Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Diary of a hunkered down hausfrau

A chronicle of two housebound days courtesy of Sandy

SEPTA wasn't running and the office was closed. Excuse the mess of the nest I made. Monday's office setup and coworkers:

Small pleasures: a leisurely eaten bagel out of your own toaster on a rainy Monday.

Laundry, laundry, and more laundry.

My third, fourth, fifth and SIXTH calls to Comcast within two days over billing issues. As the winds howled, I chipped away at their criminal resolve and they are crediting our account the $178 they owe us which was a mere $60 on Sunday before I did more math. Math is hard, you guys. You thieving bastards will never get the best of me! COMCAST DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! Sworn enemies for life.

My dogs won't go outside alone. The wind is scary and lifts their little ears up.

DVR and TV catch up:
-The Good Wife: Lamont Bishop, you showed vulnerability. I liked it.
-Jersey Shore (two episodes): Roger, don't do me and JWoww like that.
-Up All Night: Will Arnett singing along to The Cranberries was perfect.
-CSI: Thank you Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue for making this show good again.

At various points during the day, we have arguments over Gold Rush, Up All Night, Star Wars (one of those assy Clone ones that I have no time for), incessant weather coverage, and how the other person should not watch it. Par for the course for those of us lucky enough to have power and cable through the storm. And we are lucky. One by one our friends and family update their statuses on facebook to include being powerless, seeing transformers blowing on the street, blue sparks coming from their own electric, trees coming down on or around their homes. Arguing over the TV is a luxury many don't have at this time.

Less than 24 hours after they were purchased, the cookies bought at Sam's on Sunday are gone. This is bad on many levels. We blame Sandy and wind fear.

Gus slept like a fat little sausage most of the night. Geege was like MOM when will this be over this wind is scary!

I got an email from Amazon saying that due to Sandy, delivery of my rainboots was surely going to be delayed. Poor timing on the rain boots.

Photo from
I fall asleep thinking dear large trees around the house, please hold your ground. And that I never want to hear hunker down again. Ever.


Commence unhunkering.

Our Sandy damage consists of some downed tree branches and broken yard items. I am so grateful to be so lucky. My thoughts are with those that were not. We check in on our family and tell those without power that they are welcome at our house. Mother nature is a scary bitch.

We're are so saddened by the devastation at the Jersey Shore and are thinking of anyone with a home or business down there. If you grew up in the Philadelphia area, chances are high that you spent part of every summer down the shore. It is part of your personal history, and to see it knocked down is traumatic. This is the Deauville Inn where we had our wedding, one of our favorite shore spots. I love that the photo (that I lifted from their FB page) had the caption "will be ready for next summer though." Coming out strong, it makes my eyes well up. Damage to the Deauville from Sandy - on the left.  According to the owner Lynda the deck, awning framework, docks and patios need some work. On the right is a photo of my Dad and I walking in on my wedding day on one of the docks. You can see the deck, other dock and awning as they normally are. We'll see you next summer Deauville. My heart is heavy for the people of NJ and NY and those right in my backyard with no power, down trees, destroyed homes. Again...feeling lucky.

Coffee with Ron Swanson and The Breakfast Club.

Washing the couches. Washable couches are an utter dream. Here are the boys enjoying clean couches and the elaborate sheet and blanket system we employ to keep them off of the actual couch cushions when we can.

Tuesday's office. Less dog hair and more structure.

My sister and brother-in-law and their kids stopped in to get some hot food and heat since they were without power. Jax was kind enough to visit my dining room office. The dogs were not pleased with the new location.

The boys napped the day away.

Then these happened - pumpkin gingersnap parfaits. 

Essie Demure Vixen nails

Watching the past two episodes of Nashville. Rayna James, you should be with Deacon. If not...Deacon, call me.

My electric-less brother arrived to eat, shower and spend the night.

And on HER day off, Debbie put together a facebook page for her jewelry called Debbie Rae Designs. Please click on that name, visit her page and like it, and check out her stuff. As the owner of many Debbie Rae pieces, I highly recommend them.

This concludes two housebound days. Mesmerizing, wasn't it?

Today? Civic engagement - yours truly has jury duty.

Happy Halloween! And happy birthday to my uncle Perry and my good friend Jimmy G.


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  1. I must have that pumpkin parfait.

    1. Super easy and delicious. I used cool whip and didn't fool with making my own.

  2. Oh no! That's terrible about your wedding spot, I hope they get everything back up and running soon. I'm so happy nothing happened to you though! (Other than comcast being evil, no surprise there.)
    Your boys asleep on the couch is just the cutest.

    1. Comcast is like a curse word in my house.

      I know the Deauville will rebuild!

  3. Your pups are so stinking CUTE!!!!! I just want to snuggle them!!!!!!

    So glad you were safe and sound in all of this. PATCO was so behind schedule this morning, that Hubby just turned around and worked from home (so impatient!) so he didnt make it to the SEPTA portion of his commute!

  4. I was thinking last night about the Deauville, and that I would feel really good giving some of my hard earned discretionary income to your favorite shore when Summer hits.

    And Debbie's jewelry is all that.

  5. hahahahaha! Gus sleeping like a fat little sausage!
    Now I have more questions for you:
    1. that parfait?
    2. imprinting your pics? How?
    and 3. same old question (for the third time, I might add... ) how did you disable the robot detector?

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