Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Things that make my house feel like home

Post idea from Two Miracles.

Eclectic coffee mug collection
Stacks of books
Clean but well lived in feeling
Colored glass accessories...color in general
Pictures on the wall
Dogs chasing each other around, or just snoozing
A stocked pantry
Quilts and table toppers made by Lori
Fresh flowers
The shade of the huge old tree in the backyard
Soup on the stove, and cooking in general
Lounge attire
Eucalyptus mint hand soap
Clean sheets

Home, home on the range...
Little House on the praire
Ahem, the city.

What makes your house feel like home?

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  1. Your home seems so cozy. :) My pups definitely make my place feel like home.

  2. Ooh! I love the idea of this post! We move so often that I've just come to identify "home" as wherever my little family unit is. We've had the same furniture (set up preeeeeetty much the same way) since we got married, so it's easy once all that stuff is in place to just identify home. I'm 100% with you though--the first time I feel like a new house is "home" is when I've made a meal in it. Typically, it's my family's sauce--it makes the entire house smell like the "home" I grew up in.

  3. i love this idea! i have a ton of pictures that i don't know what to do with so i just might steal this idea from you :)

    that pic of gee at the door greeting you - he's like: human, you're late and i'm hungry. feed and pet me RIGHT NOW.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. YES to doggies! Dogs and candles just make the home feel so much more cozy :)

  5. Love this! I so agree with fresh flowers, but they are just not safe in our home because the cats eat them.

  6. When we bought our house... the second I knew it was home was when I cooked there.

  7. I loved Trinity
    (in fact ALL books by Leon)
    Battlecry was first.

  8. I basically love this idea for a post and have been left with warm and fuzzy feelings. Then I heard the phone ring and realized that I am sitting at work. The least cozy place ever.

  9. I love traveling the world, i do. but nothing beats the feeling of home. a clean house, some candles and my pups. can't go wrong!

  10. pictures (and other things) on the wall make it feel like a home to me. and that lived in look. my house isnt perfect and i wouldnt have it any other way.

  11. I'm baaaack. National championshipping and funeral-ing. Happy and sad stuff. Very blessed with so many things.
    Your home is the best!!!! You got right in there and made it you/MikeDoyle/pups immediately. Hard to believe it's been 4 years already. And the colors are so good. I have my pictures all over but need to clean up my act in many areas.
    Very nice post.
    Love my oldest chicken
    she's the best
    Excellent driver and brilliant

    Love Your MOMMA

  12. I love this :) I feel like our house is older, but still clean.. giving it the 'lived in' feeling that I love! Candles are a must- we are addicted to them and have them in every room. And stacks of books, oh yes! We joke that our next home will need a 'library' in it to hold all our books!!!

  13. I love being surrounded by my theatre cast pics. I have 20 years worth now, and they all have great memories. Also, lots of candid travel shots, and old family pics.

    I also love having lots of candles, and my essential oils.

  14. I look forward to your Instagram on weekend mornings of whatever coffee mug you're using that day!

  15. Love it. I'm definitely with you on a clean, but well-lived in house. I always feel weird when I go to someones house and it's spotless- but I'm worried to touch anything because it's almost TOO clean and perfect.

    And candles and cooking and books and all the wonderful things :)

  16. This is so fun! I love this idea and your house looks super cozy. I wish I could say mine was "clean but lived in." Right now I think we're erring a bit on the side of "lived in."

  17. I like this post a LOT,pictures, dogs, books, and candles all make my list.

    I can only say clean during the winter, in the summer I get distracted and the house looks sloppy. It drives me NUTS but not enough to skip the beach.

  18. Clean sheets, fresh flowers and pictures of friends and family always make my house feel like a home. Great list! I may have to steal this idea :-)

  19. Geege is my favorite dog of yours. I'm not sure why. I love that he waits for you at the door.

    Comfortable furniture and couches, clean sheets and towels, and any type of dinner cooking to me make a house a home.

  20. Clean sheets and a stocked pantry (food cabinet) for the win!

  21. Similar to you...dogs, candles, stocked pantry, clean(ish) but lived in and comfortable, pictures of family all over, my husband and daughter, books, toys everywhere (dogs and people), and just little touches of us in every room.

  22. Love the shoes while cleaning - always a must! Haha What would a home be without dogs?

  23. Jack, my dogs, Popcorn my cat, Bert my fish, nature that surrounds my house especially the woods I walk in where I head to sooth my soul, my array of p.j.s and the sense of safety I feel when I am here. Also the way I know my home welcomes all I love.

  24. My pup most definitely makes my house a home!

  25. Cat hair everywhere definitely makes this house a home! As does Keurig. And the Roku.

    I bought a few little things at HomeGoods the other day to add a few homey touches, and I have a zillion things for Steve to hang!

  26. I do my best to make my crappy apartment feel like a home. Fresh flowers and live plants help. Candles. Pictures. Comfortable throw blankets. I try!

  27. Yes to the coffee mug collection, books, candles and crazy pups. Those always make me feel at home!

  28. I love your list. It reads like you, like this blog :) Hawkeye is definitely my #1, it's not home if she isn't with me.


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