Friday, May 10, 2013

From the desk of the Dalaimomma

TGIF readers! Today I bring you a guest blog from my Mom as a special Mother's Day Weekend bonus. I wanted to write a title that contained a your mom joke but I couldn't work it out plus my mom would be like oh no. If you are new to this blog, you'll see my mom comment on most of my posts, and people seem to enjoy her comments as much as they enjoy my actual post. Here's the post I wrote for her birthday last year. Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you mothers - of children, step-kids, pets, cats, frogs, whatever. Without further ado, take it away Mother...
Mom and me, my Mom's favorite accessory - her hair mane - from the early 90s and it's still standing, our similar feet
I am so happy to be the Guest Bloggess!

I wish to impart some of my acquired wisdom from the past 20 years of my almost 57 years.

My beliefs help me to understand this life, rendering me more serene, hence, I have dubbed myself the Dalaimomma.

1.  Spirituality. Observe the golden rule, show MAJOR gratitude, and always count your blessings first, especially when confronted with unpleasantries. Everything happens for a reason! Do not be judgmental. Avoid anyone or anything giving you negative energy whenever possible.

2.  Positive affirmations. My main one: “Everyday in every way, my life and my loved ones' lives are more and more wonderful!” This covers everything. If my people are happy, then I am happy. I am not saying nothing bad will ever happen, but you will get through it and it will be easier to handle if you stay positive & grateful.

3.  Thoughts are things! REALLY, they ARE! Counteract every negative/unkind thought with positive energy ASAP! Just try & be aware.  I am getting better at this!

4.  Books. The Complete Writings of Florence Scovel Schinn- Ageless! Louise Hay- You Can Heal Your Life. Many affirmations. Reprogram your cells to perfection. Refuse dis-ease. Reprogram your mind to positivity. Creatively visualize what you want. No wishing bad on anyone-EVER! What you put out is what you get back. AND-all of this is free - it can’t hurt. It has helped me immensely.

5.  We write our charts on the Other Side to develop our souls. We have many lives, probably as a different sex, race, rich, poor, beauty, etc. Empathize and have compassion for everyone.

6.  The other side exists and is beautiful and we see all of our loved ones, including pets, and they help us while we are here.

7.  I “light” my loved ones several times a day and surround us and our stuff with angels. I also light everyone, everything, everywhere. The more light and love that are sent out to the universe, the better. White light of the holy spirit, green light of healing & prosperity mostly. It is free to love, light, & be kind.

8.  Everything has energy: cars, your house, etc. Be kind to it, take care of it and be grateful for everything. I light everything.

This is a quick synopsis. I do not want to wear out my welcome as a guest bloggess. I am a work in progress, we all are.

Positive energy, love, and lights to all of you, especially my Stephanie, the first one to make me a MOMMA!

Oh, & follow me on the Twitter @sheridan_lindaTwitter is very interesting & I have the time to Tweet! I RT all of Steph’s blogs. #HERBLOGSARETHEABSOLUTEBEESKNEES

Goddess/Godspeed always.

Love, Steph's MOMMA

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  1. I love Steph's Momma! And she's not kidding about Twitter. I want all y'all to know that when I very first set up my Twitter account, I had my first follower before I had even told anyone I HAD an account. It was Linda. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Steph is right, I love reading her MOMMA's comments! They make me smile. A wonderful first-time post, and I hope to see more of you on here! Happy HAPPY Mother's Day!!!!!!!

  3. Love this and love all the comments from your momma. They crack me up!

    Maybe she needs her own blog?

  4. I love her hash tag your mom made up and everything else about this.

  5. Wow - we are pretty much on the same page at the same school of life! Thanks for your post!

  6. Your mom is awesome! She uses hashtags. Happy Mom's day Dalaimomma!

  7. this is so awesome. your mom sounds a lot like mine. and that hair mane is fantastic.

  8. Um... I think I love yermom.

  9. LOVE that your mom guest blogged!!! I mentioned to Terry that I want him to guest blog, and he said, no one wants to read anything I'd write. But I WILL get him to do it one day!! Happy Mother's Day to your mom, and you. You're a fur mom, and your babies love you!!! Thanks for linking up, and Happy FRIDAY!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. very awesome post, but i am not surprised since she's your mama!! :)

  11. Thanks, everyone! I am creatively visualizing my Stephanie being a best-selling author! #ItWILLhappen!
    My pleasure to guest blog.
    Love, lights, & angels to all!
    Happy Mother's Day!

    Love. Steph's MOMMA

  12. Best Blog Ever!! Cannot stop laughing. I am lucky to have Loopy in my life, since my first breath! Love you Loopy.

  13. I am so obsessed with your mom now. And I am following her on twitter IMMEDIATELY.

  14. happy Mother's Day to her! and what great advice :)

    have a lovely weekend! xoxo, Amy

  15. Your mom is one smart cookie!! I want to be her best friend and now I am going to start be kinder to my car because of's that energy thing!! LOL!! This was so fun that she guest mom wouldn't have a clue!! ;)

  16. Awww the Dalaimomma is a genius!!

  17. I'm so glad I read this post today. I almost forgot to read the Dalaimomma post. It was everything I needed to read to remind myself of being positive and everything I believe. Loved everything about it!

  18. This made me :D . Such energy in her post!

  19. Happy Mother's Day to your momma!!

  20. Cute! I've seen her comments, and love this post just as much as I enjoy them!

  21. You know I always love your Friday Five! This one was extra special! :)

  22. This is awesome! Such great pearls of wisdom! I'm following her now. :)


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