Monday, July 18, 2016

TWTW - the one with the girls at the shore

Second girls weekend in a row, what what! Change of scenery (shore instead of lake), change of girl crew (knottie girls), same gratitude to have such fabulous women in my life. 

Friday I was at the airport by 7:10 to get Mush (Kristen) and head to the shore. A good use of time in the cell phone waiting lot: painting your nails (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Ablazing!). We hit Bennie's Bread for breakfast when we got there, waited for AEB (Amanda) to arrive, and hit the beach. 
We got back to the house around 4:30 so I could meet the dishwasher repair-man. Surprise! No repair. The dishwasher (purchased and installed in October) is cracked and needs to be replaced. FYI to those in the market: if you purchase Samsung appliances, they are the only ones who can repair them, and you need to wait a while for them to get around to you. This is not ideal in a rental property, obviously.
We took the Shore Shuttle over to the Deauville, our wedding venue, for drinks & dinner at the Beach Bar. It seemed fitting since I met these ladies on the Knot wedding boards back in 2009. I also wanted to test out the Shore Shuttle in case any renters asked me about it. 
One thing I miss about having cable is not happening upon Dirty Dancing. When we got home, Mush found it, but my brain was too zoned out to stay up for it. awkward. I love it.
Saturday morning AEB & I walked down to enjoy the sunrise. 
Then we went home and had coffee with no idea of the shitshow that was about to go down.
I wish there were photos, no, video of this turnover. Alas, there are neither so words will have to suffice for this week's adventures in property management story. The tenants checking out tell me they had a great week but said, "Can I tell you something about the air conditioning?" Please do. And so at 10:10 a.m. with people checking in at 2 I found out I needed to replace two window air units. I was all ahhhhh you should have told me this week, I would have gotten someone to replace them. As in people who were not me and my two girlfriends. Seriously, I would have been up shit's creek if I was down there alone, so I am hugely thankful for my peeps. In short order, we had to get sheets off the beds (tenants paid to use ours), remove towels, and vacuum between sofa cushions. AEB measured the windows and I called Rite Aid, who happily had window units. It's across a busy street and a block away. We go over and are overjoyed to find they are the correct size. How to get them home? AEB has the brilliant plan to use the carts to get these back to my house. On the way, I ran over my toe, AEB almost tipped, and Mush was directing traffic and trying to put out both cart fires while all passerby on foot and in cars were gawking at us. AEB and I hauled them to the second floor, Mush figured out installation. Teamwork makes the dream work. AEB & I removed one old ass leaker to the driveway, then she carried the second new AC to the third floor and I slid the old one in a box down three flights to the driveway. All done, we got the hell out of the cleaning crew's way and sat in silence and sweat and WTFness for a few minutes. I returned the carts to Rite Aid, with my phone in one...of course I left it there and had to go back to get it, and of course someone was using it. I ran around the store until I found it, staggered out looking like a sweaty insane asylum escapee and bummed a smoke off of a teenager. No fucks given, stress relieved. Girls on fire! Bonus: Someone asked if they could have the old ones if they worked even a little bit. Have at it, my friend. 

We got our shit together and strolled down Asbury, making a few purchases, stopping for refreshments, and seeing some questionable items for sale. I'm looking at you, acid wash jean shorts.
It was a lovely afternoon on the beach. Perfect people watching/judging opportunities, good views of Seagulls Gone Wild, good talks, and AEB is even reading my favorites. 
Saturday night boardwalk strolling. I will never understand why people get huge plastic Shriver's taffy things and blow them up and carry them around. They look like inflatable tampons. Faces blacked out to protect the innocent who may not know what tampons are yet.
Sunday sunrise with Mush. I always walk/bike past St. Damien's on the way back home after sunrise and think church...I've just been to mine. I'm usually up for the day at that point with dogs needing to be walked but today I went back to bed and we all slept until after 10. It felt decadent and disorienting all at once.
The girls went to Wawa and AEB brought me back my favorite pepperoni & provolone on a bagel. We strolled the boards and enjoyed the breeze before we left. I did end up getting that sign
L.E.H. Soap Company bars on the bottom right
I never get a lot of face time with these women and I'm so happy that we did this weekend!

Weekly food prep is not happening until tomorrow. I don't need lunch today as we have a staff meeting, and I have a breakfast burrito from the freezer and some power breakfast muffins to hold me over until tomorrow.

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
I came home to a clean house and tidied up yard. MFD rocks. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. OMG!!!! Why carry an air conditioner down 3 flights of stairs!!???? Just push it out the window and let it bounce off the driveway, before it hits your car, of course. Ask Melissa how that works, she knows first hand!

