Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How I know you get me

Thanks to my friend Lauren at 
Eat, Drink, and Be Lauren for this post idea. 
You know you should wait for me to talk to you in the morning.

You know that if I add something to the conversation that sort of fits but maybe not really, you should think about what movie, TV show, or book whatever I just said could be from because I interject those types of things willy nilly.

You can tell by the look on my face when I'm not in the mood to chat.

You know I take my coffee with a little bit of cream and that when I order it face to face I show little bit with my thumb and pointer finger. You also know it annoys me when the coffee people ask, "No sugar?" because if I wanted sugar, wouldn't I have said I wanted sugar? 

If I say I'm hungry you know we should eat before I become hangry. 

You'll know to help yourself to food and drink and to make yourself comfortable in my house.

As soon as someone says they don't like Bruce Springsteen, you think here we go because you know I will mount a Bruce Springsteen is great because...campaign.

If I am really engrossed in a book, you know you should just leave me be. 

You don't ask me to pick the restaurant.

When you ask me a question, you know you will get an honest answer so you don't go away sulking when that is in fact what you get.

How do you know when people get you?

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  1. I am the same way in the morning and when I get home from work. I need time to just unwind before talking. Also when reading, leave me be. Interrupt me 10 times and you will get "the look". I think to know me is, to know that as much as I like to be out and about doing things I really need quiet time at home too.

  2. I also get really wrapped up in my books. I'll frequently catch myself quoting, or talking in a similar fashion to the book characters (It gets messiest when it happens to be archaic language, the grammar of which is not entirely within my understanding). I know people get me when they can tell the difference between "you look tired" and "Uh oh, what's wrong?"

  3. People who get me know that if they ask me about the book I'm reading, they better have at least 15 minutes to spare. They know that if I look like I'm not in the mood to talk, then don't try to talk to me. They know that I hate to wear real bras and that I've staying the night, I'll need a fan! great post idea, I may steal it!

  4. hahahah i'm the same with a lot of these. don't talk to me early in the morning at work because you'll be disrupting my morning routine, the second i say 'I'm getting hungry" start moving me towards food or shove food in my face, don't use my coffee mug, don't call me at 8pm because i'll already be in bed.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Love the way you order coffee! Great idea considering it's different every time :-P

  6. Haha! I don't usually put sugar in my coffee either, but I like a lot of creamer.

    People know not to ask me what I want to do or where I want to eat either.

    If we are out and about and see a dog, you know I have to stop to meet it and say hello.

    If we are at a store, you know I will ask 10 times if I should get something or not like it is some big life decision.

    If we are in the car, you know my Atlanta defensive driving and language is going to come out regardless.

    Everyone knows to not let me be hungry for too long

  7. RE: coffee. I hate it when I order, say, a latte and ask for no whipped cream and the server says "do you want fat free milk?" No, I don't, or I would have said so. I just don't like whipped cream. Get over it.

    It's taken a long time, but Aaron finally knows not to let my hunger get to the hangry stage.

  8. Your graphic for this post is amazing, and I love your new almost-fall look.

    I just had to tell my HR director that I wasn't technically working for 20 more minutes and the lights in the suite were off "because I have yet to have enough coffee to be a real human being." I feel you.

    People need to get that I will have opinions that I might share that they might disagree with and that's okay. They need to not take my opinions as an attack on them and feel free to opine right back at me. We're grown-ups; we can spiritedly debate.

  9. I am totally with you on that book thing! I get so annoyed when I am reading and getting really into the book and my husband ask me a question all of a sudden! If you really knew me you would know that I do not like beer and I get annoyed when people, at 32 years old, try to peer pressure me into drinking it.

  10. I miss the summer look but I love your new pictures in your header!

    People who get me know I have bad moods days for no reason and the best thing to do on those days is leave me alone. I'll let you know when it's safe to approach.

  11. Ohhh great post idea. I'll have to come up with my own (it's way too early to think about it now).

  12. That's true, if you had wanted sugar you would've said a little bit of creamer.....and sugar. Just saying.

  13. oh here's hoping we never go to dinner because i won't pick a restaurant haha.
    i'm like Gwen, except opposite. I don't like full milk, I like 2% or fat free or skim or whatever the heck it's called, but I do like whipped cream. So I say with the light milk and they say 'no whip?' DID I SAY NO WHIP. Also I don't drink coffee, so I ask for a 'mocha cream frap' and 9 times out of 10 they put coffee in it and I'm like you're the idiots that told me how to order it so I don't get coffee, so now I say 'no coffee, right?' so they probably hate me too.

  14. Great post. I don't like to be spoken to at work until I have settled in. I need like 15 minutes to get myself settled, have some coffee. Sadly, people love to bust in my office, the minute they see me. Sometimes, I'm still wearing my coat! Drives me batty.

