Monday, February 4, 2013

My Kitchen Essentials

I enjoy cooking. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, usually trying at least one new recipe a week. Pinterest has been a godsend, you guys. Anyway, being in the kitchen so much, I have some things I consider essential.

1. No paper napkins except at parties.
2. No paper towels - I use washable rags.
3. Mickey Mouse pot holders.

4. Trivets. One of mine hangs on the wall. I bought it because I am not handy or crafty enough to make it.
5. Food processor. I use this mostly for hoagie dip, pesto, making my own breadcrumbs.
6. Mr. Coffee iced tea maker.

7. Pampered Chef one cup prep bowls and Pyrex glass containers.
8. Nordic baking pans.
9. An eclectic collection of coffee mugs in no particular order. I like reaching in and pulling out whatever I find without looking. I do most of my cooking on the weekends, and I like to drink coffee while doing it.
10. Mixing bowls. Colorful mixing bowls.

11. Good knives and my most used spices in a rack on the counter.
12. Lock top containers that keep crackers and such fresh.
13. My trusty mandolin. It's a dream for scalloped potatoes and my cucumber salad that I make weekly in the summer.

14. I've gotta keep the dog food fresh. They are demanding little tyrants.
15. Plenty of casserole dishes, many handed down from my grandmother. Varied in size, shape, and color. For cheap colorful ones, check Homegoods, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx.
16. Spoon rests so I don't muck up the counters.

17. I'm a crock pot whore. This is my smallest, and I use it for dips. I also have a four quart, six quart, and seven quart. They are perfect for entertaining. I keep the two I don't use often in the basement utility closet.
18. Cheese grater. I avoid buying shredded cheese 99% of the time, so I grate blocks on my own.
19. I only like Palmolive dish liquid. And Eucalyptus Spearmint soap - it's the scent of this house.
20. I love utensils. Metal and plastic in one, wooden spoons and spatulas in another. My favorite most recent purchase is a flat whisk. I got it earlier this year and it's been indispensable in making sauces. I also keep a cruet of oil by the stove for quick flashes in the pan.

Not pictured, but integral:
21. Both non-stick and stainless steel pans. And a cast iron skillet.
22. Three different sized colanders.
23. Two large stock pots.
24. Pans: covered 9x13 and 8x8 cake pans, regular and mini muffin tins, and two loaf pans.
25. A warming tray for entertaining.
26. Measuring cups, dry and liquid, and measuring spoons. I have doubles of each so I'm not always stopping and rinsing/washing when I'm preparing a large meal or multiple meals at once.
27. A roasting pan with a rack.
28. A rolling pin.
29. Wire cooling racks.
30. A hand mixer. I'm lacking in the Kitchenaid department, and so far I've been okay with that.
31. An immersion blender. I am not the person who will pour soup in a blender, blend it in batches, and put it back in the pot. I use my handy immersion blender and do it right in the pot.
32. Serving pieces - bowls and platters.

What are your kitchen essentials? Check back here on Thursday to see what's always in my pantry.


Linking up with Helene and Emily for the final Tell Me About it Tuesday. It's been fun ladies!

Helene in Between


  1. I need one of those mandolins in my life! And good for you for not using paper napkins or towels. I try to keep them at the minimum in our house! And I need a new crock pot after the queso cracked and burned. :(

  2. 10 and 16!

    I can not imagine not using paper. That would be laundry hell for me but GO YOU! :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, Hubby would love you. He bought me those same brand of knives (#11) for Christmas, I recognize the little man on the block. He was kind of upset I wasn't jumping up and down with excitement.

    My MUST HAVE are the Reynold's Slow Cooker liners. They have changed me life. And the knives Hubby bought me DO rock my socks. But I dont tell him that! I'm taking your list to BB&B

  4. Most of this was foreign to me, as I HATE cooking. Hate isn't even a strong enough word for what I actually feel. Now, I don't mind baking every now and again, and yes, baking is different! I love the Mickey pot holders! And I need to buy a rolling pin - my can of Pam is coated and covered in flour!! I will come to you for a cooking lesson!

    1. Baking is totally different. I'd rather cook over baking any day!

  5. Where did you get your dog food container? It's SOOOO cute!

    1. Marshalls, where all the good shit comes from! They had them at Homegoods too.

  6. I would like to have a mandolin... even if I don't cook often, I could play it right? That 1 spoon rest is beautiful! I love it. And I love that trivet - very pretty.
    My kitchen essentials include a microwave oven and a refrigerator. And of course, a coffee pot, or 2 or 3. (Technically, I have 4.)
    I have many of the items you mentioned but their primary function is to collect dust and take up space. Someday I will cook...

    1. I have three coffee things: a Keurig, a regular, and an espresso/cappucino thing.

  7. i have that spice rack and those exact knives! how weird! thanks for linking up for the last time!

  8. Wooden block cutting board.

  9. I love your new "let's socialize, shall we?" graphic! My smallest crockpot has been a godsend. So much handier than the big ones when I'm just doing a meal for Shawn and me.

  10. Glass Cutting Board/Trivet that sits beside the stove. Multi purpose and is always in use (also does triple duty as a spoon rest since I dropped & broke mine).

    Wilton cookie sheets.

    Assorted Acrylic cutting boards. My mom was a cutting board fiend and I cringe when I see anyone cutting directly on a counter.

    And, finally, my dishwasher. Saves me time, aggravation, and dry hands ;-)

    1. I also love the cutting board! I have five or six I think. I don't think you can have too many!

      I love all of my appliances equally.

  11. You and me both girl!!! I'm always in the kitchen, and I love having my favorites surrounding me! I have a lot of pampered chef stuff, and can't live without their stones! I also, have a huge love for my non stick pots and pans. (How did I ever live without them?!) And I have three different size cutting boards. I use them at least once a day. And I'm with you on the Tea maker! My mom still makes tea on the stove, but why when this little appliance is cheap and heaven sent! =) Love this post!

  12. Pinterest is a great way to find and organize recipes, now all I have to do is actually try them!!

  13. I love your colorful mixing bowls! I need to get some prettier dishes. My mixing bowls are great but they're just plain clear glass. Which I like a lot, but our dishes are just dark coppery brown. No color. Bo-ring.

  14. I hear you especially on the immersion blender! So handy for soups, smoothies, and general mixing without generating more dishes.

  15. I love that you use washable rags and napkins. Great for the environment!


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