Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

1. This weekend I'll be attending the Women's March in Washington, raising my fist in solidarity with women at 386 sister marches around the world. If you asked why I was going, I'd tell you I'm not marching to shill for Hill or overturn an election or protest trump or give the middle finger to anyone who voted for him. I'd ask if you had read the mission for the March. Some reasons I am exercising my right to peaceably assemble include to take an actual physical stand for equality and inclusivity and social and economic justice for everyone, to say I'm still waiting for that whole damn dollar and equal pay for equal work, to ask how we can call ourselves family oriented with our nonexistent or abysmal maternity leave policies, to high five any other woman who has been told she's too loud too bossy too much and expected to shrink back into a role she doesn't fit into, to stand with Planned Parenthood and other healthcare providers who have women's health and family planning at the top of their concern lists, to demand the end of this bullshit rape culture, to stand next to anyone who has felt marginalized by the hateful and aggressive rhetoric of this past election season, to remind this government that I own my body and I decide what happens with it and to it and that they do not know better than me in any scenario at any time in any place, so my niece and other little girls never have to...and I'm going because the future is female and I'm tired of the world looking to men to solve its problems. At some point we all need to physically show up for things that matter to us if only to say I'm here, I see you, I'm with you, together we can do something. *I* need to show up for things that matter to me, it is an integral part of who I am. All of these things really matter to me. If you replied I still don't understand why you're going or what are you protesting, I'd say a) why do you care what I'm doing with my day off and b) fuck off in this instance and for eternity. Now, good day. I SAID GOOD DAY.
2. Since we're on the subject of understanding, I don't understand why anyone in a civilized society is okay with someone dying because they can't afford the treatments to live. It's an inhumane disgrace. Every single non trust fund person is one catastrophic illness from financial ruin.

3. Just watching the Besty DeVos hearings secure in the knowledge that I'm more qualified to run education in this country.

4. Tis the season for people wanting to get their summer vacations booked. I generally have awesome interactions with people, which I am so grateful for...but honestly I'm also grateful for the fruit loops because they make me laugh. Monday I got an email from someone looking to rent our shore house. They are looking for a place with six parking spaces in a driveway - not super usual in Ocean City - and I said no, sorry, we only have two spaces, but good luck in your search. He said, "Do you think you'll be building more parking before August? We'd rent from you if there were more spaces." LOLOL Welp...I'd rent a condo on Mars if there was oxygen...and no sir, we will not be building more parking by August in a town where you can't fart on your property without securing a permit to do so.

5. I think about re-opening the shore house every day. I miss being there much more than I missed being there last winter. Last winter I was happy for the break. This year, not so much so I'll open it earlier than we should or need to and freeze my ass off down there with a smile on my face.

6. In other warm weather news, I've booked two excursions for our upcoming cruise. Small group catamaran in Barbados and a private tour of St. Lucia. I love choose your own adventure days.
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7. I am definitely in the cannot get enough sleep part of January. I am pleased to see it being just a little lighter later though.

8. Every time I see this sponsored post on instagram I immediately think why is there a photo of someone pulling their pants down to sit on the toilet on here?

9. Reminder:

10. Ecard of the week...sorry, I had to.

I'll catch you guys here on Monday for TWTW. Have a great weekend! I'll be around on Instagram as always.

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  1. Be safe this weekend. It's the other assholes I worry about. And.... I can't even talk about the ed hearings without getting ragey. That. Dumb. Bitch. Doesn't. Know. What. A. Pell. Grant. Is. It's like when they got rid of our superintendent who cared about results and accountability. My soul just DIED. AND... YES. WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF ON LETTING PEOPLE DIE. CIVILIZED MY ASS.

