Friday, October 11, 2013

Three Items of Importance From the desk of an organizational dork

Every season, I reevaluate my organizational systems. Making sure something is being used or stored as efficiently as possible pleases me greatly because I am an organizational dork. I would love to be a professional organizer.

This fall, my jewelry storage, makeup storage, and scarf storage all went through transformations. While I'll only be discussing three items, this is classified as a Friday Five because I have included an artistic rendering that is embarrassing and equals two bonus points.

Scarves. Last fall I put them all on shower hooks on two hangers like pinterest told me to do. All winter I fought with those asshole scarves in the closet - weighing down one side of the hanger, dragging on the floor. Our house is plagued by small, shitty closets and this scarf situation was not helping. A month in I knew this shit was not working storage wise, plus I wasn't matching them to my outfits because they were in the coat closet and I get dressed upstairs. I moved them into a bin I got for $7.99 at Marshalls. Boom. Dunzo.
Makeup. Last year I put my makeup into a silverware organizer. It was cheap and it worked well, but it sat in a cabinet in my dresser and I was never wearing it.
In hopes of getting more use out of it, I moved it to the top of my dresser in this freaking awesome Muji five drawer storage that I originally saw on the Green Fashionista blog. I hemmed and hawed about ordering this for eternity mostly due to the price ($35 with shipping) and fear that my stuff wouldn't fit - well it's well worth the price and I have room to spare. I freaking love this thing.
1 - My whole setup. Eyelash curler does not fit in the Muji so it sits on top.
2 - Drawer one: face makeup and concealer
3 - Drawer two: eyeliners and lipliners
4 - Drawer three: eye shadows
5 - Drawer four: mascaras and tools
6 - Drawer five: blushes and bronzers
7 - Lip stuff that's not in my purse goes into this jar.

Jewelry. I haven't really made major inroads in jewelry organization before. Now I'm cooking with gas, baby. And since I was a bad blogger and did not photograph my before shot, I will show you my former storage in a shamefully awful drawing. Enjoy.
Current jewelry storage in a series of photos:
1 - I got this at a craft show. I love it.
2 - Do you recognize this? It's my former makeup organizer. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE, BITCHES. Since I took this picture, it's been spray painted black and I'm using small s-hooks, one for each necklace.
3 - I love my bracelets. I typically wear a few at a time. Most are from Debbie Rae Designs, of course. This bracelet holder is awesome and was only $9.79. Since they're on display and not in boxes, I am wearing them more.

These trays are le bomb. They stack, they don't shit out like the plastic storage trays, and they protect against tarnishing. The two small ones are here for $10.99 each, the long one for earrings is here for $14.97.
The trays of jewelry sit behind closed doors with my beloved label maker:
And anything that's worth a lot is in a safe, so sorry, thieves. You can read my blog but you can't get my thangs.

What are your recent organizational victories? What are your organizational trouble spots? What might you like to see me cover in a future organizational dork blog post?

Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to see about a weekend. I suggest you do the same.

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  1. Thank you for making me laugh at 6am.

    I just loop scarves around the rod in my closet with my belts (the hanger thing did NOT work for me either). My make up storage is pitiful (tray in a drawer), but I don't have a lot. My jewelry storage is pitiful too.

    You've made me laugh and feel incredibly unorganized all at the same time.

  2. Oh scarves were on a hanger for a very short time too. Freakin annoying!

    I want one of those makeup organizers sooooo badly!

  3. Love this post! Would love to see your organisation skills for your home office (if you have one!). My home desk is always so untidy even though I try to keep it clutter free.

    It's a long weekend for me so I was thinking of organizing my hair\make-up cabinet over the weekend!

  4. My jewelry is a mess, and is busting at my organizational seams. I bought a hanging jewelry cupboard, but can't get Shawn to hang the damn thing!

  5. Thoroughly impressed with the jewelry setup (esp the craft-show-necklace-holder and the earring tray). I really should move mine to the bathroom since I am typically getting ready in there while the rest of the house is still sleeping.

    I do not have enough makeup to need organization for it. Especially since I stopped buying stuff I never wear anyway. Someday I'll be a grownup and learn how to wear makeup.

