Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You're not welcome ever again

So last night on the train I saw TIGHT ROLLED PANTS, you guys. My brain seized. I was transported back to 1987 when I wore acid washed tight rolled jeans with big ass socks, colored Reeboks, and garish sweaters in Mrs. Victor's fifth grade class.

I am certainly not a fashionista. I have been to the grocery store in my plaid pajama pants. I have worn yoga pants to work. Nonetheless, here are other things I hope will go away and never come back:
  • Trucker hats
  • Fedoras
  • Shoulder pads
  • Fanny packs (I already know Laura will disagree with me on this)
  • Uggs. I know, I know. They're comfortable and warm. Everyone keeps telling me that. I just...can't.

  • Those sneakers that claim to tone your buttocks. They just look like lopsided platforms. 
  • Vibram toe shoes. They freak me out.
  • Celebrities that are bundled up for frigid temperatures when it hits 62. 

Now early 90s grunge...that can come back any day.

What trends are you over  for eternity?


  1. I agree with all of this, except fedoras. I love them. And really, I'm OK with leaving 90's grunge where it is.

    Must add crocs, unless you're under the age of 5.

  2. Love this post! I totally agree, especially the Uggs with skirts. Back in college I bought a skirt specifically because I thought it looked adorable with my Uggs. I'm soo pleased to say the tags were never cut off that skirt haha.

  3. I am literally laughing out loud at Paneta Bread between doctors appointments. And now I'm staring at everyone's outfits to look for any fashion blunders.

    I DO wear Uggs, because they are warm and comfy. That said, I always wear flared jeans over them so you can barely tell they are Uggs. Uggs and mini skirts... Ugg-Ly.

  4. Agreed on all of the above! Every single one! the no pants college sites crack me up. (like

  5. I agree with ALL OF THESE. Although I am 50-50 on the Uggs. If I didn't live in Alaska, I wouldn't even consider it stands, I'm not looking forward to another freezing cold winter so I'm debating getting a pair. I think they can look *semi* cute with skinny jeans and hoodies, but...who knows. I am ridiculously out of the style loop up here.

    Leggings as pants are a regular occurrence around these parts - HATE IT.

  6. HAHA! Really funny post! I agree with most things... but the 62 degree weather can seem really cold when you are used to it being really warm! <---california girl, 60 is too cold for me :/ (California winterwear: Hoodie, jeans, flipflops)

    Uggs are so ugly and they do NOTHING for your feet, even small feet look giant in them! In california, so many girls wear mini skirts/shorts and uggs. UGH!

    Yes, add crocs too!

  7. no man should ever EVER wear skinny jeans. and Dear girls in leggings in pants, we do not want to see your camel toe. The end.

  8. LOL!!! I rocked the tight rolled pants like nobody's business!! And I have NEVER been a fan of Uggs!! This post cracked me up....but I will say I still kinda like the trucker hats! ;)

  9. hahaha agreed. but i do like uggs. but i wear them only occasionally. but yes agree on all of this!!! espeically saggy man pants. NO

  10. Haha - love the comment about uggs! Somehow I never rocked that trend, not sure how I missed it!

  11. I agree with all of these, except the Uggs. Never with skirts or anything like that, but I rock them. My husband HATES them

  12. Agreed on all! Never given Uggs a try. I can see it is cute on some though.

  13. Love this! I agree with so many of these! Men should definitely never rock the skinny jeans!!

  14. I move to the UK a few years ago, and I have noticed that a lot of women where the shirt with the tight or thin leggings. It is so incredibly horrible looking regardless of your size. It looks like you forgot to put on pants or a skirt when you left the house. And the add insult to injury, a lot of them are walking around with runs in them. I love this article so I have to share.

    Richly Middle Class

  15. AMEN!!!! I agree with your entire list!!!

  16. I love this and I agree with every single thing! I read somewhere that UGGs sales are on the steady decline. Hopefully they'll be gone soon!

  17. i just recently posted some shiz I saw on Ralph Lauren ... I didn't have any words for it. I mean, I like the pieces individually {some of them}, but at the same time, I'm like, "whaaaaaaaaaaaa?"

    i say great minds think alike ... new follower.

  18. Only skinny jeans and toe shoe for me thanks.


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