Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - even the losers get lucky sometimes

Thinking I have soup phobia. I swear to god every time I make soup I avoid eating it and I don't know why. 

Wishing I could get a grip on the state of my house. It is fright fest in there this week. There is shit everywhere. 

Hoping you've heard the Tom Petty song Walls (No. 3), and if you haven't, that you'll listen to it now. It's my favorite. Rest in Peace.

Wondering if people against common sense gun legislation recognize how circular their arguments are or how hypocritical they sound. Guns should be owned by people trained to use them, people who respect them, people who took courses and paid money to hold licenses. If you think for one second the 2nd Amendment is still about the ability to arm yourself against your own government, you are a lunatic, my friend. You and a few of your buddies with rifles are not going to defeat the tyranny of a war machine with a $600 billion defense budget. This is not Red Dawn. Why does anyone who opposes gun owner regulation never hear that I don't want to take their guns? I don't want to take your guns...until you act like a nutter in your insistence that ZERO additional legislation will help prevent mass shootings from occurring. Then I want to take your guns because you're mentally ill and shouldn't have them. Oh wait, trump overturned a mental health regulation on gun purposes back in February. Never mind. You're right! Nothing left to be done except send thoughts and prayers. Or you can call your representative and ask about what can be done to keep weapons designed to kill out of the hands of nutters and angry white men with a misplaced rage problem and a heap of insecurities. And I'm sorry, the NRA does not exist for you, they are not your tribe. They exist to protect and promote gun manufacturers. Gun users are pawns. Can someone start an organization for responsible gun ownership of people who don't fetishize guns but respect them and know their place? Can people also stop taking photos with their guns like they are toys or new shoes? They're not either. They are serious business. See also: how to call your representative about gun control reform (thanks Tiffany for the link). Things I would read again: No More Shootings That Follow the Rules (op-ed in the NYT), 15 Things that are Harder to Obtain than a Gun (blog post), and finally images from the Internet that unfortunately resonated this week:

Dreaming of a world where the interest in legislating guns was triple the interest in legislating women's bodies. If you don't think politicians have the right to legislate vaginas, please call your Senator about this bill. It passed the House. 

Raising money for pancreatic cancer research. My family is walking in the Purple Stride walk on November 4th in memory of my grandmother. We are Madeline's Marchers and you can donate to me here if you are so inclined.

Roaring with laughter that stirrups are back. Fucking stirrups you guys! I wore these in 1986. Stop it. They look terrible and it constantly feels like you're pulling your own pants down but not of your own volition.

Getting sick of the let them eat cake reaction to natural disasters in this country. Are you kidding me with the goddamn towel throwing in Puerto Rico this week? Disgraceful bully toddler impotent man. The best way to combat soulless life suckers is to donate - money, time, resources.
Evacuees of the Keys helps FL Keys residents, this is my first time sharing this link
Links to donate to PR in this post
Links to donate to TX & USVI in this post
Reporting in from Dog Town. Bruce is really good. He pees and poops outside and sleeps most of the way through the night. Any accidents inside have been because humans have not been paying attention. Mae is very pleased to have someone to growl at and lay with, but she prefers Bruce lay with her without walking near her so it's a delicate balance. Many people were asking about Gus's reaction to him, and the truth is Gus doesn't need anyone but Gus, so Gus does not feel left out or anything like that. Gus tolerates him which is all we can ask of Gus in any situation. LOL Humans are fighting over who will get up with the puppy in the middle of the night and happier than ever in their decision not to have human children. Excuse these photos, who knows what is going on with the camera on my phone.

Trying to get my shit together to put a blog together for tomorrow about the Pennsylvania Women's Conference I attended on Tuesday. Few words might be the best way to go.

Reading Poison by Galt NiederhofferShow Us Your Books is Tuesday! Third anniversary edition, which means prizes.

Reminding you 

Sharing an e-card like every Thursday

Happy happy birthday to Aunt Carrie today! 

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  1. Amen. Agree. Happy little Bruce Springsteen ❣️
    Love the e cards. Jmj on the stirrups. Ew
    So proud of you girls going to the women's conferences and marches. Thanks. Goddess speed to getting your house in order. I know it bugs 🐜 you. Happy Friday eve❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  2. I stopped comprehending everything after i read stirrup pants. I know you had great stuff, but STIRRUPS ARE BACK, get the eeeeeeef outta here! #eww

  3. Tom Petty - taken too soon. Love that song. Some things shouldn't come back around ... stirrup pants are in that list. Every time I think I'm going to get ahead on the mess in my house, I download a new book or see a stack waiting to be read ...

