Thursday, June 8, 2023

snippets of the weekend 6.6.2023

Friday I meant to be finished by 3 and out running errands and doing some stuff up in the house before family arrived but alas I worked until fucking 7 and the thing I spent the five hours on never ended up being used but it's FINE. It's fucking fine. Jared arrived first, followed close behind by Dad & Carol then Stephen & Aubrey and the kids, little Stephen fresh off his pre-K grad. We missed the window to order dinner from anywhere and everywhere and ended up at Wawa. 

Saturday was cold AF! Dad & Carol made a big breakfast with an assist from Lola and we hit the boards, spending time in the arcade and at Wonderland when it opened. Hoo the final stretch walk down to Wonderland I was so fucking cold with the wind.  We saw some dog wedding guests on the way back. We tried Outer Banks Boil for dinner and it was good! 
Sunday was my brother's 40th. Him and my Dad & Jared left early for golf. Aubrey really outdid herself with the decor inside and out, so good. Carol got the coozies with a great photo. Lola, Carol, and I went and got Nauti Donuts. We packed sandwiches for the beach and it is decided I am not a good kid sandwich maker crust cutter offer. When they returned from golf we went to the beach for the afternoon. Taco extravaganza for dinner and strawberry pie for birthday singing. 

Monday I was off except I had a meeting in the afternoon. Girls hit Asbury to shop then we went to the beach - perfect beach day! Aubrey, Stephen, the kids, and Jared all left. We went and got slices from Angelo's and ice cream. 

weekending reels on Instagram - since I am now consistently not with it on weekend posts, this is my favorite weekend look back mode.

Yesterday was my BFF Kim's birthday - happy happy! Love you!

Today I looked for shore replacement dining furniture on SunPan, researched a moving company for work, and checked out some branding stuff on Ignite Digital. And packed up to return to Philly for a bit.

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