Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Geege is Eight, he brings us chocolate cake

Happy eighth birthday to our Geege, who we adopted five years ago on May 6.

Geege's first day with us: May 6, 2007
 He came to us as Jake and didn't really want to have much to do with us at first. He got along great with Gus from the start and spent most of his time sitting at the window and barking at passerby and the air in general. As the weeks wore on, he'd edge closer to us. He was feeling us out and making sure this was a permanent move. He was serious and neurotic and never wanted to look me in the eye, which was foreign since Gus spends most of his time staring people down. He has never stopped patrolling the window and barking his head off when people came near his domain. He is a small super hero, hence his first Halloween costume with us:

Geege as Spiderman in October 2007
A few months in Jake was sitting with us and relaxing into his forever home. Around this time he became more carefree and inclined to frolic, and was christened Geege.

Dog beach time for my birthday in March 2008

Geege is my shadow. Wherever I am, he is. We got Gus as a puppy, and while Gus will follow me around, he will also tire of it and take refuge on the couch to snooze the day away. Geege is my faithful companion and always at my side. On weekends when I am busting a move getting my hausfrauing done, he collapses alongside of me at the end of the day because he's had a workout supervising me. Geege is the most likely to be stepped on because he is always underfoot. Lori held him at our wedding and since he was behind me, he couldn't see my face so he cried loudly for the entire ceremony.

Geege and Gus at our wedding - September 25, 2010
When he's not at my side, he is using the bay window as a cat walk patrol to bark like a loon at dogs and people walking in front of our house. He loves windows in general.

Geege making use of my mother-in-law's perch in Sea Isle

He loves to run on the beach, up at Lori & Jack's house, and at the fields around our house.

Geege tearing through North Woods at Treat Lady's house

Beach running in Sea Isle

Racing around Parkwood fields

He  likes to scamper ahead when walking on a leash and find a spot of grass to roll around in.

He eats voraciously. He loves babies and is very protective of them. He sits and looks at me and moves his mouth like he's got something to say.  He waits to be invited to sit on the couch. He likes to lay his head on pillows like a human. He makes a noise that sounds like "rabble rabble" and twists around to get a belly rub. He sleeps with his tongue sticking out.

He howls like a banshee when I get out of my car. He wags his tail with his whole heart and soul behind it - his entire body shimmies. He lets me put costumes on him and doesn't freak out.

New Year's Eve 2011

His love is bottomless. He's such a good and happy guy. I didn't know he was missing from our lives until he came into them and filled them even more and made our home better. I am grateful every day that his previous owners allowed us to have him.

Happy 8th birthday Geege. Thank you for the love and joy you bring to our house. Chicken for you for dinner tonight.



  1. Yet another amazing way to start my morning...Reading your blog. Sounds like Geege is one special pooch. You are lucky to have each other. Happy Bday Geege! Enjoy your chicken and whatever costume your mom puts on you tonight! ;)

  2. There is nothing in the world to compare with a good dog. Grace will be 7 on Flag Day - she will wear her flag sundress, as she does every year.

  3. OH my favorite picture of the boys is Spiderman and Batman! Geege takes his role of Spiderman very seriously, Gussie says get this costume off of me.
    So happy Geege is in our lives! Happy, Happy Birthday to Geege, a really happy guy!
    Love Mom-Mom Sugar

  4. LOVE YOU GEEGE. You were special from the start and I fought hard to win a spot in your heart. So thankful you are in my life. Happy Birthday Geege! Love Treat Lady


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