  6. Wow. I'm completely and utterly shamed and jealous. I thought I was an organizational guru but you take the cake! Brava!

  7. Love the technical aspects of this post - hangy thing!! Hahaha I say that all the time!!

    I love the bracelet storage. I am working more towards breceleting and that would be the way to go.

    And I love that Pinterest didn't work. I mean...sometimes simple is better right? Box for scarves - DONE!

    Thanks for sharing - I am re-evaluating a few areas in my own house!

  8. I am in love with your jewelry organization! It looks so cute and is perfect! I think great minds think alike because my make up set up is pretty much identical to yours! But instead of having 1 set of 5 larger drawers, I have 2 sets of 3 smaller ones, but basically the same layout as they sit side by side with my brushes on top in a cup! I love clear acrylic it is amazing.

  9. Oh goodness... my jewelry is just all over the floor in front of my box and all over a side table. Need to get on this- you've shamed me!

  10. I too, did the Pinterest scarf hanger thing. And, I too, was frustrated after about 3.6 seconds. Wehn Steve and I got our new bedroom furniture in February, 3 small drawers took over as my storage.

    Makeup is in my vanity and chest of drawers.

    I'm obsessed with those Muji containers, and I'm so proud that you purchased one!! L-O-V-E the Urban Decay eye primer potion!

  11. I have a decent jewelry box for my stuff but since I pretty much never change what I wear, it's mainly just for show. The few items that I wear regularly but take off for showering, gym, etc sit in front of said jewelry box for easy access and reapplication. I'm efficient, yo.

    I NEED to organize my bathroom. Badly. My makeup organization is fine but I have ton of random baskets and bins for the rest. And don't get me started on the mess that is my husband. That man can't organize shit.

    In light of my finish a project task, I think this is what I will work on today.

  12. I'm gonna need you and the pups... okay the Mister can come too, but I NEED you to come help me do some organizing before the baby comes! SERIOUSLY!!!

    Thanks for linking up today and always!! And Happy Friday!!! Y'all enjoy your weekend ahead!!

  13. Very nice. I am messy organized. I kind of know where most things are, and for some reason my "stuff" around my desktop gives me comfort, because they are about my people. I really should purge. I am little by little.
    And I do not buy more "stuff". My good jewelry is on my body all the time. Need post earrings because your holes will droop- trust me on this.
    I am proud of your organizational skills. Cannot take credit for those genes!
    Happy day, happy weekend to everyone. Carpe every diem!

    love your MOMMA

  14. I really need to be more organized. scarf idea is genius.

  15. I so have similar makeup storage and I agree the Muji drawers are well worth the crazy shipping charges. After seeing the packaging I can understand the shipping costs.

  16. I need some jewelry organizing in my life. I did put most of it in a jewelry box, gold on one side, silver on the other, and it did help a lot, though.

    How do you organize mail? It just piles up, even though we get most everything electronically. And then it doesn't get dealt with. So annoying.

  17. Not going to lie, my favorite part about this post is your beautiful drawing.
    Really though I love everything!! Organizational posts make me giddy, I too want to be a professional organizer. Everything you've done is fab, your Muji boxes look great!

  18. I cannot do chaos, it makes me sad and my head numb. Great blog, love the drawing.

  19. Your artistic rendering looks eerily similar to a serial killer's artistic rendering of a terrible, bloody deed. Thanks for sharing, Steph; I especially need help with jewelry year-round, and scarf season is approaching. Scarves are truly assholes, aren't they?

  20. Oh woah , so organized jewellery . I have tons of little pretty pieces but they're resting tangled in a box . I need to move!!!!

  21. Oh woah , so organized jewellery . I have tons of little pretty pieces but they're resting tangled in a box . I need to move!!!!

  22. Kudos to your organizational reorganizing! I'm about to bust out some serious closet revamping. You've inspired me.

  23. Look at you are organized and stuff!! I have my scarves on pant hangers(that hang 5 pants per hangers). I use one clip for each scarf fits a lot and I can easily grab one.

  24. I love the artistic rendering complete with serial killer handwriting! I desperately need to organize my jewelry.

  25. 1) The drawing is my favorite thing ever.
    2) You got a lot of jewelry.


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