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What are the best methods for getting rid of spiders in your home?

Well friends, spring is here. And with spring comes the return of the spiders in homes. Jesse Hughes contacted me to write a post on pest control, and this is it. I hope you find it useful!
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Often it is not difficult for spiders to enter your home; they only need access to a small crack or hole and they are there. Quite often they are looking for a place to hunt prey and to nest. When you consider that a large house spider can have a brood of 40-50 spiderlings you can see how quickly spiders can become a major problem in your property.

There are methods you can use to try and deter spiders, which may have some success. If it seems as though the situation is starting to get out of control you need to give yourself plenty of time if you are searching for an exterminator in Austin, or elsewhere, as you want to find an expert before too much  damage is done. Don’t leave searching until the situation has already greatly escalated.

What deterrent methods can you use?

There are several actions you can consider taking in order to deter spiders from setting up home in your property. They may not be successful but they all have the possibility of working.

One of the first things you need to do is take away the potential for hunting prey and nesting; if neither of these exist then your home does not make a very successful environment for spiders. You should seal up and gaps or cracks in the exterior of your home to try and prevent spiders from gaining access in the first place.

You should also use bug spray to control the bug population in your home. This removes the main food source for spiders. It then remains to remove any potential nesting environments. You should make sure that all areas at the backs of, and underneath, items of furniture, cupboards and large kitchen appliances are kept clean and free from dust. You also need to be diligent in spotting any webs that appear.

It’s not just about deterring spiders by depriving them of nesting space and food, there are also some specific deterrents you can use. One of these is peppermint oil which may smell quite pleasant to humans but which is abhorrent to spiders. You can mix a little with some water and spray wherever you think spiders may be likely to appear. You can get the same effect by mixing some crushed garlic cloves with water.

Using professional pest control

Of course another method of controlling the spider population in your home is to call the professionals. They have the knowledge and experience to use the best methods and products to rid your home of spiders quickly and efficiently. They will carry out a thorough inspection of your home, guided by their experience of where spiders are most likely to be; and they will expel the spiders from your property. One of the major positives of hiring the professionals is that they know how to treat your home so that it is more likely to remain spider free. 

And that's that. Anyone else have the Itsy Bitsy Spider in their head?

Have a fabulous Easter weekend!

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  1. Yucky. Yuck. I hate spiders. But I love you! Happy Easter! <3

  2. Yuck! I know it's just a PR problem for the spider, but yikes...I really don't like them. Good luck and happy Easter. :-)

  3. Thank you for freaking me the f$ck out now!! I will see one or two but I kill those suckers right away!! Sometimes I will leave them on the wall as a deterrent to all the other spiders who dare to even think of entering. Just kidding, but seriously I hate spiders.

  4. and i'm off to buy some peppermint oil. i'm such a wimp when it comes to spiders, i just scream and make KC deal with it. thanks for sharing, and not including any photos of real spiders because I might have cried. have a good weekend!!

  5. Is a flamethrower too harsh for getting rid of spiders?

  6. Another use for my peppermint oil. Love it! I hate all the nasty chemical sprays especially since we have a dog. Thanks!

  7. No way! I never knew that about the peppermint oil! I have to admit that I will have the sprayers here faithfully every month. We just moved to AZ and I'm not only trying to deter the spiders from calling my home theirs, but scorpians as well! Yuck!

  8. Yep peppermint oil. But as long as it's not an infestation, I like spiders. One hung out on my ceiling by the front door for awhile, I assume winter killed him and I'm still sad about it. He caught all the nasty things like mosquitoes and flies.

  9. what about wishing and praying they don't come around?

  10. *shudder* we used to come across some big banana spiders in the house after it was built. Thankfully, we haven't had as much of a problem the past few years, but seeing something that big on the wall in the bathroom first thing in the morning is not for the faint hearted :-P

  11. I escort them outside with my home-made (not yet patented) device. A cup and a laminated paper. I certainly don't kill them.

  12. The peppermint oil is a great tip! I never thought of that before. And I love the smell of it- win/win!

    I'm screwed with spiders because I always leave the back deck door open, so bugs can freely come in. Thankfully for me, spiders don't scare me and I generally just put them back outside. However, there have been a few that have scared me (ie dropped down from the ceiling out of nowhere RIGHT in front of my face) that have not been so lucky.

    I like that peppermint oil tip though, it might be Christmas in July at my house this year!

  13. Ughhhhh freaking spiders!!!!!!!!!! I am left to kill the spiders in my house. Chris is somehow more afraid than me. And wouldn't you know the other day I went to go to the bathroom and I reached for toilet paper and there was a mother f'ing spider INSIDE the toilet paper. I could see the little bastard through the paper. Like WTF?!?!?!?!? Naturally the whole roll got thrown away and then I went running out of the bathroom squealing like a five year old and felt bugs crawling on me all damn day. I am off to go find peppermint oil now.

  14. Great advice. I was just de-cobwebbing tonight for Easter weekend and found a few critters here and there. I feel like my house is closed pretty tightly with no cracks...maybe under the front door which I can't precent. Have a great Easter dinner this weekend!

  15. LOL all I can think about is the exterminators that used to wake you up! I really do not like the bug spray. Your brother is spider-phobic, too. Thank God we do not have many. Now the spring ants are another story. Rich swears they play dead when he is around! Duh, he can see you, ants! Then again, people actually eat bugs. Not spiders, though.
    I need to get more peppermint oil. That stuff rocks.
    Love, your Momma

  16. ugh thinking about all the potential baby spiders in my house makes me shudder.

  17. Im not afraid of spiders - at last not the tiny ones in homes - but I HATE spider webs which they naturally come with so I for one love this post lol


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