Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's my birthday. I made you a cake and wrote you a long list.

My friend Jessica from Bluebird Sisters celebrated a birthday this week too, and did 29 Things in the style of 25 Things You Didn't Know About Me from US Mag.

I did that before here, and I'm doing 37 more in honor of my 37th birthday today. It's hard to think of 37 things you may not have mentioned when you blog daily, and it sucks for you to read 37 things since I'm old, but let's give it a whirl.

1. The term YOLO makes me laugh every time I see it, hear it, or say it. I will never let it die. Laura will work with me to keep it alive.

2. My thirties have been my favorite decade so far.

3. My favorite color is purple.

4. I like to put peanut butter on a spoon, top it with Cool Whip, and enjoy it in all its processed glory.

5. I fear getting bunions like my Grandmom and having to get surgery to get them off.

6. If we go to a place that serves breakfast and lunch, I will almost always get lunch.

7. LASIK eye surgery is one of the best things I've ever done. I do miss having glasses as an accessory sometimes though.

8. The thought of being without sunglasses makes me panic. I wear them even when it's overcast.

9. Nine is my favorite number.

10. I've never been to Canada. It's a close neighbor, I feel like I should visit.

11. When I was little, I loved catching caterpillars and racing them up the side of Gamma's house. Now I'd rather cut my fingers off than pick a caterpillar up.

12. I suck at directions.

13. Once upon a time, I was a cheerleader. Not quite my personality, amiright?

14. I have two tattoos but often forget about the one on my back until someone mentions it because I never see it. 

15. I didn't go to the sophomore dance or the junior prom. I only went to my senior prom because I thought my mom would be disappointed if I didn't. I hate dressing up and dancing so I really didn't give a shit about proms.

16. I have never missed a deadline in my professional career or an opportunity to vote in a major or primary election since I turned 18.

17. I hate being the center of attention, which was one of the big reasons I didn't want to get married.

18. People who live through their children piss me off. It's lame. You had your childhood. Let them have theirs.

19. I don't watch hard to watch movies, especially if they're based on true stories Knowing shit like that exists is enough - I don't want to spend my spare time watching things I find hard to stomach.

20. I lied about being sick in an attempt to pass Art History in college after I skipped a lot of the side sessions. My lie didn't help but I passed anyway.

21. People who act like martyrs and play the victim infuriate me. Stop it right now and have some respect for yourself.

22. I failed my driving test three times before passing on the fourth.

23. I hate wearing jeans.

24. I remember crying in Mr. Epting's ninth grade english class as I read the end of Great Expectations.

25. It's not a good idea to get in an argument with me about women's rights.

26. I can't use chopsticks and I don't want to.

27. I find foreign money to be a hassle and egocentrically wish everyone used dollars.

28. When I'm on a mission to get something done around the house, I am not a nice person to be around. I will ride my own ass and everyone else's ass until it's done. There is no break time, sitting down or doing anything other than furthering the task at hand. It's like a hostile takeover in a foreign country and it's not pleasant.

29. I frequently forget to wear my wedding rings.

30. It makes me uncomfortable when people write on the wall of dead people on Facebook.

31. I come from a long line of people who manage to be friendly but just out of reach. I use this when I need to maintain or gain a little distance and can slip in and out of it easily.

32. Whenever people are startled by my honesty, I know we will never be close friends.

33. I hate surprises.

34. I do not recognize rock/paper/scissors. I do odds & evens, best out of three, or nothing.

35. My first "adult" concert was Don Henley. I was 13 I think? 12?

36. I can't do any type of accent other than my own.

37. Totes/adorbs/hubs: these abbreviations make me want to punch.

Happy Saturday.

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  1. "toates" ugh. by far, the MOST ANNOYING one out there. just don't, people.

    and i stink at directions. yesterday we were driving to a friends house and i wasn't sure which way to go so KAYLA GAVE ME DIRECTIONS. WTF, she's FIVE and doesn't even drive.


    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. 9 is MY favorite number! Happy birthday!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's a great one!

    I also forget about the tattoo on my back, and now I want to try peanut butter and cool whip on a spoon.

  4. I need my friends to be honest- otherwise what is the point? And lasik- so jealous!!!


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SMD!!!!!!!!!!! *glitter bomb* *cleans up glitter bomb because SMD doesn't like mess*
    Notes to self: Use "yolo" more frequently. Don't feel bad about failing your driving test ONCE.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Woohoo! I hope you have the best weekend ever!

