Sunday, November 4, 2012

the first November weekend that was


Hurricane Sandy concert on NBC. 
The images I see of the destruction along my beloved Jersey Shore, in Breezy Point, Staten Island, New York City, and Hoboken leave me speechless.  
I've spent so much time down the shore during my life that it seems like a part of me. I know many people who grew up in this area feel the same. To see the devastation down there is heartbreaking. 
When you rebuild and reopen, we'll be back, shore towns. 
You've given us so much. We'll do what we can by donating $$, items and time so we can give back to you.


Poached eggs and toast for Saturday's breakfast, and lounging with Gus & Geege.
I think those eggs resemble boobs. MFD doesn't agree. Please vote. 


Two hours of yard work. It didn't even make a dent. 
I battled with a lavender bush for 20 minutes. It nearly broke me. 


Changing out photos in frames, hanging some new pictures around the house, and hausfrauing.
She wants to lead The Glamorous Life...


Cannot get enough of la naranja. Delicious and nutritious. 


Pumpkin bars. Recipe by Shelby at Big Hungry Shelby (see comments for full recipe).
Tip: when I have to cut cold butter into something, 
I put it in the freezer for a bit, then I grate it using a cheese grater. It works like a charm. 


Halloween Take II: thanks for hosting Kim and Drew!


Thirty One bag party at Melissa's. If you're interested in bags, let me know! Jenn is selling them.
Look at Melissa's new kitty cats. So cute.


Lunch at On the Border with Debbie.
The Kokopelli Margarita is deadly on a Sunday afternoon. For real.


A trip to Target to buy packs of socks,underwear and gloves for Sandy victims.
And socks for me. I may have a sock problem.


Four Christmas gifts bought on Sunday. Holler.


I've been ruminating on pantry and freezer inventories, and decided on dry erase boards based on an idea I saw on pinterest. I did some research and check these out: an organizer's dream. Self stick dry erase boards that can be removed. I put them inside the pantry doors and will keep an inventory of pantry food there, as well as freezer foods. I'm forever buying shit I already have but am too lazy to look for, so this is awesome for me.
Yet another photo of my serial killer handwriting. You're welcome.


Two Sunday soups: eight can taco soup for this week, and crockpot lentil soup to freeze.
In the eight can taco soup, I substituted refried beans for the cream of whatever soup.


Pan seared chicken with balsamic cream sauce, mushrooms and carmelized onions.
MFD declared this the best chicken ever.


Housing out of state campaign workers on Sunday night (and Monday night)

the weekend that was

Busy weekend, busy week ahead, and lots to look forward to this week and next weekend. Bring it on! Except the possible nor'easter. Put the brakes on that, universe. 

And hey, you guys...VOTE tomorrow. In the words of LBJ, "A man without a vote is a man without protection." Many have fought and died for your right to vote. Exercise it. 


  1. Shelby's Pumpkin bars:

    1 box yellow cake
    3 large eggs
    2TBS milk
    1/4C sugar
    3 TBS flour
    1TSP cinnamon
    1/2C melted butter
    1 13.5 oz jar Muirhead 0r other pumpkin butter
    1/4C cold butter

    Preheat oven to 350. Reserve 1C of cake mix. Combine remaining cake mix, 1/2C melted butter and 1 egg. Stir well until mixed and press onto bottom of 9x13 pan.

    Whisk together pumpkin butter, 2 eggs and milk. Pour over cake mixture in pan. Using pastry blender or fork, Combine cake mix, flour, cold butter, sugar and cinnamon. Crumble over top of cake. Bake 35-40 min or until golden.

    1. Power to the pumpkin bar people! I brought some in to work today, to share the love.
      Yes, those eggs look like boobs.
      I want that chicken.
      I felt like you yesterday, buying bins and shelves for inside my bathroom cabinet and reorganizing everything. I should have taken a before and after photo for you.

    2. Let it be noted: another vote for boobs.

      If you didn't take a before photo, at least taken an after!

  2. so many wonderful pictures!!!! love those sweet lil kitties! Love those costumes!

  3. OMG I am so darn hungry now!!! LOVE that midget costume- at least you knew it was not a REAL midget!
    Positive energy & love & light to all! Voting for the entire female race,
    all gay/lesbians, the middle class, & to end the control of hypocratic obscene wealth who can and will buy any health procedure they need, have INCREASED their wealth during this & any "economic crisis"
    , have tax shelters up the wazoo(sp?)& want the middle class to continue to shoulder the tax burden. The 1% GOP can & are paying for TV ads every nanosecond. My TV is off.
    OK thank God I am not on the fbk & twitter is only 140 characters
    Sorry if I offended anyone.
    Godspeed to the entire universe for prosperity, love, harmony, perfect health and peace for all of us!

    Your ever loving MOMMA -

  4. I really need to start Christmas awesome that you've already checked some stuff off your list.

    That casserole looks amazing!

  5. You are killing me with all of these good pictures! I want all of that stat. Plus, your pups are adorable.

  6. Oh my gosh, you had a busy weekend! Those pumpkin bars! I die! And I love the socks! :)

  7. Your food always look so yummy! And yes, the eggs look like boobs.

  8. I watched the concert for the hurricane too, and to see the images and videos from the shore broke my heart! So hard to believe! Hoping for a quick and full recovery for those towns!

  9. The eggs are definitely boobs w/ very large nips ;) AJ's costume is hysterical! People at work are asking me why I'm laughing so much. HA!

  10. Awesome costumes!!! Yay for shopping for sandy victims!


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