Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Local Love: Four things to know about this week

In Bucks County  
Check out this public facebook group on a 30 Day April Declutter Challenge / Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Select one item a day you no longer use or wear and donate the bag to NOVA Thrift Shop in Perkasie. All money raised will support victims of sexual assault and help provide prevention education programs in Bucks County. It's like raising $$ for a great cause just by getting rid of shit you don't use anymore. Donations are accepted daily. Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) supports, counsels and empowers victims of sexual assault and other serious crimes in Bucks County and works to prevent and eliminate violence in society through advocacy, training, community education, and prevention programs.

In Center City 
#SurpriseArtShow: A Pop-Up Public Art Exhibition in Center City until Monday, April 10, put together by Streets Dept. The art is in the windows so you can see it day or night. I pink puffy heart love happening upon street art, and I love when other people show me where they happen upon it. If you work in town, it's at 18th & Chestnut. We don't get a ton of these in the business district so I was pumped to come across it. I shared one from BLUR on my IG yesterday. I am big on supporting local artists and I own a few of her prints (this one and this one and I still want this one). All artists are linked in Street Dept's blog post and you can find their shops via those links. I must have this Divine Lorraine poster by Monica O in my next home.
 Amberella - Goth Hearts series

Park Shortcut - When I'm walking from Chestnut to Market I always cut through the John F. Collins Park via the alley off 17th when I'm walking towards Chestnut or next to the bagel store when I'm walking towards Market. It's a tiny spot of serenity. Could we not all use some more serenity?

In Pennsylvania - Gerrymandering is bad for all of us, something politicians from both sides of the aisle actually agree on. Please read up on it and urge your local legislator to cosponsor and support SB22, a bipartisan constitutional amendment in PA to reform the rules. If you look at these two districts (I'm in the 13th), you can see how fucking crazy some of these districts are and it will be apparent that officials from both parties are picking and choosing the voters they represent and not allowing the voters to choose who represents them. This might not change who we put in office but it will change how they govern once they're there - they will have to reach across the aisle and truly represent all of us. They will also do a better job representing constituents because they won't be spanning multiple counties. This bill is in committee right now and it would do all of us much good to get on the phone with our reps to support it. Check out the Fair Districts PA site to learn more.
I might do this every once in a while for here in Philly/Bucks and Ocean City.

And of course today is Eva the Diva's birthday. Happy birthday girlfriend!

Until tomorrow then, mon frer.


  1. It's like a great local version of the Skimm! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I donate to NOVA when I go up to Kate's. I buy from there, also. They have a big new home up further on 313! Ugh on the gerrymandering & thanks for the heads up. If only we could all do the right thing for all. You are a doer. So is Mike Doyle. My page a day calendar today is dedicated to the both of you. I will Instagram soon. Love you and proud of you to infinity and beyond ❣️❣️ Your. Momma.

  3. I love public art. Doesn't matter the city. I do miss that about working downtown - seeing all of the little surprises that pop up in a metro area. Houston is gerrymandered to death and it's like a weird, nonsensical puzzle.

  4. I love the pop-up art shows. We don't have much of that in our small town.

  5. Love your little spot of serenity, so important! And yes to public art and donations. Even finding just one thing to donate makes such a huge difference :)

  6. We could definitely all use more serenity! Yes please :)

  7. I always get jealous of the cool things other peoples towns have - I guess I just dont pay attention to my own. I need to start being more aware.

  8. This makes me want to do one for Delaware. Mostly to prove it doesn't totally suck here.

    I love all the little parks sprinkled around Philly.

  9. Courts have said that Texas has gerrymandered illegally, but our legislature is in no hurry to fix the problem. All the eye rolls.

  10. Awesome! I've started taking my clothes to a women's shelter in our area. I used to be 'lazy' and just take them to the nearest Goodwill, but it feels much better knowing they are going to some people who can actually use/need them.

  11. Sexual Assault victim advocacy is a passion of mine. The statistics are insane and can't be ignored.

  12. I love this post idea. We're currently in district redrawing nonsense down here... but that seems to be a staple of life in Texas. Can't have it turn blue again. I can't believe this used to be a blue state. Where did we go wrong? Damn.


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