Monday, November 26, 2012

the long Thanksgiving weekend that was

Wednesday night I cooked a turkey with the giblet bag still in it. No harm no fowl. Get it?
After that, I went to Sandy's to see MFD and Frank play and catch up with friends. 
Then I ate a turkey sandwich at 2 a.m. to kick Thanksgiving off the right way.
The turkey sandwich is superior to the actual turkey in my mind.


Thanksgiving dawned warm and bright. 
We took our coffee to go and headed over to the fields to let the dogs run like loons.


We enjoyed an antipasto spread at my inlaws' along with the musical stylings of our nephews.


Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle's in Gilbertsville. 
The big bird, Carol's awesome cheese art, and Cindy's Thanksgiving cocktail:
Pre and during dinner scenes:
The set table, my beloved can cranberry sauce, and my first plate artfully arranged so the food doesn't touch.  This is extremely important.
My grammatical OCD took over, and I had to correct an error on a packaged cocktail napkin. 
No apostrophe after the you. Really cocktail people?
I also caught Grandmom mid-turkey pick. Classic.
We had a lot of fun and a lot of wine. It was a full and lovely day.


On Friday morning on our way upstate, Debbie and I stopped at DD.
I sampled the red velvet donut. Meh.


Friday was full of gluttony and sloth. I enjoyed every bit of it.


Saturday flurries.


Jingle This Sleigh Ride for Small Business Saturday.
We pile in a car and jackass around a number of towns, frolicking and full of tomfoolery. 
It's always a good time.

Sleigh ride sustenance: broccoli bacon bites and mint hot chocolate cut with some coffee. 
Nimble Hill Winery's cabernet franc is my new jam.
I cannot resist presidential items in antiquey stores. MFD and I love that shit.
I wanted that Buddah so badly, but couldn't part with the $150 to get it. 


While I love the Sleigh Ride, my favorite part of Thanksgiving Saturday is this: 
drinking wine, in my pajamas, at 3:30 in the afternoon. 


We enjoyed lots of wine, an array of dips and snacks, and Catch Phrase. 
Jack even put his name on his plate to conserve materials.


Big breakfast a la Jack before heading home on Sunday


When I got home, I meant to do some hausfrauing, 
but Geege snuggled into my neck and pulled me to the nap side.


Family dinner at Mom & Rich's since we didn't see them on Thanksgiving. 


The weekend in shoes:

the weekend that was

I'm so happy I got to see so many of my people this weekend. Happy and grateful.

My body is not grateful for all the naughty foods I've eaten. Veggies are going to be comin' in hot this week, you guys. 

Last week of November? Let's do this. 

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  1. Very nice! It was a beautiful,long holiday weekend! Great pictures.
    Perfect time yesterday. All our chickens in the nest= Total bliss!

    love Mommmmma Claus

    1. Remember, Mother, at Christmas don't put the in the bird stuffing out. That's for private consumption!

  2. Cheese art = win.
    Canned cran sauce is far superior to any cran salad.
    Did you really snap MFD napping with his hand down his pants?
    The weekend in shoes ... you must do this on the regular.

    1. Thank you! I am digging the weekend in shoes too. So next weekend, basically it'll be me in three different pairs of slippers. HA

      MFD has his hands tucked into his shirt like a baby in a bunting. But hands down the pants Al Bundy style next to Grandmom would've been even better.

  3. Fantabulous weekend!
    1.That cheese art is creepy, yet it kinda rocks my socks.
    2. I'm crushin on your green pea coat
    3. The pic of MFD napping is stupendous
    4. Those napkins would bug the shit out of me too
    5. As soon as I get my lazy ass out of the house, I'm heading to Dunkin for half coffee/half mint hot chocolate

  4. Fabulous blog and weekend you captured it perfectly -LW

  5. looks like an absolutely fantastic weekend!!! love all these pictures. My body is so mad at me, as well as my pants!

  6. Whew, you had a weekend, girl!! Looks fantastic and delicious! And I definitely partook in some wine early in the afternoon, that's what vacation is for, right?

  7. That is a lot of food! I'm jealous ;) I think I'm more jealous of the wine and sloth though!
    I need a red velvet donut, asap.

  8. I need those pajamas and the slippers. and you just made me hungry. That. Is. All.

    PS I absolutely LOVE the grandma pic. sneaky grandma! lol

  9. I wish EVERYDAY could be a pajamas and wine at 330 day. I think the world would be a better place.

    Also - where do you get your flats, I'm tall and wear flats like it's my job and need a new place to shop. I have your tennis shoes in the purple stripe variety, just a little nugget that we have good taste, clearly.

  10. that anitpasto spread looks AMAZING!!! i think i might have to steal that platter idea... also loving the word "hausfrauing" :)

  11. My life will not be complete until I have a red velvet donut!

  12. Girl, you did it up right! Great food, family, cheer, smiles and lots of rest!!! And not to mention a red devil donut! Holy moly!!!

  13. Looks like a great holiday! the food not touching cracks me up!

  14. love love love all your shoes!
    and when i saw that red velvet donut in my mind i was all 'omg omg omg' and when i read that it was just 'meh' my heart literally sank haha i loooove red velvet..only when its done right though!
    and i 100% understand not wanting your food to touch. i hate when my food touches, ick!! my family thinks im nuts haha

  15. I have ONE word for your weekend - AWESOME! And a second word to describe how I feel about your weekend - JEALOUS! :) Have a great week!


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