  4. I cannot comprehend our problems with guns. Its not hard to fix the problem and with every mass shooting we are allowing this to be normal. If you are interested, google "malcolm gladwell on mass shootings" he explains how this is becoming a normal occurrence in our daily lives and why every time it happens it just encourages more to do the same.

  5. Probably not my place to say but it honestly baffles me how available guns are in the US. I have traveled quite a bit and nowhere else Ive been is so free with guns. its just a concept I cant wrap my brain around. I hope it does change so that these things stop happening.

    Anwyay, in much better news, Bruce is such a cutie.

    Cant wait to read your post tomorrow.

  6. I'm on board with gun legislation because none of it is about taking my guns. And honestly, I only have a gun because you can't live in Chicago, work as close to the south side as I do, and NOT have one, that's the fucking state of the world we live in. I have no deep seeded attachment to the gun over the 2nd amendment, it's just a safety thing. Crack down on the psychos and gang bangers having them, I'll gladly give mine up too. Common sense.
    Stirrups were the bane of my childhood, fuck those things. Never again.
    Gus doesn't need anyone but Gus LOL. That dog speaks to my soul.

  7. It's ridiculous that nobody is doing anything about gun control. We're one of the only countries that consistently has this problem. It should not be this easy to have a gun, and some guns should just not be in the hands of civilians. I'm not really a fan of guns, but you have the right to one, and nobody is taking that away. People just don't want to listen. Any gun control talk and it's all "omg, they want to take my guns away." It's annoying and stupid. And politicians are seriously owned by the NRA - stand up for the people of the country and stop these mass shootings over whatever money you're getting.


  8. I can't believe I didn't even realize until I read about that our government cares more about controlling women's vaginas then access to guns. There is absolutely no reason for a civilian to need or have access to an automatic weapon ever or those bumper thingys I just learned existed this week as well. Loving all the doggy love, we need more positivity this week, and the stirrups - NO just no! :-P

  9. I saw stirrups and bodysuits in the stores and I was like...didn't we learn that these are a horrible idea in the 80s??? Are we out of good ideas? It is a sad world when it is harder to get medicine for allergies than buy an automatic weapon that can kill massive amounts of people in little time.

  10. Re: soup phobia. I don't want to eat mine after I make it. Jmj

  11. Gloria Steinem's sentiments....HOLY MOTHER OF YES! And I seriously still do not understand how people who have guns always seem to think that gun control is taking away their guns. It's absurd! Also, last time I checked, in order to hunt you don't need an automatic or semi-auto machine gun. Unless you're hunting humans, in which case, you're insane. GAHHHH this whole thing infuriates me, and I'm tired of thoughts and prayers--I want this to STOP!

    On a less heavy note, stirrup pants are a biiiiiig no no! And puppy pics are always the best! So glad that Bruce is doing so well with you guys!

  12. That meme about abortion/gun owner regulations - that's pretty eye opening.
    I swear, the first time I saw that Trump clip of him tossing paper towels, I literally laughed thinking it was a joke.

  13. So much to discuss. I don't have soup phobia but I also made a batch of soup this week that has me less than impressed and a tad bit crabby. Guns. I don't understand this. I grew up in rural Minnesota where there are lots of hunters and lots of farmers who have guns. And by far, they respect their weapons and the privilege of owning them. I don't understand why common sense gun control scares people. It's common sense! How is it common sense that Paddock had better guns than the police AND military? And that guns are a right and healthcare is a privilege. That anyone can own a gun, but I can't decide as a grown ass woman to make decisions about my body? This hypocrisy makes me want to puke. I remember stirrup pants but did not realize they were making a comeback. Nope! I'm so glad Bruce is adjusting well and I love that picture of him with Mae. So cute! It still amazes me that people think Trump is tough when he is so intimidated by brown people (especially those who are successful) and women (especially those who speak up against him). He's truly turned the presidency into a joke and is completely oblivious to it.

  14. That ecard. Amen.

    I have a rambling rant about the state of this country in tomorrow's post, specifically the Second Amendment. Thank you for articulating what I can't.

  15. Oh man! I remember wearing stirrup pants in elementary school. Yikes!

  16. I'm glad that Bruce is adjusting well! I've heard that having adult dogs that are potty trained helps with new puppies, which I have to admit would be awesome!

