not much. More than I need, though. I've only been to Target once in 8 months though, when it used to be a monthly adventure.

  15. Couldn't agree with you more on all of these even though I don't ever have to deal with black ice.

  16. Adult zits - the absolute worst. How have I had acne for like two thirds of my life? Also YES to the one above that. I can't even say I'm sick of them because I feel like that implies I tolerated them in the first place.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  17. Less medical problems for the pugs. Geege looked so sad in the last post and it made me sad. I want the pugs to be healthy. You probably want less pug medical bills. lol

  18. I'm pushing 65, still get zits on a regular basis... still use acne lotion and acne toner daily. Ugh.

  19. Yes to all of these things!!! Except trips to Target...I just....I cant quit.

  20. mannnnnnn, life would be insanely improved if i had less of this stuff (although i don't go to target very often). for me? fewer migraines. fewer stints of writer's block. LESS TRUMP, FOR SURE. preferably no Trump.


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