Friday, October 5, 2012

Sweet Times in Cocoa Beach

View from our room at La Quinta Oceanfront in Cocoa Beach
Before leaving for our cruise, we spent a day and a half in this shifty little beachside town. We met the nicest people - everyone wants to talk with you, at length, from the store employees to the front desk people to the shuttle drivers and bartenders.

Our plane was late coming in but the day got better from there. After a 40 minute ride to Cocoa Beach from Orlando, we checked into our hotel and headed over to one of the bars on the pier and had lunch and $1.50 beers. Amazing. That's like free.

One of the reasons we chose to stay at La Quinta Oceanfront (there are two in town, and the other is not desirable) was its close proximity to Publix. When you do a Disney Cruise, you can bring your booze on board with you so it's good to be near a place where you can stock up. I didn't realize we'd be in Publix more than six times in a day and a half. I also didn't realize we'd end up with one of their shopping carts in our room, which took me back to my college days. It was pretty handy as a drying rack for bathing suits before we returned it on Friday.

Thursday we loaded up on booze for the cruise and room, then spent the evening drinking beer in the pool and shooting the shit. Frank, Eric and MFD hit the town and all the ladies hit the bed early.

Friday involved Dunkin Donuts (also walkable, very key, mama needs iced coffee), a manicure, more Publix, and a trip to Ron Jon, a huge surfshop on A1A. I was singing Ice Ice Baby for two days running since we were right off of A1A.

The mile walk to Ron Jon was hot as hell but worth it. I've been looking for a new beach bag for years and finally found one I love. I also got a new pair of Sanuks, and we got a magnet (required travel purchase for us) and a long sleeve T to share. MFD got a new bathing suit, Reefs and polarized sunglasses.

He ended up working most of the day Friday while I went down to hang at the pool with the rest of our crew. When he was done, we headed over to O'Shucks for happy hour. It's right on the sand and reminded us of The Carousel in Sea Isle. There were more $1.80 or $1.50 beers, plus a smattering of Happy Hour apps - steamed shrimp, fried mac & cheese, snow crab clusters, and ribs. It was awesome. Everyone else eventually joined us, and a good band started playing. The lead singer sang Stevie Nicks better than anyone I've ever heard.

I wanted to take those stools very very badly. They don't seem like they'd be easy to get on a plane. FedEx would definitely be called in.

Our friends left to hit Ron Jon, and a woman came up and said she wanted to buy MFD and I a drink because she's a people watcher (much like myself!) and noticed that we were having a great time and seemed like such a great couple and in love. That was pretty cool. We ended up sitting with her (Hello Mary from Chicago!) and her sister and had a ball.

So I ended up being that girl who went to the bar for Happy Hour in her bathing suit at 5 p.m. and was still in it on the dance floor at 10. What is it the kids are saying? YOLO, y'all.

Cocoa Beach, it was good to meet you.


  1. I want to live there now!

    love your MOMMA

  2. I will be in Orlando in the spring for work--I think an apres work trip for 2 nights in cocoa beach is in HIGH order :)


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