Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Snippets of the weekend 5.29.2023

Here we are catching up on Memorial Day weekend well over a week later LOL

I made the drive up to Lori's on Thursday night with the three dogs and we got settled in. Bruce loves the seats there.
Friday I had planned to work a half day at best but ended up past five with an external deadline looming the next week but if you have to work on a Friday afternoon overlooking the lake is not a bad place to do it. We started the morning with a beautiful charcuterie board Lori's neighbor made, and we got donuts and picked up some groceries. You know you are in rural PA when the shop is called Donuts & Ammo. The donuts were delicious.
Friday night reading and just enjoying the outside. I saw an Eagle pluck a fish out of the lake, full wingspan out. It was amazing and I'm so glad I saw it. We lit the fire table for a bit and retired early. I started a new book after doing some internet searches on a seo company san diego for a work item hanging out there I didn't want to forget over the long weekend and furniture installation companies near me. I happened upon Mes Amis Barbershop in my interweb travels and read through damn near the entire site. 
Saturday we set off to do some small business shopping that included Feick's Vintage Finds in Meshoppen, Hometown Finds & Friends and Chocolates by Leopold in Montrose (and another little store I forget the name of and a new bakery opening up!) and a fantastic place to soothe the central nervous system - Cold Creek Gardens in Wyalusing. I love it there so much - the layout, the gardens, the owners, what they stock, the mimosas you can enjoy while shopping. We also stopped at a new to me little nursery across from the castle gas station. It was a very nice morning and afternoon.
We also popped in to see Dots and Win and Layla (only video of her playing ball no still shots LOL). We've been solely at the lake for visits the past few years and this house reminds me of Gus and his best big friend CJ there so much. Geege too but that was Gus's favorite. You can really feel them there.
MFD brought Billy Cat up for his first time at the lake. He did better than I thought he would. We saw a beaver out beavering on the lake and he came close in to where Mike was fishing. It was cool!
Sunday was a lot of relaxing and reading. Jack and Mike went fishing. I love spending time up at the lake with Lori! We all do.
I read three books (these and a Megan Miranda not pictured) and actually read the magazines I brought, did a lot of grass walking and breathing and relaxing. It was great. 
I left Lori's at maybe 10? At home I unpacked, did laundry, picked up some groceries mostly so I could have a sundae later, and ran errands. MFD arrived home later and we watched the last four episodes of Succession. What a show!

Memorial Day weekend renters at the shore were a fucking mess. I hope this is not how the season is going to go.

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