Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - what happened to April?

1. Tuesday morning I stepped into the elevator with a woman. I was digging around in my purse for my office key when I caught the tail end of, "wkjrojf smells so good." I said, "I'm sorry, what did you say?" She said, "Your coffee smells so good. I think it's your coffee. Unless you're wearing cologne that smells like coffee." Say what now? She was totally serious. I think it's the coffee, ma'am. Have a nice day now.

2. It's all fun and games until someone trips over the dog bowl and nearly breaks their face, which is a daily occurrence in our house. I don't know which ahole dog is trying to kill us or if they're all conspiring or what.

3. One week until my dentist appointment. Welcome to my personal march of doom countdown. Sit down! Relax. Enjoy. But don't google march of doom countdown. Weird things come up.

4. Is it Ellen who always wears sneakers with everything? That's going to be me soon. I have a real problem with athleisure shoes and sneakers at this time. I need to stop buying them.

5. Grumpy old men: pug edition.
6. Now that I'm at the shore most weekends, Wednesday night is sort of my hausfrau night. Last night I did some freezer cooking (finished up the breakfast burritos I started this weekend and made power breakfast muffins), changed the sheets and towels and did laundry. I've gone back to my pinterest love affair to figure my way out of this food rut and I don't care who knows. I'm in the process of laying waste to many of my boards on there, deleting a shit ton of things. So expect some revived weekly food prep around these parts. I hope.

7. The NFL draft is in Philly starting today. My walk to the library yesterday was not as pleasing as it normally is. People were in a hot rage over there, yelling at each other, cursing the construction on the Parkway near the draft, beeping. But the fountains are back on so it was a good day in my world. Except for the part where some angry woman gunned it through a stop sign crossing 19th Street and almost ran me over yesterday. She didn't care even a little bit.
8. If one goddamn program that helps citizens of this country is cut while that fucking bound to be ineffectual border wall gets funded and Cheeto Jesus's weekend trips to Mar-a-Lago and housing of his wife and child in New York at the expense of the taxpayers continue unchallenged and unabated, my head is going to spin off.

9. I feel a real need to fit in a quick trip to some Utah National Parks and the Grand Canyon because I don't know how this administration is going to attempt to fuck with federally protected lands. This executive order to review and remove protection from National Monuments so they can be drilled for oil and bullshit was one of my biggest fears from a Cheeto Jesus victory. This makes me sick to my stomach. Have these people never BEEN to the National Parks and Monuments great presidents had the foresight to protect under federal law throughout our history? So that we may see something as untouched as it's been for many years? No president has ever rolled back anything under protection of the Antiquities Act. This is fucking absurd at this point. So the rich get richer and all of our public land starts to look like the poor districts of the Hunger Games, abused and tapped out. Doesn't the president have anything more important to do, like fix the infrastructure and bring in bigly jobs like he promised? Why is he leaving those campaign promises until last and acting on the ones that benefit his businesses first? So weird, right? Crazy. It must be a coincidence.

10. E-card of the week: Tomorrow is National Super Hero Day (really). This one's for you golden gods:

You are the true heroes of the Internet. 

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  1. Yes to good grammar! Even though I'm going back & forth on the whole do I want to keep online dating or not, on the days that I am any guy that says "r" or "u"...OUT! Any guy that can't spell basic words...OUT! It is 2017, spellcheck is a thing, Google is a thing, also you being a grown ass man is a thing. Ok end rant... those breakfast burritos sound good.

  2. Sketchers. Memory foam. My feet are thanking me ❣️ God help and heal all and give equality and liberty and justice to all ❣️ What a glorious weekend it will be in OCNJ.
    Agree on food. Pop would say we have too much. Goddess speed always.
    Love, your Momma 💖😇✨🦄🍀☮️🌟🌞🌊🌍🌈⭐️

  3. Wednesday night motivation is rare. Sometimes I do that kind of work on Thursdays though.
    And I do believe pets conspire against us.