  17. EW, stirrups, no. I got no words for any of the events of this week: the Vegas shooting, Trump in PR, gun-obsessed lunatics FREAKING out when anyone dares asks for safer/smarter/common sense gun laws, hypocritical pro-life Republicans who try to force their mistresses to get abortions, NONE OF IT. You know my stance. I'm so fucking angry about all of it.

  18. Oh that Gloria Steinham quote for the win. And that Tom Petty song, I heard it live in April and it was so good! My friend lives in PR and I cannot tell you how incensed she is at the president's antics. And do not get me started on the lawmakers and hypocrites. Glad Bruce is adjusting nicely! Have a fantastic day.

  19. oh my gosh same here with soup. i make it and it just sits there. so weird. KC doesn't like it (WHAT) so maybe that's why.
    everything you said about guns? yes. all the yes. every time there is a shooting (every time because this happens way too often!! there have been so many since i moved here, i can't wrap my head around it) i tell anyone who will listen that we had a mass shooting in 1996 and 2 weeks later our gun laws were changed. you can still own guns in australia, but we haven't had a mass shooting since. and now, there is like a picture or something going around the internet talking about our port arthur massacre and how we haven't had any shootings since then. i'm not trying to say our country is better but for pete's freaking sake when the f*ck will this get to the point of enough is enough? because SURELY this is it? surely this is the turning point. for f*cks sake. i keep wanting to talk about it but have nothing new to bring to the table.
    stirrups - ew. are you kidding me with that paper towel throwing? are you kidding me right now? what a disgrace.
    i cannot wait to read your post about the Women's Conference. that sounds SO amazing.
    3rd anniversary of SUYB??? time flies! i can't believe it. well i can, but i love it.

  20. My house is a WRECK. It's making me insane.
    I can't get enough Bruce pictures. I don't care about the quality- keep 'em coming!
    This gun thing.... holy balls. I come from a VERY pro-gun family. My dad used to hunt, he's always defended the NRA, he has a whole safe full of firearms, and we spend our Labor Day and Memorial Day target shooting. I have a small gun just for self-defense. It's only a .22- I don't want to kill anyone though I'm well aware any gun can be fatal. And I don't have a CC licenses nor do I want one. I have been taught gun safety all my life and I see no need to walk around with one. All of that said, I can't understand WHY THE F*CK GUNS AREN'T MORE REGULATED, RESTRICTED, AND TRACKED. I love that quote by Steinem. First of all, hell NO to automatic weapons, silencers, bump stocks. Even from a hunting perspective, none of that shit is fair to the deer! I don't get it. We are a country obsessed with guns and it's disgusting. My dad has definitely tamed down since the new administration (which he's very against), but his friends are all still whack jobs about their guns. I come from a rural place so I know people with dogs and KIDS named after guns. I just don't freaking get it.

  21. We're on the same page a bit today. Walls is one of my favorite Tom Petty songs. It's truly beautiful. My house is a mess, too. I was out of town until last night and it went to shit. Hope you have a great weekend.

  22. I love Jessica Valenti. That quote is perfect.

    Sounds like things are going well with Bruce's transition into the household. He's so darn cute.

  23. Stirrup pants... good lord. Why is it that people absolutely refuse to learn from previous mistakes?

    My house is disaster zone... I completely understand.

    The whole gun issue... Yeah. I've had a few debates as of late and no one can answer this simple question - Why on earth would any civilian need weapons that are designed to kill many people in a short about of time and why would anyone need so many? My questions have yet to be answered, but I have received received a lot of blah, blah, blah.

    Glad Bruce is doing well.

  24. YES to Gloria's quote. YES, YES, YES.

    You already know where I fall on the gun issue.

    And stirrups. SMH and LMAO at your pants being pulled down against your own volition. TRUE. So true.

  25. I have the soup phobia as well! I have no clue why. If you ever beat it, please let me know your secrets.

    Bruce is absolutely adorable! We're not allowed pets as we rent so I always live vicariously through the pets of others. So please keep the pics and videos coming, I can't get enough!

    As for gun laws, I have absolutely nothing of use to add because I've always lived in places where guns are just not a thing. I've never seen a gun, apart from on police officers maybe a handful of times, and they bloody terrify me. I can't imagine ever wanting to own one. I can't imagine a world where others around me want to own one. So I'm just baffled by everything going on in the US, I want to help but am so ignorant of what's going on. So please keep educating me, it's not a fun thing to learn but is definitely important.

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