Friday, April 24, 2015

Being Ladies Who Lunch

One of my favorite things to be is a lady who lunches. Today another Philly-area blogger, Nicole from Nicole Marica, is joining me for a virtual lunch and we want to hear what you have to say. Please do butt in on the conversation with your opinions and answers by commenting below! And enter to win a $50 Target gift card while you're at it. What better way to spend a Friday?

If we were having lunch at my house, I'd probably serve us... 
Nicole: Realistically? You'd get boxed mac and cheese. Unless I had a heads up then I'd serve something based on your favorite foods or a theme. The way to a person's heart is their stomach!

Steph: It totally is. I think I'd serve spinach mac & cheese cups, a big ass salad, and ice cream sundaes. 

The most recent beauty aid I started using and can already recommend is...
Nicole: Yes to Tomatoes moisturizer. I love the way this stuff smells. I just started using it so I don't know how its going to fare acne clearing wise but it does moisturize very well!
Steph: I use Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer! For years moisturizer was my biggest cause of face rage. I could never find one that works. I've been using this one for over a year and it's great. So I guess I recommend that. Wouldn't it be great if absolutely everything came in trial size so you could test before you buy? I got some trial size Tarte stuff from the Sephora VIB Sale and I'm looking forward to testing it out. I'm not far along to recommend yet. 
However, I'm always in search of the perfect...
Nicole: Face wash that will get rid of all my pimples and even out my skin tone. 
Steph: Aren't we all! I've been using L'Oreal Million Lashes for a year and I think my eyelashes are tired of it. Can that happen? I'm looking for a cheap replacement. 

TV! Right now I'm loving...
Nicole: There are so many...Lip Sync Battle, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones. We'll be here all day if I keep going on. 
Steph: Breaking Bad is on my list. One day I'll get to it. I've not watched much TV recently except for Bloodline on Netflix. And Criminal Minds. I can't quit that even though it's way played out. 

If there was a TV show about my life, I think my role should be played by...
Nicole: I would like to say Emma Stone or Anna Kendrick but I'm pretty sure both girls are way funnier than me. Probably more like someone like Reese Witherspoon without the star power. Any idea who that might be? 
Steph: Hmm...I think Emma or Anna would be good as you! Hell maybe Reese herself is free. We can ask. I'm actually really bad at this question. Is it cheating if I say I want Shannon Doherty to play me as Brenda Walsh? Probably. I'm going to go with Tina Fey because, well, she's Tina Fey.

And my husband's would be...
Nicole: This is a really tough question. He'd have to be really kind, very likable, funny, handsome, and also play off exasperated husband well. Maybe someone like Ryan Reynolds? 
Steph: Ryan Reynolds sounds like a perfect fit. I'm going with Michael Rappaport. He's funny and weird just like MFD. Also I haven't seen him around lately so he's probably not too busy and maybe we could get him for a steal.

But never mind the TV...I'm reading...
Nicole: Right now I'm reading Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum. I only just started it so I'm holding out judgment but it does jump around a good bit and the beginning is slow. A few friends have raved about it though so I'm going to keep trudging through it. 
Steph: I'm still pissed that there's a book called Hausfrau that was not written by me. Rude! I hate when books are slow and I start to feel like I need to hang in there. That's one of the kisses of death for me. I'm reading The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin, recommended by a few people on the Show Us Your Books linkups.

Something I always see people doing but have no desire to do is...
Nicole: Skydive. No thanks, I prefer not plummeting to my death. 
Steph: Hahaha. You sound like my Mom. Whenever it appears on one of my lists she's like please don't do that. Sorry Nicole and Mom. I'm doing it. I have no desire to ever climb mountains and see photos of myself hanging off the face of a rock cliff.
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But then I think I might like to try...
Nicole: I'm willing to try almost anything once, but if I had to narrow it down, I think hiking up some volcanoes in Hawaii, or diving down a waterfall (safely) would be fun to try.
Steph: Is it possible to dive down a waterfall safely? I'm being serious. That could be my thing for what skydiving is to you! Hiking up a volcano in Hawaii is a good one though. 