  15. I like to keep the peace most times, so not much can set me off. I am a caterer. Just don't mess with my people - especially my chickens. If you tell me I am running out of something I immediately put it on my list and feel like I must go get it. I love when people make themselves at home in my home. I do not like to wait on people & do not expect people to wait on me. Always make my own coffee, too. And pack coolers even for short trips & definitely have snacks for big and little people. Richie is always wanting a snack while on the road. And we never have to stop and buy stuff. Saves time and money.
    Thankful for the nice rain we had yesterday and last night.
    Love your MOMMA

  16. Oh I loved THIS!

    I love that you give honest answers and are just up front about people probably not liking it. I SOOO do this too.

    I always feel like I pick the restaurants, but I wish someone else would take the lead there.
    If I am engrossed in a book.. interruptions result in dirty looks.

    How do I know when someone gets me?
    Snarky comments, and bantering conversations... to start!

    1. All of my friends know if they ask, they'll get my honest don't ask if you don't want it! LOL

  17. LMAO... I can't tell you how many times I have said things out of being "hangry". That is the effing worst. Also, YES! I never pick the restaurant either.

  18. How do I know when someone gets me? They pour me another glass of wine without asking.

  19. I was at a 4th of July party a couple years ago and tried to leave. There was a Springsteen song playing and my friend said "Do you like beer? Do you like Springsteen? Do you like America? Then what's the problem?" Touche. I stayed.

  20. OMG, yes. If I get hungry, we bes' eat before I get "hangry" for sure! I know nothing about Bruce Springstein, so I have no opinion :)

  21. I love this post. i might say something bad about the boss just to hear what you have to say. but don't worry i like him!

  22. I go from hungry to hangry too. And if I'm reading, I don't mind if I am interrupted, but don't act like watching TV or whatever is more important!

  23. Girl, I loved this. I get hangry quickly and am not a morning person. If people really knew me they would know to wait until 10A to talk to me at work...but I try to be as cordial as possible because its not their fault that I am a pain!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  24. Hangry! That is so funny and soooo true. it is weird because I go from slightly hungry to full on hungry right away. Which of course leads almost immediately to hangry!

  25. "If I say I'm hungry you know we should eat before I become hangry. " Brilliant!!! That's so me

  26. Oh boy, I experienced a bout of hangry this past weekend. Poor husband. That is all. ;-)

  27. I WISH people would know not to disturb me when I'm reading. But it seems everyone needs something if I pick up a book. It's rude.

  28. I love a woman who gives me free reign of her fridge and cupboards... the way to my heart is through my stomach, baby!

  29. Love this! Especially the part about people making themselves comfortable in your home.

    I know people get me when they're not afraid to tell me how they honestly feel even though I clearly just expressed an opposing opinion.

    Or when they call me out on something I said or did that was insensitive because they know that that's the last thing I ever want to be.

    Or if I cancel on plans they don't give me shit because they know that sometimes I just need to be at home and alone.

    This list could be really long, maybe I should do a post :)

  30. I know that someone gets me if they don't talk to me while I'm listening to a song or reading a book. Or if they don't make faces at me when my dogs inevitable jump on the furniture (or them). Or when they know that I never need coffee, only tea. Or listens to me ramble about nothing and everything in particular until I get to the point.

  31. Ugh the coffee (sugar) thing bothers me too! The stupid kid barista at the shop on campus asks EVERY TIME. And I've been in there enough times that she should just know not to ask over and over.

  32. Ommmg no one better talk to me when I'm in the middle of an amazing book! And seriously, it annoys the hell out of me when people ask your opinion and act all offended when they get the truth. That's how I roll. Sorry not sorry!

  33. haha so many of these are me! If I were to go out with you though we would never eat ... because neither of us would pick the restaurant haha

  34. Loooove the new blog look! Very fall-is-a-comin!

    I've been with Steve 9 years and he still doesn't always know not to bother me with I'm reading.
    -You know I'm gassy, and love me for it.
    -You know not to ask me if I'm going to adopt.
    -You know not to let me get hangry

  35. When they get my jokes/dry sense of humor. When they understand my passion about the environment. When they know not to ask "are you guys going to try for a girl?"
    I just may steal this idea...

  36. Oh so with you on the morning part.... even my 4 year old has learned that unless mommy has coffee - leave her alone.

    If people knew me they would know I hate silence. I will sing, bring up random stuff. I cannot just sit and look at you. Words need to happen. Most of the time it's singing. Either sing along, or find a topic.

  37. I am so similar on many of these. I don't suffer fools very well... the "no sugar?" thing, I started saying "cream only" because I get so annoyed. I don't like to repeat myself so listen up the first time. I hate picking the restaurant. I just want to be taken out and served, period.

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