Monday, June 24, 2013

the weekend that sort of wasn't

Say what? Well what I mean is that I didn't get done what I normally do on a weekend, because I was otherwise engaged most of the time, outside of the house at a 24 hour Relay For Life event.

Relay is really important to me - cancer has negatively impacted my life and the lives of many people close to me, and this is my outlet to give back. This is my way to deal with my anger, frustration, sadness and grief that asshole cancer has caused. Since Relay is 12 or 24 hours with someone walking on the track at all times, you can't do it without a team. My Random Acts of Kindness teammates have been with me for five years. They don't have to come along on this journey with me - the drive is mine - but they do and each year they show up ready to walk and determined to raise what we can. I appreciate them so much. Missed you this year Michelle! My littlest teammate below first came to Relay as a month old baby. We also joined up with another team this year, and had Tara, a new teammate/old friend join our team. Thanks Dyanne's Defenders for a successful joint effort! Thanks also to Martha, Julie and Lauren for introducing me to Relay five years ago.
Relay scenes: a bra decorating fundraiser, two people rocking out their 80s campsite theme, even on Relay night MFD needs to crush that freaking candy, track scenes, Kit Kat D dancing along to the Sign Language Interpretive Songs. Our team raffled off baskets, did a 50/50, sold Debbie Rae Design bracelets, baked goods and some other stuff. We raised over $1,100 at the event, bringing our total team total to about $4,500.
It was hot walking during the day, and I got my typical back of the knee sunburn that I get every blessed year despite major sunblock reapplication. But overall, it was gorgeous and we enjoyed the best Relay weather day we've ever had. We also saw the super moon, which was not actually super until about 5:00 a.m.
The luminaria ceremony is the heart and soul of Relay. If you've never experienced one, you should. We had too many bags lining the track of people we've lost or people we honored who are battling cancer now or have beaten it. These are just a few of ours. My Grandmom died in December of pancreatic cancer. I dedicated my Relay to her this year. I checked her candle at 5:15. Still going. Her candle was one of the only ones still burning at 6:30 in the morning on Sunday - 10 hours after it was lit. So typical of her to persevere. Thanks for the sign Grandmom.
There's nothing like walking part of every hour for 24 hours to come to terms with some things and honor people in your life who've had cancer.
I hobbled into my house about 25 hours after I left on Saturday, got one of the top five showers of my life, and enjoyed an awesome lunch a la MFD: a steak, baked potato, and steamed broccoli for lunch. Boom.

Other Sunday things:
-Five hour nap
-Two epsom salt foot soaks
-Lots of ibuprofen
-Blister care
-Foot elevation
-Mexican takeout
-Sweet Home Alabama
-The Killing

Aching feet and body can't compare to what cancer sufferers go through daily.

Weekly food prep happens tonight, as does other normal weekend stuff. Have a great day!

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  1. Good for you! This is such an incredible thing to take part of.

    Hope the blisters aren't too horrible?

  2. Oh, your poor, achin feet!! What an a,aging thing to accomplish. This chick is damn proud of you!!!

  3. Wow- I'm so impressed with how your team contributed! You guys are awesome.

    What a sweet sign from your Grandmom. That's amazing and I didn't know her, but I bet she's proud of you if I could be so bold as to say so.

    That steak dinner looks delicious- and well-deserved!

  4. Wow, it looks like lots of things lined up for you to have a great Walk. Good for you for participating - your team looks like you guys were awesome - and I hope you get some rest today!

  5. The luminaries picture and paragraph made me tear up. Hats my favorite part of relay.

  6. Thank you for linking up with us for Monday Mingling! I'm excited to follow you back! :)


  7. Beautiful. Grandmom was a wonderful mom and grandmom, daughter, wife & loved fiercely, she was a tough customer, but underneath tons of love. She taught me how to make the pan gravy & my first turkey. She was thrifty & her kids and grandkids reaped tremendous benefits from her!!
    All of that is priceless.
    I was lucky enough to have my walking in the coolest part of the day! Since I am a believer in the afterlife as being perfect, I am glad all those who suffered are watching us from the divine other side. I reprogram all of these dis-eased cells to perfection & infuse the green light of healing into all of us. Beyond thrilled that Grandmom sent the biggest hello by her candle burning til sunrise.
    love you to the Super moon and beyond. Your MOMMA

  8. Awesome job, team! I was wearing my Debbie Rae Designs "Hope" bracelets from last year on Saturday in support of all of you.

    That steak lunch looks like the best thing ever after a 24 hour Relay!

  9. I was loving all your instagram photos, I love that you did this!

  10. Congrats! What an awesome amount of money! I loved watching all the photos this weekend! Take it easy this week!

  11. I have always wanted to participate in the is one cause that has impacted every single one of us....even though you are guys looked like you were having fun!!

  12. You are awesome!

    That steak dinner was well deserved! Hope you are taking it easy this week!

  13. I've participated in a Relay for Life before, in memory of my Aunt. it was such a special event.

    that steak looks SO good!

  14. I love that you deal with anger and frustration in suh a positive way. Relay for life is so wonderful and brings not only support but awareness, you go!

  15. Wow. What a trooper you are! :) And that dinner looks amazing!

  16. I LOVED keeping up with your instagram this weekend. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend.... kicking cancer in the rear!! Glad you got a chance to relax yesterday!! Loved the pic of you with the pups!!! Happy Monday Steph!!! Massage those feet! =)

  17. Awesome job!!! That is a ton of money you guys raised. Hopefully your feet are feeling better today.

  18. I love your blog & read it daily. Thanks for brightening up my little world 😊 As a recent breast cancer patient I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the relay every year. I was diagnosed in January of this year & I have finished radiation & am now on hormone therapy for the next 7-10 yrs. By the grace of God I didn't need chemo. But I will have to fight this nasty disease for the rest of my life.

  19. 24 hours? Holy crap, that's awesome! Steak dinner = definitely earned.

  20. What a great way to give back!! Way to go!

  21. My best friend had cancer when we were twenty-six. She kicked ASS but it was one of the scariest things ever and it wasn't even me, so...24 hours? You're awesome. I'm meal planning tonight too.

  22. Cancer is one evil, evil sonofabitch. >:/
    Love the bra decorating! :)

  23. To my anonymous poster - I'm so sorry for your news,glad you are done radiation and have a plan to fight cancer going forward. I'll be walking in your honor next year!

    1. Thank you, that means a lot to me 💐

  24. I was following along with you via IG. Such a great job!!!!

    For my last job I helped produce large-scale fundraising events to raise $/awareness for cancer, and I've been fortunate enough to travel all over the world to see the events take place. Being at one of these incredible fundraisers is indescribable. So amazing :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  25. That looks like an amazing time! I love doing fundraisers like that and I get so emotional ;)


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