Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - on the double, ralphie!

1. Remember when MFD was sitting around in a Ralphie bunny costume on Halloween? This will be the first Halloween in 12 years that my dogs will not be wearing a costume. Geege was my Halloween dog who endured the dressing up with silent dignity while the other two raged against the machine. I just can't do it this year.
2. Mae is exercising demons out of her asshole, from prednisone maybe? I have a call in to the vet. But she seems much better overall, which is weird to say after that first sentence. We're all still assimilating to Bruce Springsteen, of course. He is tiring himself and us out every day.

3. Today is my last day off of the year aside from a holiday. I'm hanging out with Lola Jean. I picked this vest up for her at Old Navy. New nephew coming soon! I got him some things too.

4. Last night we had dinner at the Continental with Melissa and Blane then went to see Trae Crowder/ the Liberal Rednecks WellRED tour at Helium. Not too shabby for a Wednesday night, am I right?

5. Every day is a good day to have a BFF sunglasses designer who sends you free glasses you like because she has them laying around since she worked on the design. Thanks KVSR for the shades. I got my plaid Toms too. Boom. And my Christmas gifts have started arriving. I'm about halfway done with the shopping.

6. I finally got my lazy ass over to see the Octavius Catto statue that was installed at the end of September here in Philadelphia. An educator, scholar, writer, pioneering baseball player, and fearless civil rights activist,  Catto fought unflaggingly for an equitable society in the wake of the Civil War. He successfully protested to desegregate Philadelphia’s trolleys, he fought to pass constitutional amendments enfranchising black citizens, and then he worked to bring those new black voters to the polls. He was shot and killed on his way to vote in 1871. It's the first public monument honoring one specific black person erected in the city of Philadelphia.
7. I walked all the way around City Hall first because I love the building and second because I was looking for the trump rat that was up near the Rizzo statue the day before. Alas it was nowhere to be found. Such a gorgeous building though and there's always something going on. This is Flores de Libertad, the installation of 1,600 hand dyed flowers, a creative action against family detention by artist Michelle Angela Ortiz. She's led several free paper flower workshops. Flowers from participants join the flowers made by undocumented mothers detained at the Berks County Family Detention Center, a prison for immigrant families in PA. Think of how fucked up that description is...a prison for immigrant families. The flowers of the mothers carry messages of freedom.
8. This week in NOT NORMAL: Amy Siskind's authoritarian list, week 49 where she points out we spent most of our time talking about the imposter's actions towards a fallen soldier instead of the scary shit on this list; the two-person company Whitefish Energy with small town neighbor ties to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke got the $300 million contract to fix the electrical grid in Puerto Rico (80% of the island is still without power as of Monday) in a no-bid process - swampy as fuck, you guys; and mothers who defend sons who sexually assault women. This week in everyone read this: I'm giving you the BoredPanda link to a tweet thread by @stealthygeek because it's hard to find the thread wading through the insane people who responded to his commentary on the assertion life begins at conception.

9. Reminder:

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  1. Congrats on getting a nephew soon!!

  2. Face time when you can❣️ The imposter. I will use that. This blog is full of info. Thanks. The immigrant prison jmj jmj jmj. Richie and I are in heaven in OCNJ. Halloween parade tonight. So happy no costume required for me ever. Unless I truly want one. Goddess speed for a magical and fun day with our LJBQ 💖💜✨😇🦄☮️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  3. welp, Kayla is also shooting demons out her butthole and got herself grounded from Halloween. At least the upside is that I don't have to deal with a costume anymore LOL

  4. I'd be more enthusiastic about Halloween if it wasn't a ONE DAY ONLY holiday. I mean, we move Thanksgiving around if families can't meet on the 4th Thursday, we have several Christmas celebrations, we're supposed to 'celebrate' Valentine's Day every day ... but there's just too much pressure to find the PERFECT costume for ONE day. Skip it and just let me eat the candy.

  5. Super cute sunglasses, enjoy the time with Lola Jean. Love the Ralphie costume, awesome.

  6. I love the Bruce sleeping pictures because it always looks like he just stopped in the middle of play time to flop over and nap. Cracks me up every time!

  7. Oh my gosh I LOVE the quote in number 9. SO SO TRUE!
    The Bruce pics are my favorite--he's a character, I can tell from pictures alone :)
    Whoop for free, cute sunnies!!!

  8. Trae Crowder is so funny. Congratulations on your new nephew! It will fun to watch Lola Jean as the big sister too. That vest is in my niece's favorite color. Cheers to Friday Eve!

  9. Bruce is amazing. I feel like he brings joy to all of us, far and wide.

    That article about the mothers defending their rapist sons... Holy balls. Some people suck so much it hurts.

  10. I love the pic of Bruce with his tongue out. So cute! So much crap going on that it's hard to stay on top of it. And there is constantly new things being added to the list every day. It's overwhelming and we have three more years of this. I keep telling myself, though, as hard and painful as these past months have been, it's also created lots of opportunity to dialogue and raise awareness. Some people have been fortunate (or perhaps even blind to) ills like racism and sexism and so on and it's really hard to maintain that stance.

  11. Poor Mae, Bruce is still cute of course. Great quote by Buddha - everyone needs to remember it!

    Off to read the article about the mothers defending their disgusting spawns. People are honestly so dumb.

  12. As much as I was convinced that your dogs were one day going to seek revenge on you for the costumes, I'm sad that there will be no costumes this year. Mostly I guess I'm just sad because of the reason. xoxo That pic on the right of Bruce - love. Also love the shades and Lola's vest and, well, this whole post.

  13. Can I ask why Octavius looks like he is about to fall down? Asking if that is a historical reference, nerdy historic architecture lover and advocate here! Congrats on the new nephew and getting all that Christmas shopping done! I bet last night was fun, I love them!

  14. Eh, I'm not doing dog costumes either. I was going to but they REALLY hate it.
    Everyone, even toddlers, needs a puffy vest.

  15. Bruce looks so tiny (and ridiculously cute) next to Gus. I remain hopeful that the three (new) amigos will make their debut in the future but understand if they don't. I'll have to come up with some ideas... I totally think Bruce will be in - but definitely next year. Hoping Mae feels better soon.

  16. No real comment except I love reading your mom’s comments. They make me smile.


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