Wednesday, June 21, 2023

snippets of the weekend 6.20.2023

Friday I hit TJ Maxx and also stopped at my brother's to give my dad his joint Father's Day gift, had chicken salads for dinner, and relaxed. Bruce and Ben look like they're the ones who worked their asses off this week but that is definitely not the case. 
I made pasta salad and we picked up pretzels and CFA on the way to my brother's 40th birthday party and had a good laugh about being packed in the car. The party was a lot of fun, great job Aub!! Special out of retirement one time appearance by Road Soda for the occasion.

I was planning to sleep in Sunday but that didn't happen thanks to Bruce. Always thanks to Bruce. I saw my Dad in the morning before him and Carol left for her parents' house but the rest of the day was open so I ran a few errands, got a pedicure, MFD grilled steaks, I finished a book and started another, took a little daytime snooze, changed the sheets, and watched the entire first season of Somebody, Somewhere on HBO Max. Ugh, so good. 

Monday I did more reading, finally put the pile of clothes that has lived on my bedroom chair for an eternity away, moved a bookcase up there and did some cleaning.

Monday evening we met the family at Isaac Newton's to celebrate Rich's retirement a little over a week late. It was also my mom's birthday Monday so we celebrated that as well. 

weekending reels on Instagram - since I am now consistently not with it on weekend posts, this is my favorite weekend look back mode.

It's a weird time, in which I haven't been at the shore at all since Sunday night 6/11 and am not going to be back until at least Saturday evening 6/24. 

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