    I should probably get LASIK, but I'm so scared! I want to hear about it!

  7. The happiest of birthdays to you, my friend!!

    I failed my driver's test twice and passed on the third. I also forget to wear my wedding rings quite a bit.

  8. Oh I agree with so many of these (except for YOLO, I just can't get behind that one :-)

    A spoonful of peanut butter with chocolate chips pressed in is my crack. Too bad the PB has been giving me heartburn lately. I prefer to eat the Cool Whip with a spoon right out of the container, or squire Redi-Whip directly into my mouth. Very classy and ladylike.

    I can't use chopsticks, but I kind of want to be able to. Obviously not enough to actually practice or learn to use them though. Sunglasses are necessary pretty much every day, and John doesn't understand it at all. He doesn't wear sunglasses EVER and it makes me crazy.

    Presh, totes, adorbs, champs (as in champagne) make me stabby. You know what else people do on blogs that also makes me stabby? Saying "doll hairs" for dollars. WHO THE HELL CAME UP WITH THAT?

    Hope you are having a great birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! I also hate jeans, so so much.
    I also never miss deadlines. It makes me mad when other people do.

  10. Totes, cray cray, use your words people!!! My ears bleed when I hear totes and cray cray. I felt bad you didn't go to your sophomore dance and Jr. Prom so glad to know you truly didn't want to go. YOLO drives me nuts and I believe you live more than once lol.

    1. Yes, on the more than once life!!! You triplets got to go to all the dances.

    2. Nope, I didn't want to go to the senior prom either. LOL

  11. How do I not know your favorite number is 9?!?! I did not want you to regret not going to your senior prom. I only went to the Sr. prom, not the jr, soph, 9th grade dance. I am really glad you do not have big tattoos and that they are in out of the way places. Agree on the chopsticks. And on the driving, we all know you are an excellent driver. #stillcantbelieveyouare37! My favorite decade is right now. Love your MOMMA

  12. Happy Birthday! I really liked reading this. A few of them kind of stick out in my mind. The peanut butter and cool whip sounds awesome. Can't believe I never thought of that. I also can't picture you as a cheerleader...but I mean that as a compliment. Most cheerleaders get on my nerves. And, I hate it too when people say "hubs" or shorten words like that. It's just the dumbest thing.

    1. I did the peanut butter and cool whip just yesterday. It was amazing.

      The cheerleader thing was for Penndel Wildcats and lasted two years? Three? I can't remember. It was mainly to have something to do I think. I hated it. hahaha

  13. I was agreeing with most except #23 - jeans. If we weren't already friends, that might ruin it. Hahaha. Just kidding!! No surprises, like parties, or in general? And I hate the abbreviations as well. I do use Hubs though - husband is too formal, and his nickname is too hard to explain to people. But add cray cray to the list. Ugh!! Happy Belated Birthday!!

  14. i eat peanut butter on a spoon just about every day for an afternoon snack at work, and am judged by my coworkers for it. whatever i love it.

  15. I am not a fan of jeans either or surprises. Hope you had an amazing birthday! I give you permission to punch anyone who uses totes! ;)

  16. #18! Yes! This is the worst when it comes to high school sports and makes me insane. Peanut butter on a spoon is the best.

  17. I can't think up 10 things about myself let alone 37, if I start now maybe my list will be ready in 2 months.

  18. Of all 37 of these, I think 13 surprised me the most. I can't picture you as a cheerleader! Also, #30 bothers me, too. The mom of a good friend who passed almost 2 years ago writes every single week and is always changing his profile picture. It creeps me out, but at the same time, he was a good friend and I can't bear deleting him.
    Happy Birthday, again, my sweet!

  19. I was not a fan of YOLO, but I'm starting to embrace it. I often forget about the tattoo on my back too until someone comments on it. Saturday I was out with my mom and we were in her car and I had no sunglasses. It drove me crazy!

  20. My husband hasn't been to Canada either, so it's on our list :) Hope you had an amazing birthday. YOLO.

  21. I failed my road test 4 times. No shame.

    There are so many people I know who had been a cheerleader at one time or another. Although that fact does surprise me about you.

  22. I've been thinking about LASIK for a long time, having worn glasses since I was 10 years old. Stunningly I have been to Canada - 19 the legal drinking age? Yes please! Hope your birthday was fantastic!


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