  4. My husband's family loves As Good As It Gets since it was filmed where they used to live and they quote it all the time. I thought his sister invented that quote above. I'll tell your waiter is another favorite and a few weeks ago, Andrew and I were going out and he was like "I have to get all dressed up while you put on a housedress..." and I was so offended for a second until I got it. Anyway. Totally derailed comment but it's not a movie I see in the wild often.

    The Draft in Philly has to be awful. Isn't it normally in NYC? That infographic is fascinating. I wish he could just stay in DC for a weekend - I guess he just doesn't care how selfish and ridiculous he is? The amount of money he is spending on what makes him happy and comfortable is unbelievable and I don't see how his supporters are okay with it.

  5. Lol at the old man pugs--and I seriously hope they aren't trying to conspire to kill you with the dog bowls.
    Why do people make such weird comments to strangers? Coffee cologne? Wtf?
    And finally a BIG OLD YES to number 8. I will blow a gasket as well....still amazes me that 93% of Cheeto Jesus supporters still think he's doing an ok job. #isthisreality #howhasitonlybeen100days????

  6. I'd probably say the exact same thing the woman in the elevator did. Ha. Hashtag awkward for life.
    Our dogs don't move bowls, but they flip them. Sometimes when there's still water in them. Assholes.
    Those eggs look mighty fine. (I'm so hungry right now!)
    My husband has never been out west or to Alaska (me neither!), and I'm so scared we won't get there before they're totally tapped out and destroyed :(

  7. I got really heavy dog bowls and put them on a fabric type squishy placement and girl can't move 'em. It's funny to watch her try, like she WANTS me to trip over it! No more, little one, no more.

  8. It's Hateful Hazel. She's trying to break your face. I think she's jealous that the boys get to have old man goudas.

    Can't release tax returns because then we will know the full extend that this mfer will benefit from all the nonsense he's doing. UGH. I just can't with any of this nonsense.

  9. Max is actually pretty good about not moving his dishes. The person who leaves random things (mostly shoes) scattered all over for me to trip over ... is me. :D #8 and #9. Agree 100%. The wall is dumb but #9 is really pissing me off because I wasn't expecting it. WHY? Why would he mess with national monuments? I expected him to try and fund one for himself versus remove protection for them.

  10. There's your million dollar idea - coffee smelling perfume. I'd buy it. I love the smell of coffee. Not stale coffee - but fresh.. or coffee beans. I think I've actually said that before to someone - "youre coffee smells good" :) haha

    I'm cringing with you in your doom march. Anything dentist, you know I feel your pain.

  11. This whole week I've been all "where the hell did April go?"

  12. I tripped over my rabbit the other day. It was really scary because I put my arms out to brace myself and because I either have a torn rotator cuff or frozen shoulder I ended up being in more pain that necessary. I had tears in my eyes. Yes I know see a doctor. I am hoping that on June 15th when the school year is over the pain will magically go away. Yup it is that stressful of a year.
    Love the fountain picture and although I like to pretend I would want to be in Philly for the NFL draft I am just fooling myself.
    Love the infographic I am going to send that to my mom.
    We are in a food rut as well and Pinterest just gets me in trouble and I never end up finding anything to cook. I deleted a bunch of boards as well.
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Lol to the coffee smeller woman! And I feel you on the Pinterest deleting and all that. I've been off of it for a long time but just this week I've been cleaning it up some and trying to make it work for me better. All the food plans/recipes!!

  14. Hang on, I've managed to miss that thing about the National Parks. That's horrifying. Why aren't more people talking about that?! And/or all the ridiculous jaunts tangerine man and entourage are indulging in at taxpayers expense. I couldn't get my head around all this happening in the first place, I still can't, I wonder if I ever will? When will his supporters wake up!??

    1. I think there's just so much shit going on it's hard to keep track of it all.


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