  2. Be safe this weekend and I'm so proud to know you and call you a friend. xxo

  3. Good luck in DC! I'm excited to check out the sister march here in my home state :) Also to your #2 I witnessed an interaction where someone said out loud insurance should be cheaper for those of us blessed with good health. And I had to wonder if she understood the point of insurance at all or if she has any compassion for anyone but herself and her family. I decided after that she was an acquaintance that wasn't worth spending my time with. I don't really know how to talk to people like that or understand where they are coming from. Must be nice to be perfect though!

  4. Every teacher I know is disgusted with the DeVos thing. It's one more blemish on the face of education in our country. I will say that I don't ever hold high hopes for the government reforming what we're doing in schools because I've experienced teaching through Republicans and Democrats in office and they're all equally terrible at it. My hopes for changing our schools, and therefore the future of our country, are nonexistent.
    When it comes to healthcare, I don't like the idea of universal healthcare for a few reasons but mainly because of the horror stories of people waiting until they die for treatment because the lines/doctors/hospitals are backed up. There's always a price for "free". And, I think in Europe especially they pay for it in taxes and may never need/reap the benefits (just like the longer maternity leaves...everyone pays in, not everyone gets to use it...but I agree that it is abhorrent that mothers don't get more than 6 weeks...teachers have to take it unpaid...and fathers get little to no leave).

    And those are my 6am political thoughts for today :)

  5. I'm doing the sister march in Atlanta this weekend, and I am so excited to be a part of it. And I'm marching for the exact same reasons for you, even though, I am fervently against Trump being president, I am much more for equal rights and justice for women. I just can't with the ed hearings -- unbelievable.

  6. 'fuck off in this instance and for eternity' haha. i had a look and the closest march to me is 2 hours away. i am considering it, though i might have a work class thing on that i'll try and get out of.
    bahahaha the guy building more car spaces. what the heck?
    oooh your excursions look so fun.
    that sponsored post picture is super weird.
    good luck, have fun and be safe this weekend!

  7. That's the ecard I was going to use for my post tomorrow! I literally cried after the DeVos confirmation hearing. I am so frustrated and outraged and confused and angry.

    As you know, I wish I could march but I can't make it. Please know--as a woman who's been told she's too loud and too bossy and "I just don't care for the way you work"--that I am standing right there with you. And I can't even start with the legislating of our bodies.

    "You can't fart without a permit" LOLOLOLOL for days

  8. Good luck in marching! I really want to march in the Vancouver one but my anxiety goes through the roof with things like this so, I'll be thinking of everyone.

  9. I saw that leggings photo and thought the same thing that you did lol. Yes to the e-card and all of your sentiments in number 1, 2 and 3. That woman is a freaking disaster. I think any teacher in the country would be better qualified to run education than this woman who has ZERO clue. Ugh.
    Yay for the excursions--we always love the catamaran excursions that we've booked and gone on, they never seem to disappoint.
    LOL at the dumb potential rental person--why are people so stupid? He obviously has never been to OC before because no one in their right mind would ask that!

  10. I hope you have an amazing freakin' time at the walk. It's going to be incredible. I hope I'm able to follow along through other people and social media. Definitely keeping my eyes on your IG
    DeVos is a freaking moron. Not one single appointment is qualified for their job. It's a disgrace.
    Your vacation sounds lovely. We have plans for a family vaca and a couples vaca this summer, but nothing is in stone yet and it's driving me CRAZY.
    That picture is weird, but those leggings look nice... And sleep is killing me right now. I'm so tired and drowsy, but I know that I've got enough sleep and I should be doing something more productive with my downtime. Ugh!

  11. Its ironic that the one thing stopping me from going to the Women's March in Washington is breastfeeding. It would be too long a day with a 8 month old and I am not sure where or how I could pump. Enjoy the day, I look forward to your post about it.

  12. Goddess speed at the March and always. More bus 🚌 permits for the March than for the PEotus thing according to Huff Post! Lol on the parking requests in OCNJ. Good Lord! Lights and Angels for all to be safe and sound all the way around this weekend ❣️☮ love. Your. Momma. 💖✨☮😇🦄🍀☀️🌟💫

  13. HAHAHAHAHA- that leggings picture - I was confused at first glance myself.
    Oh man... count down to that cruise.
    I am in DESPERATE need for more sunlight... ANY sunlight would be nice at this point of almost 2 weeks with rain & clouds.