I love long vacations, but I'm a big fan of weekend trips too. Some things I have coming up are...
Nicole: I'm trying to convince my husband to do a quick weekend trip to Ohio, I think he's avoiding answering me since we just got back from a weekend trip to Chicago, haha. Also, for my 30th in September, I want to take a day trip to Baltimore. 
Steph: It's nice to live so close to so many things, isn't it? East Coast rules. I'm heading up to NYC for a quick in and out dinner and a show in May, so great to be able to do that. I'm going to go to my aunt's lake house Memorial Day weekend and I think the weekend after because MFD can't go Memorial Day. I also have two girls' weekends in July! 

My packing philosophy for weekend trips is...
Nicole: It starts out with pack smart and small but eventually I end up packing everything. The best laid plans....
Steph: I hear you. For me it depends. If I'm driving I have no problem throwing everything I own in my car and taking off la di dah as I please. When I'm flying, I'm more focused on wearing pants more than once and limiting shoes. 

If I was President, I'd immediately...
Nicole: Hire some really intelligent, experienced people to fix our health care, student loans, the budget, the war, and everything else. No one person can do everything!
Steph: Just co-sign my name to your answer, okay? Oh but first I think I'd institute a better vacation policy and maternity policies so we can really BE a nation that believes in family-first and not just say we are. I'll wait for all the free-enterprise capitalism rules down with government people to come and tell me why I can't do these things. Sue me! This is pretend. I'm making my first move for the people.

Not like we have to pay you to have lunch with us, but a $50 Target gift card is up for grabs. 
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  1. Fabulous blog. Great questions.

  2. Great idea for a blog. Again- no skydiving or anything like it. We can fly around when we go to the other side.
    I loved the lunch we had on Saturday- all the fresh vegetables and fruit and the healthy burgers. I want a magic cream to totally eliminate face and neck sagging that you put on once a day. I guess I could stand on my head, too. Oh, and how about the same for our body parts. I am a bargain makeup person. I love when I get good stuff on sale. Revlon foundations are pretty good and I get good sales. And, I wish both of you girls could be president.
    Happy Friday! Love,Your MOMMA

  3. you need to get on breaking bad right meow. it's SO GOOD!!!!

  4. Loreal Telescopic mascara is the tits!

  5. I want you both to be president!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I love these posts! Sky diving would make me shit myself and have a heart attack at the same time while plummeting to death. No thanks. But you go girl!

  7. I love these posts! Sky diving would make me shit myself and have a heart attack at the same time while plummeting to death. No thanks. But you go girl!

  8. Lol...great post!! I would never be able to go sky diving, I hate heights but you go girly!!

  9. We must be channeling the same tv shows. I can't stop watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. It's easy to watch and takes so few brain cells, haha. I also loved Bloodlines. I'm sad that we have to wait until next year for more!!!

  10. I love these posts! I have to agree about the sky diving. I don't understand why people feel the need to do it. Jumping out of a plane is just not on my to do list- ever. Why is Michael Rappaport not busier anyway? I thinks he is so funny.

  11. Hiking up volcanoes in Hawaii sounds fantastic!

  12. Obviously I say YES for a quick weekend trip to Ohio!!

    Also- Emma, Anna or Tina would be my top choices to play me in a movie too! Some awesome ladies (just like both of you!)

  13. I'm totally craving mac and cheese now with a big salad! And I also have zero desire to ever sky dive or hang off the cliff of a mountain. You can throw bungee jumping in there too :-P

    Happy Friday <3

  14. Ohhhh, Michael Rapaport is one of my absolute favorites!!! Ever since Boston Public & then Friends. LOVE him. Good match for your hubby too.

    And I think everyone in the history of time would be happy to have boxed mac & cheese as a lunch :)

    1. haha! glad I have some supporters! did you hear they're taking away the orange powder out of the kraft mac and cheese? There goes my childhood :/

  15. I love the answers. I don't really have a desire to skydive either. My Mom has done it though. Lip Sync Battle is too funny, good new show!

  16. This is a great idea! I used to want to sky dive but I fell cliff jumping a long time ago and I no longer have a desire to free fall!!

    Mac & cheese is something I never make but I saw this lobster Mac n Cheese at a restaurant and I really want it!

  17. It's so funny the way you set up the conversation I feel almost like I'm eavesdropping and only hearing part of it haha. Definitely feeling the mac and cheese lunch from both of you.

