Monday, May 26, 2014

In observance: Memorial Day

I always think Memorial Day has a somber undertone, as well it should. While we celebrate a three day weekend and have barbecues, frolic on the beach or at the lake, sit on curbs and watch parades go by, drink beers in backyards and do whatever else it is that we do, we are also conscious that the weekend is about observing all the lives that have been lost on battlefields in this country and across the globe to perpetuate liberty and the American way of life. Every day is the right day to thank someone who serves, but today is specifically in remembrance of those who have lost their lives doing so. Gratitude doesn't begin to cover the debt we owe to so many service men and women who've laid down their lives so that we may continue to enjoy our freedoms.
On Mondays I'm doing a picture linkup with Kelli at She Crab Soup. If you'd like to participate, here are the prompts through July. This is my photo for the prompt black and white.

Tomorrow: the weekend that was. Enjoy your day and your freedom so many sacrificed so much in order for you to have.

 photo green_zpsc25796d6.png

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  1. What a good reminder. It's so easy to take days like today for granted and not give the real meaning the respect that it deserves. I could never in a million years do what our troops do. True heroes.

  2. I love your picture, it's such a great way to mark the holiday and remember the men and woman who gave all for us.

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  4. I love this post. I just read one where the blogger seemed to almost be hatin on those that recognize what this holiday is all about...bringing down the upbeat vibe of BBQs, beaches, & drinking. Because I'm a nice person I didn't go completely crazy on her. (Sorry my computer is dumb & submitted before I finished)

  5. What a great picture and perfect for the day. My Dad is a Veteran and he likes to be alone because it is a really hard day for him. Every soldier deserves to be remembered, given all that they did to keep our freedom strong.

  6. Agree! Freedom comes at a price, someone said. Nice photo of the flag and the caption.


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