  14. Yes! Yes! Yes! I couldn't make it to DC, but I'll be at the Seattle march! I'm marching for the same reasons you are and for people who don't understand why, I also want to say "Fuck off." (I've had a few women side eye me. STFU!) DeVos is a nightmare. This whole administration is a nightmare.

  15. I signed the NEA petition for opposition of DeVos this morning. I am so disgruntled. Good luck with the march!

  16. Tons of love for this post, of course! LMAO at that leggings picture - I think the same thing every damn time. I wish I were going to the March but I'll be there in spirit for sure!

  17. I love the mission of the Women's March and love all the reasons you are marching it. You are going to be part of history and I truly believe these marches are really going to help women come together and make difference. LOL at the guy who needed 6 parking spots. People are weird. And fun. Rest your voice for this weekend, have fun and march on!

  18. So glad you're marching, as many of my friends are. I will be contributing by dogsitting for a walker so she can go.
    My little Grace is a better choice than Betsy.

  19. The catamaran ride and private tour both sound like awesome excursions for your cruise! I hadn't seen that ad before, but it really does look like somebody is about to pop a squat!

  20. I'll be marching with you in Austin! Be safe and hydrate :)

  21. So great you are going to the march! I think it's going to be a great day. Some people are just so weird (#4). That really makes no sense at all. Why would you be adding parking? I live in Grand Rapids, MI where the DeVos' pretty much own the city. There's DeVos Performance Hall, Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, DeVos Place, and so on. Your trips sound amazing! I could really lay on a beach right now! That does look like a chick sitting on the toilet. Really bad advertising, but the leggings do look super warm!

  22. LOL that is the worst possible photo to sell leggings with. Maybe you can wear them while you build your 4 additional parking spaces...

  23. Can't wait to hear about DC - I'm going to the local one in NYC, actually. What a whirlwind of emotions this week (shit, this month) (YEAR???) has been with this election, and we're now here. It's happening. MY GOD THIS IS HAPPENING. Between the hearings for Trump's cabinet picks (the Grizzly comment? Not touching it) and all the batshit crazy stuff going on, I'm just bracing myself for impact.

  24. Number 8 made me laugh so hard. Seriously.

  25. Love this post! Okay, first off, I love that tights photo because I'd never seen it and it's SO TRUE. That was my thought too.

    Anyway, I can't understand this whole insurance thing. It's ridiculous because so many people need medical care or have pre-existing conditions. They need insurance. Just fix what's in place now and make it BETTER instead of getting rid of something that really does help millions of people.

    I hope you have a good time at the march! I wish I could be there. I completely agree with all of your reasons for attending. :)


    p.s. I'm going to share your first point on Facebook (linking back here of course!)

  26. You're going to love Barbados...such a beautiful small island but quite expensive to visit! I have a bunch of friends that live there so I used to visit often before moving to the US. If you didn't already book an excursion I would have recommended the catamaran we went on, which I was able to get the "local" rate through friends. I hope you have a full day at least to explore...It's seriously gorgeous. Let me know if you want any recommendations.

  27. My in-laws kept their shore house open this winter and my MIL is loving it. I wish it wasn't such a hike to Wildwood Crest or I'd go all the time.

  28. Good luck at the Women's march!! I feel you on the Betsy DeVos hearing...what a trainwreck! Elizabeth Warren is my homegirl!

  29. You'll really going to enjoy the catamaran excursion. They'll take you up the west coast and you'll get to swim with turtles. Do you know which company you booked with?

  30. I think I need to borrow your explanation on number one because you said it so much better than I could. Brilliantly done.

    Oh how I miss vacations....we ran off for just a one night trip and it was lovely. Hope someday soon we can plan something a little more in depth!


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