  18. Cute that you both recommend YES TO products! I'm always in search of the perfect eyeshadow and/or primer that won't creep into my creases over the day. I love Lip Sync Battle too. John Legend was robbed! I see everyone going Paleo and Whole30. No thanks. I'm clean enough, LOL.

  19. This is neat! :) I agree skydiving ain't my jam neither is hard core rock/mountain climbing. I'm all for a nice hike but that's not the same thing in my opinion: walking versus climbing are two very different things! Have a great weekend Stephanie! -Iva

  20. I love this ladies who lunch series!!! Mac n Cheese sounds so good right does sundaes!!! I am always looking for something for under my eyes. Between my dark circles, my dry under eye area, my fine lines coming in and the oily rest of my face...I dont know what to do with it?! I have tried just about every damn concealer out there and a several eye creams and they do nothing for me. Sigh. And the perfect face wash has yet to find me as well.

    I got a free Covergirl mascara last night and I used it this morning and I am really liking it so far. Give me a few more days and I will report back!!! I got the Lash Sensational one from Mabeline two weeks ago and it is ok but it is SO hard to get off that I dont recommend it.

  21. I never want to go skydiving. I'm just scared I'll fall to my death. No thanks.

    I want to watch Breaking Bad too. One day.

  22. I just bought Yes To Grapefruit BB Cream and absolutely love it! I'll have to try the moisturizer and soap too!

  23. I enjoy these. I will skydive one day. Yes - to test size everything, so you don't have to commit to buying until you know you like it. Michael Rappoport (sp?) in Beautiful Girls - I love that character!

  24. Reading 'Still Alice'. Just finished 'The Rosie Project' and 'The Rosie Effect' - loved them both.
    Lunch fare here for company is usually chicken salad.
    My would-be-husband is a no brainer - Richard Harris. 'course he'd have to wake from the dead...
    No beauty here, hence no beauty products.
    The star to play me? Melissa McCarthy.
    No activities high up for me.

  25. Oops... forgot a few.
    If I were president I'd make everyone be nice and tell the truth.
    On TV is Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. Sometimes SVU. When Reghan is here it is anything on Sprout.
    Weedend getaway always Cape May.

  26. Hey Nicole! Try Rodan and Fields' Unblemish! It's like a miracle cure.

    And Breaking Bad should be mandatory viewing for everyone. Ever.
    How are you liking A.J. Fikry?

  27. seriously, i think my lashes are sick of that exact mascara as well!! last night i used mega lush (or mega plush? something by maybelline) and it was like my lashes were alive again after being dead for so long. maybe they just need a break!!
    i definitely want to come to your house for lunch Steph. Ice cream sundaes? sold! and i love the president answer, so freaking true. no one person can do everything!

  28. Yum! Ice cream sundaes! And mascara - yes. I do believe, like deodorant, you become immune to it. It sucks trying to find a new one...but it must happen.Breaking Bad is AWESOME. Totally not my show. Just remember - make it through the first 3 seasons and you won't regret it. Took me many months to get through the first 3, but then you couldn't stop me!!

  29. That Tarte self tanner is the SHIT, yo! I bought the small one to try out and I love it! Definitely use a mitt though. The small one doesn't come with one and the first time I used it I just figured I'd be okay if I washed my hands immediately after, per usual. Nope. Had to SCRUB my palms and even then they were kinda dark. That being said, I'm basically clear and when it's applied on my whole body it looks natural and not too dark or orange.
    "Also I haven't seen him around lately so he's probably not too busy and maybe we could get him for a steal." Bahahahahahah! I swear to you, Pete and I are like Doug and Carrie from King of Queens. I think that's who would have to play us, as those characters.

  30. OMG Michael Rappaport even looks like MFD. Perfect!

  31. I have heard that in the U.S. mothers get 3 months paid mat leave. Across the border to the north we get 12 months of paid mat leave -considering you've worked at the place long enough to accumulate your hours. Either way 12 months is great.

  32. I have Hausfrau on my night stand and now I'm bummed to hear is slow. I used to want to skydive so much, but then I had kids and know I'll never, ever do it now. I want Tina Fey to play me too! Jacob would be played by Edward Burns, if only for the looks. I kinda forgot about Michael Rappaport, but he'd be perfect!


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