Saturday, May 31, 2014

Indoor Plants that require no sunlight

I'm pretty good at picking plants for my flower beds, but I'm hopeless with picking plants inside. Most of my house gets no sunlight. This post is sponsored by Gaddys Indoor Plant Hire, people who know about these things.
Maybe you don’t have a green thumb, or maybe you just don’t have the best setup in your home to provide the necessary light to keep some plants alive. Well, the days of living your life in fear of brown leaves is over. Here are some plants that are easy to care for and require very little sunlight.

The Boston fern, one of the most common types of ferns, owes its popularity to being very difficult to kill. While it needs to be watered often, a fern needs only indirect light. Moving the fern to a window every so often will give the plant more than enough sunlight to keep it healthy.

Beyond being an excellent filter to clean your air from common contaminants, pothos is an incredibly easy-to-care-for plant that will last for years with little or no effort from its owner, you can learn more here. (Some plants have survived for decades!) The long vines can grow several feet, making it excellent for hanging baskets.

The cast iron plant is named such because it’s so durable. It is an extremely forgiving plant for even the most neglectful people. It’s tolerant to low light, dry conditions, and needs water only once in a while. New leaves will grow from the base of the plant and may be separated along with their roots to be potted and grow as new plants.
The Chinese evergreen plant requires indirect light and needs only to be watered when the soil appears dry. It’s even tolerant to colder temperatures, so it may be placed in a room that doesn’t get much heat. Just make sure the pot drains well, and your Chinese evergreen should last for quite a while.

The peace lily does fine in indirect sunlight. In fact, the plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight, so keep it in a darker space. The peace lily is even kind enough to remind you when it needs water. When the leaves wilt, it’s time for the weekly watering.

One of the easiest plants to care for is the ZZ plant. It does just as well in low light conditions or more direct sunlight. It can tolerate infrequent watering or a regular watering schedule, as long as the pot is well drained. It is a slow-growing plant, but a trip to a sunny windowsill every once in a while will speed up the process. The plant has excellent air cleansing properties, as well.
African violets are a popular houseplant due to their low height and brilliant purple flowers, which allows you to decorate a small space with a beautiful bouquet. It is an extremely hardy plant that doesn’t need direct sunlight and needs to be watered only once a week.

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, thrives in low light or bright light and pulls double duty by acting as a fantastic air purifier. Water the snake plant once a week during the summer and once a month during the winter and you’ll be enjoying its tall, broad leaves year-round. 

There you have it! Recommendations from the pros at Gaddy's. I'm inspired to move past my succulents only phase. What about you? Do you have success with indoor plants?

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  1. I have only bright areas, plus a vegetarian cat...

  2. I have to buy new plants for the house every year or so because I kill them (even the plants they say you can't kill). I've never tried a cast iron, maybe next year :)

  3. if you can provide recommendations on plants that don't require any human contact (aka me) and will survive, i'd appreciate it.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Probably you already have one because you mentioned succulents but I think every house should have aloe. It is such a magical healing plant. Ours gets mostly indirect light and is not watered much and still does well enough that I can break off a piece to make any burn disappear in a day.

    1. Nancy, I got aloe this year for the first time. I think it's time for me to move it to a bigger pot. I love having it in the house.

  5. I am pinning this post because I am hopeless, I repeat, HOPELESS, at keeping plants alive. I will have to try these ,but I fear I still might kill them!

  6. I have killed my fair share of indoor plants but I have also had a pothos and a peace lily for over 9 years so that makes up for those that died, right?!

  7. We just got a really nice basket of plants from our church as a going away gift for Matt, and I'm pretty sure everything you mentioned was included in it! Which is a really good thing, since we doing have very good light for plants in our house. I have much better luck with plants in my office, where I have a west-facing window.

  8. Snake plants are my absolute favorite. Low maintenance and my cat stays away from it. I think she knows it's poisonous because it's the only one she won't eat. Spider plants? Destroyed.

  9. Thanks for this post! We have been talking about getting plants for the office for ages and my little box of an office has ZERO windows. It's nice to see there are so many options. I would love to get some for the house too but I think the pets might destroy it.

  10. Bird's Nest Fern Is an Chinese indoor plant and does not required Sunlight . It also help to improve the environment of the house or your office . for more details you can contact some Professional arborist like Tree Pruning Sydney


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