Monday, May 7, 2012

the weekend that was

Trolling pinterest on Friday, I saw this and loved it, so I wrote it down and hung it up.
Serial killer handwriting and all.


Party prep with my helpers


Cinco de Derby Day Party at our house, where Team Random Acts of Kindness raised $335 for
Relay For Life thanks to our supportive family and friends

My losing Derby horses

Photo by the lovely Lilly Scheetz of LMS Photography - visit

Salted caramel butter bars. These are TO DIE FOR, so click on the link and make them post-haste.

Using a pepper as a dip bowl cuts down on dishes


Super tired partied out dogs


Lots of sleeping on Sunday, which I so desperately needed after more than a week of averaging five hours of sleep or less a night


p.s. it went too fast

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