Wednesday, October 23, 2013

36 Life Realizations from my 36 Years, Part II

Did you miss Part 1 last week?

1. Life is not fair. Get over it.

2. Everyone has a past. It's not a factor unless you allow it to be.

3. Guilt is a self-indulgent, useless emotion. Your time and energy would be better spent getting your head out of your ass and preparing to be a better person for the next time.

4. What other people think about you is none of your business.

5. Some people are not worth fighting for or with.

6. Time heals.

7. Excuses are for assholes. Don't make them.

8. If you see something you love at Marshalls/Homegoods, you need to buy it. Marshalls Law declares that it will not be there when you go back. 

9. Forgiveness benefits you, not them. Holding on to hate and hurt is not the way to live.

10. If you can't laugh at yourself, chances are people do not enjoy hanging out with you.

11. Anyone who judges people on how much or how little they drink is a tool.

12. No one is invincible.

13. Marriage is work and it can be hard. The issues you have before you get married are the issues you'll have after. Be prepared for something other than wine and roses.

14. Your ability to sleep deep and long is compromised as you get older. Enjoy it while it's still good.

15. Take pictures with real cameras, you'll be so glad you have those memories to look at when you get older.

16. There is an art to learning from your mistakes. Everything you do, right or wrong, shapes you. Work with the clay.

17. You are not entitled to anything you don't work for - the world doesn't owe you a thing.

18. The most important thing in your life is not your job, what you own, or what you earn - it's who you have sitting in your circle.

What did I miss?

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  1. what? you mean my HTC camera isn't a real one? LOL i have an awesome dslr and a compact canon elf but i mostly take pics with my phone. it's a shame really!

    and i agree 100% with this list! esp the marriage one. too many people marry for the wrong reason or they think "they'll change after marriage". WRONG!!!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. All of this is wise, but I particularly like numbers 17 and 18.

  3. I'm with Kathy ^ from Vodka & Soda... I have a dSlr and fairly good point & shoot, and I never use them. Fail.

    First, i LOVE the photo you used! The sun looks amazing! I take it that was taken with a real camera :-)

    I couldn't agree more with you, especially #'s 1,2,5,8,10,13,16,17,18.

  4. Very good list...#5 so so true!!

  5. Um, I just may have to print this out and hang in on my bathroom mirror!! You are one wise women! I am lucky to have you as a friend!! I just wish we lived on the same street! :)

  6. I refuse to believe number 14. I don't want to think of the day where I am no longer a champion sleeper, and you know how much I suck at 15. Maybe when we have kids I'll get better.

    On another note, I was going to make your banana muffins last night, but forgot the chocolate chips at the grocery store. Fail. Then I thought I would make them without the chips and got lazy. Maybe tomorrow.

  7. You hit a home run once again! Marshall's Law makes me so mad sometimes!

    Nothing makes me angrier than people who act like they are owed something.

    And I always say if you cant take a joke, then don't be one!

  8. Love this list! Number 9-11 is awesome! Number 16 and 18 are the best!

  9. Great post! I sure hope that time does heal.

  10. So many are true, but I used to be such a good sleeper and now it's work to get to sleep! I have to be comfortable, it has to be dark, I need quiet but I need background noise, etc etc, haha. I just want to sleep!

  11. #16- need to remind myself of this on the daily

  12. I don't think you missed a thing. As always you hit the nail on the head, chickie! But I hate that you're right on the sleep thing. Ugh

  13. I love this list, Oprah! I feel like sending it to everyone I know.

  14. #2 is so true and the thing about guilt is spot on...all of this, all day long :)

  15. I'm so happy to have you in my circle.

    I giggled that Marshalls Law made it on your list!

    While I know that #4, #5 and #9 are absolutely true, they're sometimes very hard to adhere to.

  16. I totally agree that your past doesn't define you, only unless you let it.

  17. Marshall's Law. So, so true!! And taking real photos, I love non-iphone photos!

  18. The world doesn't owe you a thing. I love that line. It's constantly going through my head when I hear people in my life complain. Another brilliant list.

  19. #8!
    And holy cow, #13. I wish I could let my newlywed army wife friends have a peek into what life is like after *only* 4 years and 2 deployments. It's work and sacrifice and commitment. Obviously, this applies to all couples, but man, some people have fantasies of what marriage is/should be like. I've seen the strongest marriages ever and the weakest in the last couple of years.

    Maybe add "When in doubt, don't wear jeans." Overdressed isn't the worst thing ever.

  20. Spot on! I look forward to #13 some day. Number 18 stands out as well... I learned that it is very important to surround yourself with great people as a strong support system thru the journey in life. Great people are so hard to find. When you do find them, tell them you love and appreciate them every chance you get, hold on tight and don't ever let them go.

    1. Sorry, Steph... looks like they felt the need to publish my same response four extra times.

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  25. #17 Ugh! Can you please tell that to like 60% of my patients. Thank you.

  26. Helloooooo, #10. And yeah, if you spot something at Marshall's you need to grab it right away. It may not be there if you take a lap around the store, let alone try to come back for it the next day!

  27. Wow, I really need to start learning and practicing these life realizations ASAP! Wise words, for sure!

  28. Very Good as Pop would say.
    Very true on the sleep thing. I can remember you slept so much that
    I would say you were bit by the tse-tse fly.
    A good, deep sleep is precious.

    Late to this blog- worth the wait.
    Love your MOMMA

  29. Dawn - it was a great comment, I'll take 50 of it! hahaha.

    So many things in life have shown me that nothing matters aside from the people I've chosen to take this journey with, whether they be family or friends.

  30. I'm happy you're in my circle!

    Damn Marshall's Law, and not being able to sleep as you get older. These two do indeed prove #1.

  31. Needed to read #3....big time! #7--yes! #8--Absolutely. #IHEARTTJ! Love this list!

  32. I have all but vanished from the blog world because things have been busy. I have missed your posts. :)

  33. What a great flippin' list. I wish 90% of America could learn it.

  34. Part 1 and this one are so true! Impressive list and a lot of items I need to keep in mind and wish others would too! Well, except for the lottery one...I'm totally going to win the lottery :)


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