  2. What luck that your friends were with you to help!! That's crazy about the samsung appliances - I didn't know, but I'll stay away now! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Thank Goddess the Knottie girls were with you. Almost sounds like a Lucy and Ethel story plus one. Jmj on your phone and someone using it! Glad you girls got some fun time and a nice rest. God bless Mike Doyle. Coming home to clean and tidy is priceless. Plenty of fluids this week! Hot. Hot. Hot. Love. Your. Momma.

  4. So happy you were able to get realtime face time with your girls. Stay cool this week; here, it's gonna be a scorcha!

    PS--I watched Dirty Dancing too...on my flight home from Florida. Such a fun treat.

  5. No words for the air conditioner shit show. Oh wait there are women rock!! Way to come together. Glad the rest worked out great.

  6. They DO look like inflatable tampons!! LOL your friends and their ability to help you manage the AC nonsense are awesome! So Samsung will have that ish fixed by this weekend, yes?

  7. Knottie gorls to the rescue! Shitshow indeed.

  8. Oh man, I am so glad your friends were there to help you with the AC! Looks like another great weekend with great friends, shit show included!

  9. I'm right there with you about the giant blowup taffy tampon looking things. Just buy the taffy and enjoy the sticky goodness. Kids probably use them as weapons to bop their siblings and friend upside the head with... LOL! So sorry to hear about your AC debacle. BUT, everything turned out ok in the end and that's what matters. (I'm still amazed that Rite Aid of all places had AC units!) You should serious write a book one day called Adventures in Rental Property Ownership or something!

  10. Sorry (not sorry) but I am cracking up at the vision of you girls pushing AC units through OC in shopping carts. I'm glad you had you friends to help you. I do wonder though, why didn't you just drive to Rite Aid?

  11. Man, what a PITA! I cannot even imagine having to constantly replace stuff all the time in a rental unit. It's nonstop!

  12. I had no idea Rite Aid had AC units. Who knew? I'm sure having friends with you made the situation at least a little bit more tolerable.
    Oh mercy - now all I see are tampons.
    at least you had some time to wind down & relax with the girls.
    I think I have caught Dirty Dancing on cable 3 times this past week.

  13. aw how cool that you guys met on the knot boards! love it. girl time is the best, and two weekends in a row! the food looks yummy and i love that nail colour. holy mess with the ac wall units though, thank goodness for your friends and rite aid haha.
    i own dirty dancing on dvd (duh) and my other many favourites, but there is something extra fun about just happening on a movie you love.

  14. It sounds like a super amazing weekend and your girlfriends are awesome for helping you sort out the AC unit problem! Though I admit that I laughed thinking of you all pushing them in shopping carts back to the shore house.

  15. Sounds like you had a fun weekend at the shore!! It is so cool that you met those ladies on Knot!!! All of your food looks delicious!!! Those acid wash shorts are cracking me up. So you got them, right?!?! Hahahaah! I would be pissed about the whole AC debacle too. Like thanks for an appropriate heads up.

  16. Sunsets and sunrises at the beach are the most glorious thing, I'm sure of it. Sooo beautiful!

  17. OMG that really does look like a tampon! Those kids have to have no idea what they're doing, right? And I'm so glad that you were able to get the AC fixed before your next round of tenants got there! Why did they wait until they were checking out to let you know that something was wrong?

  18. Shriver's taffy - yes PLEASE but those inflatable things? So weird! What a mess with the A/C but so glad you had your friends there with you. As always, LOVE the sunrise photos!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  19. Looks like another great weekend! I had a killer migraine Friday night and I took my meds and headed down to the beach around 7:45pm; it was absolutely perfect outside. Nice breeze, gorgeous sky, serenity. How do people survive not having access to a beach?!

  20. I think I would have paid to see you guys pushing the ACs in the carts. So crazy but thank goodness for friends!

  21. Another amazing weekend you had full of girl time and lovely scenery. The AC situation sounds pretty intense to deal with on your leisurely girls trip but sounds like you rose to the occasion and got shit done. Unfortunate for that on top of the dishwasher issue. But I think the rest of the weekend fun outweighs it.

  22. Having drinks while my toes are in the sand is truly one of my favorite things in this world!
    That a/c story made me swell with pride and girl power-ness! You guys rock. I'm pretty sure I would have crumbled.
    Pepperoni and provolone on a bagel sounds like what I'd order as well.
    Great weekend!

  23. Busy busy!
    Why, oh why, would a tenant not mention the a/c BEFORE checking out???

  24. I was wondering what "knottie girls" meant, so cool that you met them through the boards! And why wouldn't your renters tell you that it was broken sooner?! Major props to you guys for figuring out how to replace them in time! Looks like an awesome weekend!

  25. So yeah, I'm super behind on my blogs from vacation so here I am catching up. I can't even with the AC units - I am tired just reading about it. I think it sounds better to be the rentER after reading some of your posts! LOL!


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