Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Do they still have Hungry Eyes?

Do Baby and Johnny end up together after Dirty Dancing?
Or was she just going slumming as Robbie the rat put it? Did Baby go on to college, ready to change the world and do work with the Peace Corps, Johnny Castle just a juicy summer memory she thought of every time she heard Cry to Me?
Or is this The Love for both of them? Does Baby go to college and head home on the weekends to be with Johnny? Does he work for a union shop and go back to Kellerman's in the summers? Does she go too?

Does anyone else think about this shit 26 years after this movie came out?

I want answers just like I want everyone to mind their own dance space. Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space, this is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine. You gotta hold the frame.

p.s. big hugs to Lori and Jack who had to put their lovely dog Darby down yesterday. See you on the other side, D.

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  1. I can hardly watch the end of that movie because it never really ends. It drives me nuts. Would it have been so hard to show them, happily ever after, married with adorable babies!? I mean come on!

  2. i love this movie! i remember seeing this with my aunt at a double-bill when i was a kid and loved it immediately!

  3. i got a groupon for 'scotts family resorts' ( when i clicked through to the website, all i could think was "dirty dancing dirty dancing dirty dancing"
    granted, it seems like a pretty scaled down version of where they were but my god, i almost want to go just to see if i have a dirty dancing experience while im there
    i didnt even know places like that still existed haha

  4. I don't ink Baby and Johnny stayed together, but I do think they're Facebook friends. I actually think Johnny and Penny got together, but years later, when they realized they were right for each other all along. They ended up owning Kellerman's, and Baby and her husband, who works on The Hill, vacation there with their kids eve summer.

  5. Thank you for the mention of Darby. She was lovely and so many other wonderful things.

  6. Sorry to hear about Darby <3

    I think it's just a juicy summer romance. I mean, who really goes on to marry their first lay? He joins the Union, she saves the world.

    Let's ChaCha

  7. My grandparents had a recorded from television tape of Dirty Dancing that my cousin and I would secretly watch when we were about 10 yrs old. So now I feel even dirtier when I watch it. Which means I watch it at least once a year.

  8. Were you so sad when Patrick Swayze died?

    I wonder about Lisa. I bet she married some scumbag and is a stay-at-home mom in the burbs. He cheats on her regularly and she drinks too much and their kids are a-holes.

    If it was real life, Johnny and Baby never end up together. If it is one of the trashy 50 Shades of Gray-ish books I can't get enough of, they end up married after two months, she gets pregnant, and they are into BDSM.

  9. I don't (well, didn't. So thanks) have unanswered questions about Baby and Johnny. But my list of questions for The Breakfast Club is ridiculous.

  10. hahaha yes I have wondered the same things!!!

  11. FIRST OF ALL - I must have you know that I woke up this morning with this in my head:
    Yes, Mikey?
    How do you call your lover boy?
    I say, "Come 'ere, lover boy!"
    And if he doesn't answer?
    Hey lover boyyy.
    And if he STILL doesn't answer?
    I simply say, "Bayyyyybaayyyy, whoooooaaa bayyybayyy, my sweet bayyybayyyy."

    And, secondly, yes! I can barely stand to watch the movie because it stresses me out - her lying and her pretentious family and her annoying as hell sister. And then, finally - DO THEY END UP TOGETHER OR NOT?!? Dammit!

  12. It's one of those where you want them to "finish" the movie, but you know they would jack it up and ruin it... it always happens...

  13. ps - i'm pretty sure it (or part of it?) was filmed here in NC! :)

  14. YES i do this all the time with my favorite movies. I always think of the sequel in my head. maybe not for dirty dancing but certainly other movies

  15. Lori, I'm so sorry about Darby.

    As for Johnny and Baby, I don't know if they lived happily ever after but they a lot of hot sex and dancing while they were figuring it out.

  16. Darby is a miracle girl. She stayed thru thick and thin and thrived with Lori and Jack at their beautiful mountain home!!! 15 yrs is a long time! God love her!
    I am not quite as enamored of the Dirty Dancing movie, love the dancing, tho. Baby and Johnny did not end up together. Maybe if they met today, not back when that movie was situated. They did remain in contact, tho! Love reading how you girls feel about DD!
    Hot and humid, pool weather. Hooray!
    Stay cool as a jewel!
    Love your MOMMA

  17. I think about stuff like that in all movies!

  18. My vote is for no... They made it work for a little while and then he found a new dance partner.

  19. Bahaha...I've wondered this same thing about other movies. What happens to the characters after the movie ends?? Practically every chick flick, I think the same thing..."I give it 6 months until they break up." Especially since most people in movies are cheaters.

  20. Oh how I LOVE this movie. I still remember the first time I saw it (in 5th grade)!! It really is the best movie. And no I have not thought about most of your questions. :)

  21. Here you all have the answer, sort of.
    The person who came up with Dirty Dancing she wrote this, it's from IMDB.

    In a deleted scene on the 20th Anniversary Edition of "Dirty Dancing", Baby and Johnny are talking. Baby is asking questions about what happens next and worried about forces keeping them apart and fight to break them up and Johnnie says "Then we fight harder" implying they were going to stay together and do whatever it took to make sure they could. (think about what Baby want to do. Economic for countries that se want to help. And in the follow-up movie Havana Nights.
    The country are having problems. Why would Johnny be working in that hotel otherwise. I waited like 5 years to se
    Havana Nights. The movie is good, not more.

    So The movie is based on a script by American screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein, who based the story on her own experiences dirty dancing while vacationing in the Catskills with her family in the 1980s.Then It was followed up by Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004). Also from IMDB.

    AND, it's a love story. Com on... Of course they got married.

    "Swim easily"

  22. I think they did. I think after baby fell in love with Johnny she followed him and they got married and told their love story to all.

  23. I think After that Final Dance at the end. Johnny sneakely Takes Baby Houseman to his Car! And they Both Drive To Johnnyƛ Cabin And he Packs up Everything he has ate his cabin than stuff it in the car while Baby goes back to her Vabin and gets her things than Meets up again with Her "TRUE΅ Love Johnny And then Johnny Puts her Leaguge in the car!.. And They Both Sing together Saying theyre love is sooooo Powerful for one another! than Johnny Proposed to Baby Saying baby will you marry me? and she emotionally says Yassssss! I will Johnny yessss Definetly I will be your Wife Johnny than says come here pretty baby And they both kiss eachother ! Then Johnny Carefully puts the ring on Baby Finger and she Is in love with it and Johnny carries Baby bridal style into his cabin and they slept with eachother one more night before they hit to LA california to get married and be with eachother for the rest of their lives!!!...


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