Friday, July 15, 2016

Wouldn't it be nice

Many of you also get a kick out of my mom's comments that she leaves here. She guest posts from time to time too. Like today. Happy Friday, happy weekend. Enjoy!

I asked my Stephanie if I could do some guest blogs since so many things pop into my head.

This series is Wouldn’t It Be Nice from a 60-year-old’s personal perspective. I was going to have a theme for each post, but so much more entertaining to go with what pops into my head!

This list written 7-4-2016 morning poolside!

1) If Merle Reagle the crossword guy, could send Sunday crosswords from the other side. He is my favorite and also my mom’s. NY Times is ok, but Merle is the best.

2) If my thighs would never rub together for obvious reasons!

3) If my prescription sunglasses had pop out lenses and different colored frames to match my mood! Before prescriptions, I had a field day with sunglasses from the $ store. I am very careful with the prescription glasses, since they are an arm and a leg! There are always pros and cons to everything.

4) If dog hair and their bodily functions evaporated upon release or if poop at least was fluorescent so I could always find it.

5) If our healing ocean oasis saltwater pool could have a removable glass enclosed heated dome like thing to enjoy all year round!

6) If all of our homes could be solar-powered and if everyone could have a home!  There’s no place like home!

7)  If my hair manes were mass produced and sold in $ stores. Our Debbie said Amazon has them for $15! Ever since my Stephanie threatened to confiscate my hair manes and I hid some and now I cannot find them, I am a bit facakted!

8) If I had a thicker head of hair that grew quickly and I could have a ponytail which would lessen my use of the hair manes. Do not ever complain that your hair is too thick! Never take you hair for granted.

9) If the walls or anything that needed painting would automatically repaint themselves when necessary. 

10)  If flowers bloomed all year round where I live! Especially lily of the valley, tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, lilies, hibiscus, roses, etc!

Volume 1 is done and I had fun.

Lights and angels and love from Steph’s Momma  aka Poopsie

And a very happy birthday to my friend Gena today! Love you long time.


  1. I can't wait for more - I'm so with you on #2 lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. my hair is the opposite of thick so i feel you there! i hate when people complain about thick hair haha. what are these hair manes you speak of? i should check them out. i'm with you on basically all of these, but especially #4 if we add cats to that! lol. have a good weekend you two!

  3. Yes, agree with many of these, especially #2, #4, #6, #9 and #10! But lets discuss the gorgeous German Shepherd in the pool picture . . . he/she is regal! And looks like my new puppy!

    1. He's BooBoo Bear. Our 10 month old gsd. We have two 8-year-old gsds. Sasha is a white gsd and rules the roost. We got Boo to run with her. Yogi is BooBoo's brother from another mother and the best gentle giant ever!!

  4. Love this! Also, there's nothing wrong with "hair manes"...I use clip-in extensions all the time and love them! I get so many compliments on them!

    1. Hair manes are sometimes called banana clips. They are on 2 pieces. Wearing them gives me an instant face lift ! Interesting in the hair extensions.

  5. Fluorescent poop! YES!! At least the yard would be colorful until you picked it up.
    I had no idea there were specific 'authors' of crossword puzzles. I learned something.

  6. STOP. How cute is your mother? Love this.

  7. Haha- I love this. Great idea for a post... I can think of lots of "wouldn't it be nice" things now. LOLing at the fluorescent poop!

  8. LOVE this! Solar powered homes for all and evaporated pet smells and hair for the win :-D

  9. haha, these are great, Linda! I've long made peace with my lack of thigh gap but wouldn't mind it just for hot days. SO TRUE about dog hair, that would be the "Shark Tank" invention of all time. Great post! I can see where Stephanie gets her wit!

  10. Welcome Steph's momma aka Poopsie!
    I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, so yea, that pet hair magical evaporation trick ever happens, I need to know immediately!
    Many women in my family have super fine, thin hair. I can wear a ponytail, but I honestly only need to use a rubber band that they sell for babies and/or toddlers.

  11. Your mom is adorable and so creative! Life would be sweet if our pets' dirty doings could just clean themselves and flowers all year long would be a dream since I have no green thumb.

  12. this is awesome! I love it. and I totally agree on year-round blooming flowers.

  13. Year-round Spring flowers!!! Yes.
    Self-cleaning poop/hair!!! Utopia.
    Rubless (or teflon) thighs!!! Life-changing.
    Thick hair!!! A dream.
    Homes for all!!! Peace.

  14. I adore POOPSIE and her post.

    Beautiful pool. Beautiful dog.

    I have a golden retriever/mastiff mix and foster senior dogs so the whole poop/hair thing, yeah. . .

  15. #4 YES PLEASE. That would be amazing. And I hear you on #2, but we're closer to being mermaids than people with thigh gaps, so there's that. Great post as always, Steph's Momma!

  16. I love this post, and I love that your mom guest posts from time to time! :-)

    I laughed so hard over #4 because I couldn't stop imagining fluorescent dog poop. That's an image I won't soon forget!

  17. I totally wish my hair were thicker, my thighs didn't touch and dog poop was neon.

  18. This is great. And I'm one of the assholes with thick hair that complains about it. But the drying time, oy!


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