Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm the kind of girl who...

  • Always wears sunglasses, even when it's overcast 
  • Would rather be at home than out
  • Is on time
  • Believes that inner strength will see you through everything 
  • Functions best within a routine
  • Tells it like it is
  • Celebrates my birthday for the entire month (March. Get ready)
  • Doesn't care for unnecessary drama (and it's all unnecessary)
  • Is assertive and sure, commonly called "bossy" in women
  • Knows my weaknesses and isn't ashamed to admit them
  • Would eat a steak every day
  • Will get up at the crack of dawn on vacation to see the sun rise
  • Doesn't get people who don't like Dirty Dancing (the movie, not actual dancing dirty)
  • Always carries a book 
  • Goes to the library every week
  • Drinks iced coffee daily, all year 
  • Thinks grammar is important
  • Treats my dogs like royalty
  • Never wants to talk on the phone
  • Has to force myself to exercise
  • Laughs raucously and from my gut
  • Tries to be inclusive of others
  • Loves organizing anything
  • Takes a lot of pictures
  • Lets the F word fly
  • Needs to plan ahead and has issues with being spontaneous
  • Wears flats and not heels
  • Loves flip flops and sneakers
  • Believes in the grandness, benevolence, and karmic nature of the universe
  • Is not religious
  • Wears minimal daily makeup 
  • Can be mean as a snake when provoked
  • Goes into the ocean in my wedding dress
  • Refuses to use a blow dryer or an iron
  • Likes to have a foot sticking out from under the covers
  • Is addicted to having a list for everything
  • Is often mesmerized by the sky
  • Has never cared if people like me - they do or they don't, me caring about it isn't going to change it either way
  • Has a weakness for nail polish and lip products
  • Is a feminist 
  • Doesn't have a glass or wine, beer, or any booze daily and is put off by the alcohol culture in the U.S.
  • Tries to be kind to the environment and sustainable
  • Is reliable
  • Typically avoids the zoo because animals in captivity make me sad
  • Feels like my very best self on the beach, right next to the ocean
  • Will cut people out of my life who only bring me down and not think twice about it
  • Would do anything for a friend 
  • Thinks fart noises are always funny
  • Wakes up grouchy from a nap
  • Can't sit down and relax until everything is crossed off my list
  • Cooks confidently
  • Gets shit done
I've been meaning to make an About Me page for this blog, and I think this post is it.

TGIAF, yo.

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  1. I love this - and I have a lot of them in common. You know this girl loves a list!

  2. I am also a Dirty Dancing lover. I will watch that movie any time I see that it is on TV.

    Also, I love the month of May because it is my birthday month, and also Mother's Day. Double Gifts! Woop! Woop!

  3. love this- especially the wedding dress in the ocean one. awesome.

  4. OMG, love that baby picture. Love your haircut, LOLRemember you doing that. 1st bday- two pc dotted swiss blue and white outfit. Love this list, many are me, too.
    Very glad Rich got me my own little ocean. Water is very spiritual.
    Your brother tweeted something like Pardon My French for a previous tweet.LOL. Love our daily emails. Better than the phone & thank God for texting, too. You have the BEST.BLOGS.EVER!!!
    Love your MOMMA

  5. Love it! We have lots in common! (f bombs, nail polish addiction, book worm, etc) :) And yoga pants totally rule over all other kids of pants!

  6. I already was a fan but now that I know we have a ton in common I think I love you lol I always carry a book in my purse EVERYWHERE, even the bar and people think I'm nuts!! Oh and Heeeyyyyyy Hey Baby...I wanna know.....if you'll be my girl. Love Dirty Dancing!!

  7. Poop. Balls. Poopballs. I love lists and dancing dirty while watching dirty dancing.

  8. I think I'm biased because you have an awesome name, but I relate to 99% off this list. (The 1% being that I actually do not like Dirty Dancing and that I'm super conservative and not a feminist) But dogs as babies? Hates the zoo? Force myself to exercise? Yes.

  9. LOVE this. we have some very similar personality traits. :)

  10. Love! I can identify with so many of these...and I actually don't really like sleeping in on vacation, especially if we're somewhere out of town. I feel like I'm missing the day!

  11. Great post, I so relate to many of this. I do believe we would get along in real life :-). -Kelly

  12. LOVIN this list!!! And the little bit I know about you... all of this makes perfect sense! =)

  13. One thing I have learned in this life... farts are ALWAYS funny!

    Love this list, you look beautiful in those pictures

  14. TGILil'F and almost Friday! I think we must be related. Twin sister's with other mothers? I think I might have to do a little "I'm the type of girl who" for tomorrow's post. I love it!!

    Here's to the weekend!
    Lulu and Daisy

  15. I love this and may have to steal this idea! I too love the F bomb. And I LOL'd thinking about you loving the actual act of dancing dirty. hahahahaha
    And, I also loooove me some yoga pants. LOVE. love. LOVE.

  16. wow, it's like i wrote this post because we're so similar :)

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