Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scenes from California

Legs out on Haight Street. San Francisco Sky. Saxes on Haight Street. Alcatraz backdrop. Turning the cable car. Looking up Lombard Street. 
Awesome clams at Franchino's. Following the Barbary Coast Trail. Interesting flora - one of the things I love most about traveling is seeing the flowers and trees that are native to that place. Live jazz. Andy's street dogs. View of the Golden Gate from the Alcatraz Ferry.
I loved these trees. Sipping on a dark & stormy at Vesuvio. Chinatown. Waiting on a cable car. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge (life list item). We were. 
Did you know this is the same as Hellman's, but on the Left Coast it's Best Foods? Trippy. The path leading up to our deck in Truckee. Cruising Lake Tahoe with WedFest people. Lake Tahoe. Sonoma sticker. Lovely flowers tied to trees to form the aisle at the wedding. 
Wedding arch with Donner Lake backdrop. MFD tubing in Donner Lake. KVS caught the bouquet. Reflections. Sunset at Donner Lake. Rocking out to Not Mick Jagger. Bride and groom jam. Seize it. 

Thank you photographs for making today's blog for me. My circadian rhythms are not back on track yet. I feel like there's a sheet of plexiglass over my brain that I can't think through.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Is it weird that the path leading up to your deck in Truckee is my favorite, and not one of the ones of food or drink?

  2. I can't pick a favorite... dark & stormy is a frontrunner, as is the tree-tied bouquet. Great way to review your trip - thanks!

  3. Enjoyable as always!
    Why can't we all be in the same time zone!??
    love your Momma!


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